Documents for the 24th meeting of the Standing Committee


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24th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 29 November-2 December 1999
Agenda item 7.1

DOC. SC24-3

Ramsar Bureau Work Plan for 2000

Action requested: The Standing Committee is requested to review the draft Bureau Work Plan 2000 as attached, make amendments as appropriate, and approve the Work Plan.


1. Paragraph 9 of Resolution VII.27 reads: The COP "APPROVES the Convention’s Work Plan for the 2000-2002 triennium as attached in Annex I, noting that the Standing Committee in its annual approval of the Ramsar Bureau’s Work Plan may have to establish an order of priority for the many actions expected of the secretariat."

2. In addition, paragraph 21 of Resolution VII.28 "DIRECTS the Standing Committee to list and prioritize the actions required of the Ramsar Bureau, the Standing Committee, and the Scientific and Technical Review Panel arising from the Convention’s Work Plan, Recommendations, and Resolutions adopted at each COP, this to be tabled at the Standing Committee meeting following each COP, indicating which elements are to be funded from the adopted budget".

3. Pursuant to the above directions to the Standing Committee, the Bureau has prepared its draft Work Plan for the year 2000 as attached. The structure of this Work Plan follows that of previous years, namely, it is divided into Work Plans for the four ‘teams’ within the Bureau – Global Policy and Technical, Regional Policy and Technical, Communication and Public Awareness, and Administration and Fund-raising. For the Global and Regional Policy and Technical Work Plans, the structure of the Strategic Plan – now Convention Work Plan – has been applied.

4. Note also that the draft Bureau Work Plan includes the regional targets (refer to Section 3), as requested by paragraph 11 of Resolution VII.27, to be considered by this meeting under Agenda Item 9.2.iv.

5. Also, in recognition of the directions to Standing Committee contained in Resolutions VII.27 and 28 (as given above), the Bureau has indicated in the draft Work Plan 2000 those actions, requested by COP7 decisions and the Convention Work Plan, which cannot be undertaken without additional resources being secured. These actions are highlighted with shaded boxes. By implication, the Bureau is suggesting that those actions not shaded constitute either ongoing responsibilities or highest priority actions.

6. Among those actions which the Bureau considers cannot proceed without additional resources are those listed below, as indicated in the Global Policy and Technical Work Plan. The Standing Committee should also note that for several of the above the Bureau has begun discussions with various of the Conventions’ official Partners and others to develop funding proposals for consideration by the donor community. Should these be successful, it will allow certain of the above tasks to be pursued. The proposals which this refers to are shown in bold below; where appropriate, the project outlines are Annexed to the draft Bureau Work Plan for 2000.

  • Further promotion of the application of Guidelines for integrating wetlands conservation and wise use into river basin management (Action 2.2.1);
  • Further work in economic valuation of wetlands (Action 2.4.4);
  • Promotion of the application of the Guidelines adopted at COP7 on involving local and indigenous people in wetlands management (Action 2.7.1);
  • Pursuit of several actions relating to incentive measures (Action 2.8.2);
  • Implementation of a number of elements of the Outreach Programme (Actions 3.1.1, 3.1.6 & 3.2.1);
  • Development of a major wetland manager training initiative (Action 4.2.3);
  • Assistance with the establishment of national wetland inventory databases (Action 5.4.4);
  • Follow-up work on the assessment of the world’s wetland resources and the development of global inventory standards and protocols (Action 6.1.3);
  • Support for further development in the area of harmonized information management among the Conventions (Action 7.2.1);
  • A range of actions relating to mobilizing donor funds for development assistance (Actions 7.2.2, 7.3.1-3, 7.4.2-5, 8.2.3-4, & 8.4.1);
  • Furthering the development of closer working partnerships with CITES (Action 7.2.6) and several regional Conventions.

Annex: The Ramsar Bureau Draft Work Plan, 2000

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