STRP National Focal Points

STRP National Focal Points are acknowledged and committed wetland scientific and technical experts from either the government or another organisation. 

The STRP National Focal Points of each Contracting Party act as a liaison between their national wetland practitioners, other Convention Focal Points, and the STRP. Therefore, their input to the work of the STRP is critical to ensure that it responds to Contracting Parties’ needs at the national and regional levels. STRP National Focal Points are appointed by the Convention Administrative Authority for their scientific and technical expertise in wetland conservation, management, and wise use.

You can find a full list and contact information for the STRP National Focal Points here.

The main functions of STRP National Focal Points, as outlined in Resolution XII.5, Annex 1, paragraph 18, are to:

  • provide technical and scientific input to and support the implementation of the STRP work plan;
  • maintain regular contact with other Convention National Focal Points in their country (i.e., Convention Focal Points and CEPA Focal Points);
  • mobilize local capacity and liaise with other experts, bodies, and wetlands centres in their country, including focal points of other MEAs;
  • advise, and participate in, meetings of the National Wetland/Convention Committee or similar bodies (i.e., National Biodiversity Committees), where they exist; 
  • assist with the preparation of National Reports to Conferences of Contracting Parties;
  • provide technical support to national wetland activities such as the preparation of wetland inventory; and
  • help disseminate STRP products and information on its work, adapted as appropriate to the national context. 

STRP NFPs can directly provide input to the work of the STRP by attending STRP meetings and subscribing to the STRP Workspace (a password protected electronic space). STRP NFPs are added to the STRP workspace once they are designated. For matters relating to the workspace, please contact the Scientific and Technical Support Officer at: .