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Coming soon: Abidjan Convention’s 9th meeting of Contracting Parties

The Convention for Cooperation in the Protection and Development of the Marine and Coastal Environment of the West and Central African Region (Abidjan Convention) will be hosting the 9th Conference Parties (COP9) from 28 March to 1 April 2011 in Accra, Ghana.

Participants from the 22 countries which have in common the Atlantic Coast of Africa will meet for one week to debate and make decisions on issues which are relevant to the wise use of marine and coastal resources from Mauritania to South Africa.

More information is available here:

Two symposia in Malaysia and China commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Ramsar Convention

In this particular year 2011 of the 40th anniversary of the Ramsar Convention, two Asian Wetland Symposia (AWS) will be held in Malaysia and China. The AWS is a series of international symposia aimed at providing a platform for active discussion on issues related to wetland conservation and the wise use of wetland resources. More [22/03/11]

22 March 2011: World Water Day

Today, to mark this year’s World Water Day, SG Anada Tiéga is attending a symposium in Geneva, jointly organised by the Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health (GIWEH) and the Global Network for Rights and Development, Earth Focus Foundation, Association of World Citizens and other organisations, including IUCN and UNEP. More [22/03/11]

A communiqué on Wetlands Matter: Valuing wetland ecosystems in a changing climate

Over 100 government representatives and international experts on wetland science, policy and management met for a one-day symposium in Edinburgh, UK, on 24 February 2011. Organised and hosted by the Scottish Government, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage and Wetlands International, the symposium on Wetlands Matter: Valuing wetland ecosystems in a changing climate, has produced a communiqué linking their conclusions to some of the key evidence presented during the Symposium. The Call for Action suggests who the target audiences might be in each case. The symposium was attended by the Secretariat’s Deputy Secretary General, Nick Davidson. Read the communiqué here. [15/03/2011]

40th anniversary celebrations of the Ramsar Convention in the Islamic Republic of Iran, 5-6 March
The Global Forum on Wetlands for the Future to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands was held in the Islamic Republic of Iran from the 5th to 6th March 2011. The event was organized by the Department of Environment (DOE), I.R. of Iran and the Ramsar Convention Secretariat, and attracted some 300 people, including ministers, ambassadors and senior officials from around 50 countries. Read the illustrated report of this international event here. [10/03/2011]

Kyrgyz Republic names high altitude lake
The Kyrgyz Republic, which joined the Convention in 2003, has designated its third Wetland of International Importance for the Ramsar List. Son-Kol Lake (36,869 hectares, 41°50'N 75°07'E), part of the Karatal-Japyryk State Nature Reserve, at 3,000+ meters asl, is the largest high altitude freshwater lake in central Kyrgyzstan. Read more. [08/03/11]

New conservation and management rules for India's wetlands

The Ministry of Environment and Forests notified the Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2010. These rules have been drafted by the Ministry of Environment and Forests to ensure better conservation and management and to prevent degradation of existing wetlands in India. The Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2010 is a positive step towards conservation of wetlands in India. “This is the first time that legally enforceable Rules are being notified for such eco sensitive areas in our country. This will go a long way in protecting our wetlands which are under severe threat” said Mr. Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Environment and Forests. See link.

I. R. Iran designates its 24th Wetland of International Importance

Kanibarazan Wetland (927 ha; 36°59'N 045°46'E) is located in the north-west region of the Islamic Republic of Iran and consists of a freshwater lake surrounded by diverse plant communities. The site is located to the south of Lake Urmia, and is surrounded by seasonal wetlands which become dry during summer and autumn. More. [04/03/11]

Viet Nam designates Ba Be National Park as its 3rd Wetland of International Importance

Located in the Bac Kan Province, Ba Be (10,048 ha; 22°24'N 105°36'E) is a National Park and an ASEAN Heritage Park. The Man and Biosphere Committee of Viet Nam is currently supporting the designation of Ba Be as a Biosphere Reserve. As summarised by Marian Gwilliam, Regional Assistant Advisor for Asia-Oceania, Ba Be National Park supports the only significant natural mountain lake in Viet Nam and is the most important wetland in the country’s protected area system because it is the only site that has a natural lake surrounded by a mountainous karst ecosystem. More. [03/03/11]

Iran designates Choghakhor Wetland as its 23rd Wetland of International Importance

Choghakhor Wetland (1,687 ha; 31º55’N 050º54’E), Islamic Republic of Iran, supports more than 47 bird species, with breeding populations of migratory birds such as the Northern Pintail (Anas acuta). More. [28/02/11]

Updated Regional Wetland Action Plan for the conservation and wise use of wetlands in the Pacific region

A new three-year Regional Wetland Action Plan (RWAP) for the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) has been developed outlining activities, responsibilities and targets that seek to promote and strengthen the conservation and wise use of wetlands in the region. More. [25/02/11]

El Salvador designates Jaltepeque Complex as its 6th Wetland of International Importance

The Jaltepeque Complex (49,454 ha; 13°22’N 089°03’W) is the second biggest brackish water area and intertidal forested wetland in El Salvador. Located in “La Paz y San Vicente” area, the site includes a permanent shallow water marine ecosystem and other coastal wetlands such as estuaries, sandy beaches, salt flats, and coastal brackish and freshwater lagoons as well as permanent and stationary rivers and streams. More. | Español [25/02/11]

Translation of additional key Ramsar documents into Arabic

Over the past couple of years, the Secretariat has been finding funds to translate some of the key Convention’s documents into Arabic, to help with implementation of the Convention in the Arab region. More [23/02/11]

A report on World Wetlands Day in Spain

Ramsar’s Senior Advisor for Europe, Tobias Salathé attended some of the many local events that took place in Spain to celebrate World Wetlands Day (WWD). More [22/02/11]

Opening of the Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Ramsar Convention in Huatulco, Mexico

The Ramsar Convention’s 40th Anniversary celebration in the Americas kicked off on 31 January 2011 with the opening ceremony of the Wetland Festival in the auditorium of the Universidad del Mar in Huatulco, Mexico. More | Español [18/02/11]

South Korea designates its 14th Wetlands of International Importance

Gochang & Buan Tidal Flats (4,550 ha; 35°33’N 126°35’E) includes two protected areas, the Buan Julpo Bay Wetland Protected Area and the Gochang Tidal Flat Wetland Protected Area.It is located in Gomso Bay and is one of the important tidal flats for migratory waterbirds along the west coast of the Republic of Korea. More [17/02/11]

Mexico designates two new Wetlands of International Importance

Mexico is announcing the designation of 2 new Ramsar Sites with a total Ramsar Sites number of 121. More

México está anunciando la designación de 2 nuevos Sitios Ramsar que totalizan 121 Sitios para el país. Ver aquí mas información.

Sri Lanka designates Kumana Wetland Cluster as its 5th Wetland of International Importance

The Ramsar Site (19,011 ha; 6°37’N 81°44’E) falls within two existing protected areas, Kumana National Park and the Panama-Kudumbigala Sanctuary. Located South-east of Sri Lanka in the Ampara District, this site consists of a diversity of coastal wetland habitats, including lagoons, estuaries, irrigation reservoirs, mangroves, salt marshes, interspersed with sand dune, scrubland and forest vegetation. More [10/02/11]

Botswana celebrates WWD and Ramsar’s 40th anniversary

Deputy Secretary General (DSG) Nick Davidson joined Botswana’s celebrations, this year held in Kasane in northern Botswana close to Chobe National Park, and a perfect location for the WWD theme of “Forests for water and wetlands” since the area linking between forest reserves, wooded areas of the National Park and the Chobe River floodplain. More [07/02/11]

Launching of Ondia and the 7 wonder Wetlands film project in Huatulco, Mexico

On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Ramsar Convention in Huatulco, Mexico, the Ramsar Convention Secretariat presented the 3D “docutale” project entitled Ondia and the 7 wonder Wetlands on the evening of 31 January 2011. This film project with Upside Television shows the wonders of wetlands and the urgent need to protect them, mission that has been undertaken by the Ramsar Convention, its 160 member countries and its many dedicated partners worldwide. More

Winners of the 40th Anniversary competition in the Americas

Announcing the winners of the 40th Anniversary competition in the Americas to identify schools and the managers of Ramsar Sites that have excelled in promoting the wise use and conservation of wetlands in the region. More [31/01/11]

The Ramsar Convention celebrates its 40th Anniversary in the Americas in Huatulco, México from 31 January to 2 February 2011.

This three-day event organized by the Ramsar Administrative Authority (SEMARNAT), the Focal Point (CONANP) as well as the Ramsar Secretariat aims to raise awareness among stakeholders of the achievements and the importance of the Ramsar Convention in the Americas, emphasizing the conservation and wise use of wetlands in the region. More

La Convención Ramsar celebrará su 40 aniversario en las Américas en Huatulco, México del 31 de enero al 2 de febrero de 2011. Màs

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) designates Wadi Wurayah National Park as its second Wetland of International Importance

Since 2006, the Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF has been promoting the conservation of Wadi Wurayah that concluded in 2009 with the official protection of the site by HH Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammad Al Sharqi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Fujairah, as the first mountain protected area of the UAE. EWS-WWF has since been continuing its cooperation with the Fujairah Municipality for the conservation management of the wadi. Further information can be found on [25/01/10]

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