Montelimar, Nicaragua: III Meeting of the Regional Initiative for the Conservation and Wise Use of Mangroves and Coral Reefs


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The meeting was opened by the Minister of Environment of Nicaragua, Mrs Juanita Argueñal who gave a warm welcome to the initiative’s country delegates and the representatives of the different organizations. The Minister highlighted the relevance to work jointly and with the communities to face the many challenges of environmental issues.

Opening of the meeting by Mrs Juanita Argueñal, Minister of Environment and Vice Minister Roberto Araquistain

Some of the issues discussed were: the impact of unsustainable economic development on mangroves and coral reefs, the processes under Article 3.2 of the Convention, the TEEB report on the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity as a tool for environmental services evaluation and the submission of a survey on environmental flow by WWF.

Discussions between the participants and the community leaders of the Palo de Oro ecotourism project

Other issues discussed were the strategies to strengthen the initiative and become financially self-sustainable. The participants had the opportunity to learn about ecotourism community experiences by listening to cooperative fishermen in the protected area Isla Juan Venado (funded by the GEF-SGP Nicaragua). They could also find out more about some of the research undertaken by the National University of Nicaragua (Leon Campus) in this area. 

Interpretative trail at Poneloya mangroves co-managed
by a fishermen cooperative and Marena

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Reported by Maria Rivera, Senior Advisor for the Americas

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