Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971) -- Work Plan for 2000


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Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands

(Ramsar, Iran, 1971)

Work Plan - 2000

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Section 5: Administration and Fund-raising Work Plan 2000

5.1 Project management and fund-raising

5.1.1 Project management

5.1.2 Fund-raising – development assistance

5.2 Financial administration

5.3 Personnel management

5.4 Meeting preparations and logistics

The actions described in this Section are mostly to be undertaken by Julia Tucker (Projects Coordinator), Annette Keller Pavlic (Administration Coordinator), and Paulette Kennedy (Finance Officer). The Administration Coordinator and the Finance Officer are under the direct supervision of the Secretary General. The line manager of the Projects Administration Officer is the Deputy Secretary General. If the funds can secured to establish a Development Assistance Officer within the Bureau during the year 2000, this person will work closely with the the Projects Administration Officer . This Team is supported by Montse Riera and Valerie Higgins (see Staff Chart in Section 1)

5.1 Project management and fund-raising (Primarily the tasks of Julia Tucker)

5.1.1 Project management

Small Grants Fund (activities in conjunction with Regional Co-ordinators and Interns)

Implement the SGF in accordance with the revised Operational Guidelines 2000-2002 and in line with the recommendations pursuant to the review of the Fund done for COP7. In particular to improve project monitoring and reporting to donors.

Support the Standing Committee’s Subgroup on Finance in its fund-raising efforts pursuant to Operational Objective 8.4 of the Strategic Plan to secure at least one million US dollars per year for the Fund.

Wetlands for the Future and Evian Projects

During 2000 the Bureau will continue to administer funds provided by the USA for the Wetlands for the Future training initiative and the Bureau’s corporate sector partnership with the Danone Group (and French agencies) – the Evian project. In both cases, Operational Guidelines will be developed to streamline administration and make accessing the funds simpler.

Other projects being supported or administered by the Bureau

As required, administer projects supported by either core or external funds. These include funds for the MedWet Initiative for example.

Reporting to donors

This is to be a priority for 2000 and beyond – namely to improve the quality of reporting to donors and the generally build on the good relations with donors the Bureau currently enjoys.

5.1.2 Fund-raising – development assistance

While every effort will be made by the Bureau to continue its fund-raising and development assistance efforts, this will only escalate in the event that the funds can be identified to appoint a Development Assistance Officer.

5.2 Financial Administration (Primarily the tasks of Paulette Kennedy)

Apart from the routine financial administrative activities which must be undertaken the following are specifically indicated for 2000 and beyond.

Core budget administration

In addition to day-to-day management, monitoring and reportingof the core budget, the following actions will be required for 2000 and beyond.

a. Prepare financial reports, including audited accounts for 1999, and the 2001 budget projection for review by the 25th meeting of the Standing Committee.

b. Send reminders of unpaid invoices mid-2000.

c. Invoice Parties for 2001 dues.

General Administration


  • Petty Cash
  • Long distance telephone calls
  • Annual contributions - to date (acknowledge each with a Diplomatic Note)
  • Projects - Income and Expenditures
  • Investment of surplus funds..

Year-End Statements for:

  • Core Budget
  • Restricted Projects
  • Annual Contributions
  • Prepare invoices for the following year (November)
  • Reminders of unpaid dues (mid-2000 and November 2000)

Standing Committee Statements:

  • Core Budget
  • Restricted Projects
  • Annual Contributions
  • Prepare 2001 Bureau budget projection

5.3 Personnel Management (Primarily the tasks of Annette Keller)

As required, provide general support to the senior managers of the Bureau with respect to all aspects of staff recruitment, relocation etc.

Support necessary personnel management activities as instructed by the Secretary General. This is includes but is not limited to the following:

  • maintain staff files (on current staff, past staff, applicants, and general directives)
  • liaise with IUCN’s Human Resources Management Division on Ramsar staff issues, including the drawing up of staff contracts as required
  • prepare draft position vacancies
  • prepare letters for staff who have successfully completed their probation period
  • prepare or draft letters of reference
  • recruit and interview for administrativ esupport positions within the Bureau
  • write appointment or rejection letters.

The Internships program

  • Respond to inquiries
  • Receive and acknowledge CVs
  • Process rejection, short list letters and final rejection letters.
  • Assist interns with their arrival, settling in, and departure arrangements.

5.4 Meeting preparations and logistics (Primarily the tasks of Annette Keller)

Preparations for the 25th Standing Committee Meeting

Provide organisational and logistics support for the 25th meeting of the Standing Committee to be held in late 2000. This will include all general meeting arrangements (travel, accommodation, venue arrangements) as well as the distribution of papers etc.

Support to other Ramsar meetings (COP8, STRP, Evian Roundtables etc)

Provide organisational and logistics support for the 9th meeting of the STRP and the Evian Roundtable for West Asia in 2000. This will include all general meeting arrangements (travel, accommodation, venue arrangements) as well as the distribution of papers etc.

As required, assist the Secretary General with any early preparations for COP8.

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