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How did we do in 2009?

Adaptation of Ramsar's WWD materials

For World Wetlands Day 2003 the Ramsar Secretariat launched a new initiative - making the design files of our WWD materials available on CD-ROM – to encourage users with the appropriate software, or access to it, to print large numbers of copies for distribution, to translate the text into local languages, or customise the publication in other ways, making it more relevant to local situations. Having met with some success in the last few years, look below to see how you did in 2009 - another great success and we thank you all for your enthusiasm and creativity. The full reports from almost all of these contacts on the WWD reports page.

Please note: if you have used our design files and we have not recorded this below, please send us an email at

Use of the design files for WWD 2009


Poster produced by the Office of Wetlands Conservation and Management, State Forestry Administration


Flyer produced by the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education


Posters produced by the Department of Environment within the Ministry of Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment, with support from Nature Fiji and Wetlands International. Posters in English, Fijian and Hindi.


Poster/calendar and sticker produced by the Nature Conservation Sector, Environmental Affairs Agency


A poster produced by the Pôle relais lagunes méditerranéennes region - Languedoc-Roussillon


Poster produced by the Conservatoire Régional d'Espaces Naturels d'Aquitaine


Flyer produced by the Société de Pêche et de Protection des Milieux Aquatiques Jumiègeois, Ville de Jumiège, and Parc naturel régional les Boucles de la Seine Normandie


Sticker produced by the Prespa National Forest Management Body and the Society for the Protection of Prespa with the support of the Municipality of Prespa and the Prefecture of Florina


Poster (in Orissian) produced by Nandakan Biological Park, Orissa State, and the Ministry of Environment and Forests


Poster produced by Le Haut Commissariat aux Eaux
et Forêts et à la Lutte Contre la Désertification

Republic of Korea

A poster produced by the UNDP/GEF National Wetlands Programme


Poster produced by the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority, Ministry of Environment


Poster produced by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning


Poster and WWD bag produced by the Biodiversity Division, Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy & Planning

United Arab Emirates - Dubai Municipality

Comic strip used in WWD documents produced by the Marine Environment and Sanctuaries Unit, Dubai municipality

Did you customise our materials and forget to tell us?

Did you tell us and we forgot!!!!?

If so, send an email to

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Since its inception, the production and distribution of materials for World Wetlands Day have been financially supported by the Evian Project funded by the Danone Group.

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