The Ramsar Bulletin Board, 2 September 1998

Malheureusement, il n'y a pas de version française de ce document.

National Reports. With the September 1st deadline all but upon us, National Reports are arriving at the Bureau by trains and boats and planes, and also mostly by electronic mail. Out of 112 Contracting Parties, we have received 17 Reports, and others are promised "in the mail". Many thanks to the following countries: Algeria, Botswana, Egypt, Gambia, Guinea, Kenya, Namibia, China, Indonesia, Armenia, Denmark (draft version), Estonia, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Bahamas, Nicaragua, Suriname. [28/8/98]  

Diplomatic Notification 1998/7, in three languages, available. An important notification for Standing Committee members. [31/7/98]

Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award. The Bureau has been delighted at the excellent response to the call for nominations for the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award. Over seventy nominations of individuals or groups from all over the world have been received, and so now the difficult process of assessment and selection must begin. The Standing Committee will choose the three winners of the 1999 award at its 21st meeting in October 1998. [20/8/98]

Bureau Visit to Czech Republic. At the invitation of the Czech Ramsar Committee, Tim Jones, the Bureau’s Regional Coordinator for Europe, visited the Czech Republic 6-11 August. Discussions were held with the Ministry of Environment (the authority responsible for Ramsar implementation), the Czech Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection, the Administration of Protected Landscape Areas of the Czech Republic, as well as with the managers and users of Ramsar sites.  Notable events in Czech implementation of the Ramsar Convention include:

  • Passing of Czech National Council Act No. 114/92 on the Protection of Nature and the Landscape - entered into force in June 1992;
  • Establishment, by Government Resolution, of the River System Revitalization Programme in 1992;
  • Participation in COP5 & presentation of first National Report on Ramsar implementation, June 1993;
  • Publication of the first inventory of Czech wetlands of international importance, plus English summary, 1993;
  • Designation of 5 additional Ramsar sites in November 1993;
  • Formal establishment, by Statute, of the Czech Ramsar Committee in May 1994;
  • Participation in COP6 & presentation of second National Report;
  • Designation of the 10th Czech Ramsar site in November 1997;
  • Adoption of State Programme for Nature and Landscape, June 1998

The mission included visits to two of the three Czech Ramsar sites included in the Montreux Record, namely Novozámecky & Brehynsky fishponds, and Litovelské Pomoraví. In both cases, the Czech authorities advise retaining the sites on the Montreux Record. However significant restoration and management efforts are under way at the two wetlands, and it is hoped that removal from the Montreux Record may be possible in the medium term. In the case of Litovelské Pomoraví, this will depend very much on how sensitively water abstraction and flood protection proposals for the area are implemented. A detailed report and photographs will be posted in the near future. [20/8/98]

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