The Nagao Wetland Fund


In 2016 the Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF) in Japan made a generous voluntary donation to establish the Nagao Wetland Fund (NWF), to be administered by the Ramsar Secretariat.


The NWF is intended to help local governments, researchers, non-governmental organizations and local communities of developing countries in the Asia and Oceania regions to implement the Ramsar Convention, and in particular the goals and targets of the Ramsar Strategic Plan 2016-2024.

The NWF prioritizes projects concerning the conservation, restoration and wise use of wetlands, including communications, education and awareness, and also training for park rangers and staff working in wetland education centres.


Nakaikemi-shicchi Ramsar Site, Japan

Four small-scale projects worth up to 18,000 USD each are supported each year. The support is not intended to replace the much more substantial levels of funding which most developing countries and countries in transition need to access if they are to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of their wetland resources.

The NWF is open to proposals from eligible Contracting Parties and those overseas territories in the Asia-Oceania region included in the DAC List of ODA Recipients. Proposed projects should be identified as a national priority by the Contracting Party in the implementation of the Convention’s Strategic Plan 2016-2024.

Project timescales

For the first (2016) project cycle, the Administrative Authorities of eligible Contracting Parties have been invited to submit a project proposal on the basis of the Operational Guidelines 2016-2021. Interested Parties should submit projects by 31 December 2016.

For annual project cycles from 2017 until 2021, eligible Contracting Parties will be invited by 31 January of each year to submit proposals. The deadline for these submissions will be 1 April.

Please contact the Secretariat's Assistant Advisor for Asia-Oceania () for more information and guidelines.