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World Wetlands Day 2012 Update!

Just a few days ago we received our first customization of our WWD materials – a flyer from the PEGAZH Association in France (Association PEGAZH : Promotion des Etudiants en Gestion et Aménagement des Zones Humides). This is a student association at the University of Angers focused on encouraging student involvement in the management of wetlands. This group has been organizing WWD events locally for several years – their WWD 2012 flyer  look at their WWD report for 2011  [22/11/2011]

Report of the Ramsar 7th European Regional Meeting

The Meeting addressed major themes that influence the ways to manage and use water-related ecosystems during the coming years. The participants identified areas of successful cooperation between different sectors of society, administration and private business. National Ramsar Convention focal points from the Ministries, together with experts for scientific and technical matters (STRP) and those in charge of national programmes for communication, education, participation and awareness (CEPA), NGO representatives and sustainable development experts, looked at progress made with the implementation of the wetland convention. Outcomes and a concise summary of the issues covered by the meeting are posted as a PDF. More.  [17/11/2011]

Alexia Dufour, Ramsar Regional Affairs Officer, reports on the development of tourism on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco

A Ramsar Advisory Mission was undertaken jointly with the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and the Agreement on African-Eurasian Waterbirds (AEWA) in Rabat and the area of Saïdia, on the Ramsar Site n° 1478 “Embouchure de la Moulouya” from 12-16 October 2010. This mission of technical assistance, invited by the Moroccan High Commissioner of Forestry, Combating Desertification, the Moroccan Ramsar Administrative Authority and funded by the Swiss Grant for Africa programme, was organized to address the concerns related to the development of tourist facilities in the vicinity of the Ramsar Site, well-known for its avifauna and high biodiversity. More here in English.   En français, ici. [17/11/2011] 

Armenia's third Ramsar Site

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that Armenia has designated its third Wetland of International Importance, Khor Virap Marsh (50 hectares, 39°53'16''N 044°34'18''E), a State Sanctuary located in the ancient Arax riverbed in the central part of the country, close to the capital city of Yerevan and within sight of Mt Ararat. As summarized by Ramsar Assistant Advisor Kati Wenzel, this freshwater marsh of semi-artificial origin consists mainly of reed beds fed by an irrigation canal and surrounded by drainage channels. More here, with photos. [16/11/11]

2012 Ramsar Award Winners Announced

With the generous support of the Danone Group (France), the Ramsar Secretariat is happy to announce the 2012 Ramsar Award Winners. For 2012, the laureates include: Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award – Education Award: The Wisconsin Wetlands Association, USA; Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award - Management: Ms Augusta Henriques, Secretary General, TINIGUENA, Guinea-Bissau; Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award - Science: Professor Tatsuichi Tsujii, Japan; Recognition of Achievement Award: Mr Thymio Papayannis, Greece; and a very special 40th Anniversary Honorary Ramsar Award for Dr Luc Hoffmann, Switzerland. More  [15/11/2011]

Important coastal Ramsar Site for Estonia

Estonia has designated is 13th Wetland of International Importance, called Luitemaa ("land of dunes"), a mosaic wetland complex located on the southwestern coast (11,240 hectares, 58°10'N 024°35'E) that is a Nature Reserve, BirdLife IBA, and Natura 2000 site. As summarized by Kati Wenzel, Assistant Advisor for Europe, the site features with a diversity of coastal and inland habitats including shallow sea, capes and islands, coastal meadows and reed-beds. More here, with photos. [15/11/11]

Mauritius names third Ramsar Site

The island country of Mauritius, which joined the Ramsar Convention in 2001, has designated its third Wetland of International Importance, the Pointe d'Esny Wetland (22 hectares, 20°25'36''S 057°43'11''E) in the southeastern district of Grand Port. Read more. [15/11/2011]

Euronatur Prize Awarded to Goran Gugic, member of the Ramsar Standing Committee and Director of the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park and Ramsar Site

Since 1992, Euronatur awards an annual prize to a person with outstanding merits for nature conservation. The list of recipients includes Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev and HRH The Prince of Wales, as well as Ramsar Award winner Dr Luc Hoffmann. For 2011, the Board of Euronatur decided to bestow the honorary prize to Goran Gugic, member of the Ramsar Standing Committee and director of the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park and Ramsar Site in the Croatian part of the Sava river floodplain. More. [15/11/2011]

China names four new Ramsar Sites

The Secretariat is very pleased to announce that China has named four new Wetlands of International Importance, bringing the total designated by the Contracting Party to 41 sites covering 3,709,853 hectares. One of the new sites is a high altitude wetland on the Tibetan Plateau, and the other three are located in Heilongjiang Province in the far northeast of the country. Ramsar's Saber Masoomi has prepared brief summaries based on the Ramsar Information Sheets that accompanied the designations. Read more. [13/11/11]

Training of Trainers on Facilitating Participatory Wetland Management Planning, Shanghai, China

“The International Training of Trainers on Wetland Management, a course focusing on the facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes and curriculum development, a training endorsed by the Ramsar Secretariat in Gland, Switzerland, finally came to China!” With these words, Esther Koopmanschap of Wageningen University and Research centre (Wageningen UR), the Netherlands, contributed to the launch of the Yangtze Wetland Protection Area Network International Training Center. More. [10/11/2011]

Global Flyway Initiatives workshop in Korea establishes a “Global Interflyway Network”

With the generous support of Seosan City (Republic of Korea), the Government of Switzerland and the Secretariat of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP), an international workshop to review good practice in international initiatives for the conservation of migratory waterbirds and other migratory birds was convened by the Secretariats of the Ramsar Convention, the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS), the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA), the EAAFP and BirdLife International as well as Wetlands International. More. [02/11/2011]

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust signs Memorandum of Cooperation with Ramsar Convention

Ramsar and WWT have signed a three-year Memorandum of Cooperation promoting the commitment of both organisations to the conservation and wise use of wetlands. The purpose of this Memorandum of Cooperation is to provide a flexible framework for collaboration between the Parties, mobilizing WWT’s technical and capacity-building expertise for an improved implementation of the Ramsar Convention. More. [01/11/2011]

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