Rapid Cultural Inventories

The Secretariat’s Culture & Livelihoods Team has launched an initiative to stimulate the undertaking of Rapid Cultural Inventories around the world.

The first inventories will begin in Spring 2016 and we are actively working with Ramsar partners and other stakeholders to identify Ramsar Sites and wetland areas that could benefit from these inventories. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at

What are rapid cultural inventories?

Rapid Cultural Inventories are a simple and practical way to identify, document and make available information about notable cultural values and practices associated with identified wetland areas (please see the Guidance Document and Brief for more details.)

The objective of these inventories is to bring to light the powerful role that cultural values and practices can play in wetland conservation and wise use. It is hoped that the inventories will also serve to support wetland managers and other stakeholders to integrate cultural values and practices in day-to-day wetland management, as appropriate. 

Rapid Cultural Inventories are supported by the MAVA Foundation.