Contribute to the work of the STRP

The work of the STRP is guided by a triennial work plan built around the terms and thematic work areas in Resolution XII.5 (Annex 3), requests by Contracting Parties in COP Resolutions and the Strategic Plan of the Convention. 

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Resolution XII.5, Annex 3, outlines five STRP thematic work areas: 

  • Thematic Work Area No. 1: Best practice methodologies/ tools to monitor Ramsar Sites, including surveying, mapping, and inventorying recognizing traditional practices of indigenous peoples and local communities;
  • Thematic Work Area No. 2: Best practices for developing and implementing management plans, action plans and other tools for Ramsar Sites and other wetlands;
  • Thematic Work Area No. 3: Methodologies for the economic and non-economic valuation of the values of the goods and services of wetlands;
  • Thematic Work Area No. 4: Balancing wetland conservation and development e.g., infrastructure, urbanization, forestry, extractive industries, and agriculture; and
  • Thematic Work Area No. 5: Climate change and wetlands: innovative methodologies for wetlands restoration 

If you are interested in contributing to any of the five thematic work areas of the STRP, please contact the Scientific and Technical Support Officer at .