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The Livanjsko Polje Ramsar site in Bosnia-Herzegovina, April 2009
(photo by Tobias Salathé). April 2009.

A meadow in the Lord's Forest (Padurea Domneasca), a proposed Ramsar site in the Republic of Moldova
(photo by V. Tsaregradschi).March 2009

Liminganlahti Bay Area Ramsar site near Oulu, Finland, site of the 4th seminar of the Nordic-Baltic Wetland Initiative, September 2008 (photo Tobias Salathé, Ramsar). Dec. 2008.

Ramsar COP10, October-November 2008 (photo by Dwight Peck, Ramsar). Nov. 2008.

Junam Bay, Republic of Korea

Suncheon Bay Ramsar site, not far from Changwon, Republic of Korea, host city of Ramsar COP10 in Oct.-Nov. 2008
(Photo courtesy Suncheon-si).

The Upo Wetland Ramsar site in Kyongsangnam province, Republic of Korea, host country of Ramsar COP10 in Oct.-Nov. 2008
(Photo courtesy Ha U Yeon)

Suncheon Bay Ramsar site, not far from Changwon, Republic of Korea, host city of Ramsar COP10 in Oct.-Nov. 2008
(Photo courtesy Suncheon-si).

Lake Uluabat Ramsar site, near Bursa, Turkey, January 2008
(Photo by Cem Sarpel)

A World Wetlands Day 2008 celebration at the Csécsi fish ponds, Hortobagy National Park, Hungary
(Photo by Andras Schmidt).

The participants' excursion to the Ebogo wetlands, at the Ramsar PanAfrican regional meeting in Yaoundé, Cameroon, November 2007
(Photo by Alexia Dufour, Ramsar, 2007).

Bali, Indonesia
(Photo by Nick Davidson, Ramsar, 2004)

Skadar Lake Ramsar site, Montenegro
(Photo by Tobias Salathé, Ramsar, 2005).

S'Albufera de Mallorca Ramsar site, Spain
(Photo by Irene Oberleitner, Umweltbundesamt, Austria). June 2007.

Columbia Wetlands Ramsar site, Canada
(Photo by Blair Hammond, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada). April 2007.

Bangweulu Swamps Ramsar site, Zambia (Photo, Zambia Wildlife Authority). March 2007.

Skadarsko Jezero (Skadar Lake) Ramsar site, Montenegro, May 2006.
(Photo, Irene Oberleitner, Austria). January 2007.

Xixi National Wetland Park near Hangzhou, China, October 2006
(Photo, Sandra Hails/Ramsar)
. December 2006

Forest mist in Hungary, on the occasion of that country's designation of three new Ramsar sites on 29 September 2006
(Photo, Tobias Salathé).October 2006.

Local fishing canoes at Praia das Conchas, São Tomé
(Photo, Tim Dodman). August 2006.

Subalpine peatbogs in Karkonosze Mountains Ramsar site, Poland
(Photo courtesy Dariusz Piechowski and Karkonosze National Park).
July 2006.

Hong Kong Wetland Park, Hong Kong, China
oto courtesy Hong Kong Wetland Park). May 2006

Vadret da Roseg Ramsar site in the canton of Grison, Switzerland, 2005
oto by Andreas Wipf, OFEFP Switzerland).April 2006.

Cerknisko jezero z okolico Ramsar site in Slovenia, 2005
oto courtesy of Notranjski Regijski Park). February 2006.

Ramsar Advisory Mission to the Sistema de Humedales de la Bahía de Bluefields Ramsar site, Nicaragua, September 2005
(Photo: Advisory Mission team). January 2006.

Nature walkway at the Poleski National Park Ramsar site in Poland, 2005
oto courtesyNational Park authority). October 2005.

"Lake Uvs and its surrounding wetlands" Ramsar site in Mongolia, 2004
oto courtesyWWF International/Anton Vorauer). August 2005.

Gaulosen Nature Reserve (the estuary of river Gaula at Trondheim fjord) in Norway, part of the Trondheimfjord Ramsar site
(Photo: Tobias Salathé, 2005). June 2005.

Amphibious Bistort (Polygonum amphibium) in the Austrian Ramsar site Sablatnigmoor (Photo: Thomas Schneditz, 2004). May 2005.

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