Partnerships for culture

The Ramsar Culture Network promotes the integration of cultural values and practices in wetland management through a partnership approach.

The Ramsar Culture, Livelihoods & Wetlands Partnership is supported by the MAVA Foundation: it aims to celebrate the contribution of culture and livelihoods to wetland conservation, and to revive people’s direct links to these exceptional areas. 

The Partnership encompasses a set of activities aimed at enhancing the activities of the Ramsar Culture Network and supporting wetland managers, local communities and policy-makers through an integrated approach to both cultural and natural heritage. It collaborates with a wide variety of institutions including  UNESCO, CBD, IUCN, FAO, Wetlands International, MedWet, Med-INA, and WWT, and work towards:

  1. Strengthened international policy and practice on culture and wetlands.
  2. Well documented knowledge of the links that exist between culture and wetlands.
  3. A community of organisations and individuals, globally, celebrating and appreciating the cultural value and importance of wetlands.
  4. Improved partnerships between culture, conservation and other sectors.