COP11 — Key facts and thematic focus

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The Conference of the Contracting Parties (COP) is the policy-making organ of the Ramsar Convention. Government representatives from each of the Contracting Parties meet every three years to receive national reports on the preceding triennium, approve the work programme and budgetary arrangements for the next three years, and adopt guidance for the Parties on a range of ongoing and emerging environmental issues.

COP11 theme: Why tourism and wetlands?

Ensuring well-managed tourism practices in and around wetlands and educating tourists on the value of wetlands contributes to the health of the world's wetlands and the long-term benefits that wetlands provide to people, wildlife, economics, and biodiversity. To date, the Ramsar Convention has not had a specific focus on wetlands, tourism and recreation and its member states decided to focus COP11 on this topical issue, with the slogan: “Wetlands, home and destination”.

Other key issues: urban wetlands, climate change, poverty eradication, avoiding further wetland losses, energy issues. (See media advisory here).

Press releases:

Friday 6 July | “The Ramsar Wetland Conservation Awards 2012”. Press release (06.07.12) also available in Romanian (PDF).
More information on the winners of the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award and Evian Special Prize for 2012 here.

Monday 9 July | “Launch of a publication on tourism and wetlands”.
» Press release available here in English  and in Romanian (PDF).

Friday 13 July |“Closing Q&A session”. Read the closing press release (PDF)

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