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Wetlands and hydropower

Wetlands and energy issues are addressed in Resolution XI.10 adopted a year ago at COP11 in Bucharest. The Annex to this Resolution provides a comprehensive framework to address wetland implications of policies, plans and activities in the energy sector. During COP11, the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) participated actively in several side events, and it has now just released “Guiding Principles on Sustainable Hydropower Development in the Danube Basin” (download PDF here) that were elaborated with lead support from Austria, Romania, and Slovenia with the contribution of many experts in different fields from all Danube basin countries and the European Commission. More [03/07/2013]

Albania adds its parts of the Prespa Lakes to the Ramsar List

The government of Albania has designated as its 4th Wetland of International Importance its portions of Prespa Lakes international park, which is coordinated in conjunction with authorities from Greece and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The boundaries of the new Ramsar Site, called Albanian Prespa Lakes (Liqenet e Prespes Shqiptare) follow those of the Albania National Park for the aquatic components of the site. Read more here. [03/07/13]

Strengthening wetland conservation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region

The city of Bodø in Norway hosted the seventh meeting of the Habitat Contact Forum (HCF VII) from 11 to 13 June. HCF activities are part of the Nature Protection Subgroup (NPS) activities of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council’s Working Group on Environment (BEAC WGE). Laura Máiz-Tomé, Assistant Advisor for Europe at the Ramsar Secretariat, took part in the meeting since many of the topics that were discussed (establishment of new protected areas, management of existing protected areas, measures for the conservation of biological diversity) are closely related to the work of the Ramsar Convention. More [02/07/13] 

Bulgaria updates its national action plan for wetland conservation

The first National Plan for Conservation of Bulgaria's Most Significant Wetlands was prepared by an independent team of experts lead by T. Michev in 1995. This Action Plan has now been updated according to the Terms of Reference set out in a letter from the Minister of Environment and Water in fulfillment of the national priorities for biodiversity protection. The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) working with the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) on this project was the lead partner in the elaboration of the plan. More [27/06/13]

South Sudan joins the Ramsar Convention

The Ramsar Secretariat warmly welcomes South Sudan to the Convention on Wetlands as its 168th Contracting Party. UNESCO, the treaty depositary, has communicated the news that the government of South Sudan’s instrument of accession to the Convention as amended in 1982 and 1987 was received on 10 June 2013, and thus the treaty will come into force for South Sudan on 10 October 2013. South Sudan’s first Wetland of International Importance has been identified as Sudd, perhaps the largest tropical wetland in the world, with its three National Parks and two game reserves, which was first designated for the Ramsar List by the government of Sudan in 2006. (26/06/13)

Inventory of Argentina´s Paraná-Paraguay wetlands now available online

On 5 June, the “Inventory of Argentina´s Wetlands — Landscape Systems of the Paraná-Paraguay River Corridor Wetlands” was launched during World Environment Day celebrations. Parts of the “Framework for Wetlands Inventory” produced by the Ramsar Convention and of the “Progress in the methodology proposal for a National System of Classification and Inventory of Argentinean Wetlands” prepared by the Aquatic Resources Working Group of the National Environment and Sustainable Development Secretariat were useful reference tools in the preparation of this Inventory. More | Español [20/06/13]

Vacancy for Intern/Assistant to the Senior Advisor for Africa

The Ramsar Secretariat welcomes applications for the position of Intern/Assistant to the Senior Advisor for Africa, a 12-month posting (possibly extendable up to 18 months) in the Ramsar Secretariat in Switzerland to begin in late October 2013.

IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, provides administrative services for the Ramsar Convention, and more information and online application for this post is available on the IUCN website at:

Here is a checklist of Ramsar’s requirements for this position:

  • You have perfect fluency in English and French, both written and spoken.
  • You are under 30 years old.
  • You have a university degree (preferably a post-graduate qualification) in a subject relevant to wetland conservation and sustainable use, such as, biology, hydrology, marine sciences, natural resources management, land use planning, geography or anthropology/sociology.
  • You are a national of an African country and have lived most of your life in the region.

The deadline for applications is 21 July 2013
. Note: A candidate should SUBMIT HIS/HER APPLICATION ONLINE, USING THE LINK ABOVE. No other method of application will be considered. [19/06/13]

22 participants attend the Training of Trainers course on Integrated Water Resources Management in the Netherlands

The International Training of Trainers on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) has just taken place in Wageningen, Netherlands from 27 May to 15 June. With 22 participants from 16 countries this intensive training is the first of the ‘new’ Training of Trainers courses run by Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation and replaces the course on wetland management. More [18/06/13]

Wetland week celebration in Korea

The Ramsar Secretary General, Mr Anada Tiéga, visited the Republic of Korea in May to attend the 2013 Wetland Week Celebration that was designated by the Ministry of Environment to be held from 5 to 12 May. The event was to increase public awareness on wetlands and the Ramsar Convention across the country by organizing a variety of wetland-related activities in various places during the week. More [13/06/13]

Important new additions from Burundi

The government of Burundi has added three important new wetlands to the List of Wetlands of International Importance, at the same time that it has vastly extended the boundaries of its existing Ramsar Site, now renamed Parc National de la Rusizi, from 1,000 to 10,673 hectares. Ramsar’s Charlotte Eyong has prepared these descriptive site summaries from the accompanying Ramsar Information Sheets. Burundi’s preparatory work for these new site designations and the expanded Rusizi site has been financially assisted by WWF’s International Freshwater Programme. [12/06/13]

Austria's newest Ramsar Site

At ceremonies at Güssing castle in Burgenland, 18 April 2013, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ramsar Convention in Austria, that country's latest Ramsar Site was announced, and Güssing fishponds (Güssinger Fischteiche) (148 hectares, 47°03’N 016°19’E) has now been included as Austria’s 22nd on the Ramsar List. More on the new site; the 30th anniversary. [11/06/13]

Finland has a national Ramsar Committee

On 21-22 May 2013, the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and Metsähallitus, the Finnish Natural Heritage Service, invited 20 wetland experts for the inaugural meeting of the new Finnish Ramsar Committee. The experts met in the impressive, recently expanded wetland centre of the Liminganlahti Bay Area Ramsar Site near the town of Oulu. Ramsar Standing Committee member Tiina Niikkonen (representing the Environment Ministry) and Arto Ahokumpu (of Metsähallitus) opened the meeting and made reference to the Finnish adaptation of Ramsar’s Strategic Plan 2009-2015 and the Government Resolution ‘Saving Nature for People’ on the Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Finland for the years 2012-2020. More [06/06/13]

Ramsar Secretary General attends the graduation ceremony of the masters students in Protected Areas Management at the University of Senghor in Egypt

In order to get more professional training and contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources at global level, the Senghor University in Egypt, through its Department of Environment, is developing partnerships with international organisations and Multinational Environmental Agreements. The Ramsar Convention has been providing help with several training modules on wetlands and protected areas management over several years, coaching students on the preparation of their theses, and also evaluating the University’s research and training curricula. More [06/06/13]

Report on the Ramsar Advisory Mission to Pakistan now available online

The report on the Ramsar Advisory Mission (RAM) to Pakistan in November 2012 has been released and is now available. The RAM was undertaken in response to the disastrous floods in 2010 that Pakistan faced and the aims were to visit the wetlands along the Indus River floodplains to a), devise a workable and cost effective strategy for wise-use of the floods b), to make recommendations for alteration in the prevailing flood control strategy so as to obtain maximum benefit from the flood water and c), identify high priority wetlands/Ramsar Sites for restoration by using the floods as a tool for restoration. More [05/06/13]

World Environment Day – 5 June 2013

Think.Eat.Save. This is the theme for World Environment Day on 5 June. Here at the Ramsar Convention Secretariat we examined the link between the role of water and food production in our World Wetlands Day material for our campaign day on 2 February of this year. More | français | español [05/06/13]


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