Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971) -- Work Plan for 2000


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Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands

(Ramsar, Iran, 1971)

Work Plan - 2000

approved by Decision SC24-1 of the Standing Committee


1. Staffing arrangements

2. Global Policy and Technical Work Plan

3. Regional Policy and Technical Work Plan

Regional Coordinators, Work Plans and Targets

3.1 Africa
3.2 Americas
3.2 Asia
3.4 Europe
3.5 Oceania
3.6 MedWet Action Plan 1999-2000

4. Communications and Public Awareness Work Plan

5. Administration and Fund-raising Work Plan Plan

5.1 Project management and fund-raising
5.1.1 Project management
5.1.2 Fund-raising – development assistance
5.2 Financial administration
5.3 Personnel management
5.4 Meeting preparations and logistics

Section 1: Staffing arrangements

The Bureau has four teams (as listed below) which are each responsible for implementing Action Plans developed to address the main operational objectives set out in the Convention’s Strategic Plan 1997-2002 and Work Plan 2000-2002 (Resolution VII.27).

Team structures

The teams are as follows:

  • Policy and Technical (Global)
  • Policy and Technical (Regional)
  • Communications and Public Awareness
  • Administration and Fund-raising

The teams report to the Secretary General, through the Deputy Secretary General, in the case of the Policy and Technical (Regional) and the Communication and Public Awareness Action Plans. The Global Policy and Technical Action Plan is managed by the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General with input from other staff as appropriate. The Administration and Fund-raising Action Plan team is under the general supervision of the Secretary General. The Projects Coordinator post within this team works directly to the Deputy Secretary General. This is shown graphically on the following page with the staff allocated to each team indicated.

Staff Chart of the Ramsar Bureau

Secretary General

(Delmar Blasco, Argentina)

Executive Assistant

(Mireille Katz, Switzerland)

Deputy Secretary General

(Bill Phillips, Australia)


Administration and Fundraising Team

Development Assistance Officer

(if agreed by Standing Committee)

Projects Administration Officer

(Julia Tucker, UK/Switzerland)

Finance Officer

(Paulette Kennedy, Belgium/Canada)

Administration Coordinator

(Annette Keller Pavlic, Switzerland)

Office Clerk (65%)

(Montserrat Riera, Spain) plus casual labour as required

  Communications and Public Awareness Team

Executive Assistant for Communications

(Dwight Peck, USA)

Communications Assistant (75%)

(Valerie Higgins, UK)



  Policy and Technical Team

Regional Coordinators

  • Africa (Anada Tiega, Niger)
  • Asia (Rebecca D’Cruz, Malaysia)
  • Europe (Tobias Salathe, Switzerland)
  • Americas (Margarita Astralaga, Colombia)
  • MedWet Coordinator (Thymio Papayanis, Greece)***
  • Ramsar Database Manager (Scott Frazier, USA)***


  • Africa (Musonda Mumba, Zambia)***
  • Asia (Taeko Takahashi, Japan)
  • Europe (Alexander Belokurov, Russian Federation)
  • Neotropics (Flor Salvador, Peru)***

The Coordinator of the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative is a donor project-funded position, based at present in Athens, Greece

The Ramsar Database Manager is not a Bureau staff member as such, but provides services to the Convention from Wetlands International in the Netherlands on the basis of a contractual arrangement.

The Interns for Africa and the Neotropics are donor project-funded positions.

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