San Pedro de Atacama Archaeological Capital hosted the IX meeting of the High Andean Regional Initiative


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The IX meeting of the High Andean Regional Initiative organised by the Ministries of Environment and Foreign Affairs of Chile took place from 19-24 November in Santiago and San Pedro de Atacama. Chile, as well as the other Contracting Parties and members of the initiative´s contact group: Condesan, Birdlife and WWF, presented the main progress in the implementation of the High Andean Regional Strategy and discussed the status of the GEF project in regards to the evaluation of ecosystems services. The Parties also discussed the terms of the governance and coordination body as well as the financial challenges for the future of the initiative. Chile was elected as coordinator for 2013.

Ramsar Site Sistema Hidrológico de Soncor del Salar de Atacama © Maria Rivera/Ramsar Secretariat

In San Pedro de Atacama, Chilean experts led the discussions on guidelines for the conservation and monitoring of High Andean Wetlands that were formulated by the Ministry of Environment. They agreed on the development of a monitoring regional network for High Andean Wetlands in the framework of the initiative. A visit was organised by Conaf Antofagasta for the participants to Micanti and Meñique lagoons and Sistema Hidrológico de Soncor del Salar de Atacama Ramsar Site.

Laguna Meñique © Nury Furlan/Ramsar Secretariat

Report by Maria Rivera, Senior Regional Advisor for the Americas

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