31st Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee


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31st Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 6-10 June 2005
DOC. SC31-26

Agenda item 10.1

Financial and budgetary matters

Action requested: The Standing Committee is invited to consider and approve the attached draft Resolution for consideration by COP9. Scenario budgets for completion of Annex I have been communicated directly to Standing Committee members for their consideration.

COP9 DR13:

Financial and budgetary matters

1. RECALLING the budgetary provisions established by Article 6, paragraphs 5 and 6, of the Convention;

2. ACKNOWLEDGING WITH APPRECIATION the prompt payment by the majority of Contracting Parties of their contributions to the core budget of the Convention, but NOTING WITH CONCERN that a number of Parties are significantly in arrears;

3. NOTING WITH GRATITUDE the additional financial contributions made by many Contracting Parties through their Ramsar Administrative Authority and other agencies, including some development assistance agencies, and also the contributions made by non-governmental organizations and the private sector for activities undertaken by the Secretariat, including the following sources: [to be added in final draft version];

4. ACKNOWLEDGING ONCE MORE WITH APPRECIATION the effective financial and administrative services provided by IUCN - The World Conservation Union to the Secretariat; and

5. NOTING that Contracting Parties have been kept informed of the financial situation of the Convention Secretariat through the financial audited reports for fiscal years 2003 and 2004 and the reports of the Standing Committee meetings in 2003, 2004 and 2005, circulated to Contracting Parties in due time;


6. NOTES WITH PLEASURE that since Ramsar COP8 in 2002 the Secretariat has managed the Convention's funds prudently and efficiently, despite the problems with the overly enthusiastic income projections adopted at COP8;

7. URGES the Secretary General, in managing the budget, to attempt to refill the Reserve Fund established by Resolution VI.17;

8. EXPRESSES ITS GRATITUDE to the Contracting Parties that have served in the Subgroup on Finance of the Standing Committee during the past triennium, and in particular to Canada, which acted as Chair of the Subgroup;

9. DECIDES that the Terms of Reference for the Financial Administration of the Convention contained in Annex 3 to Resolution 5.2 shall be applied in toto to the 2006-2008 triennium;

10. FURTHER DECIDES that the Subgroup on Finance, as established by Resolution VI.17, shall continue to operate under the aegis of the Standing Committee and with the roles and responsibilities specified therein;

11. APPROVES the budget for the 2006-2008 triennium as attached as Annex I to enable the implementation of the strategic framework of the Convention;

12. DECIDES that the contribution of each Contracting Party to this budget shall be in accordance with the scale of assessments for the contribution of Member States to the United Nations budget as approved by the UN General Assembly for 2006 (Annex II) and yet to be approved for the years 2007 and 2008, [except in the case of Contracting Parties which, in applying the UN scale, would make annual contributions to the Ramsar Convention budget of less than SFR 1,000, in which case the annual contribution shall be that amount. The difference between the assessed contribution for these Contracting Parties according to the UN scale and the minimum threshold of SFR 1,000 shall be allocated, when actual payments have been effected, to budget line 9 of the core budget (COP-related costs incurred by the Secretariat).] All other Contracting Parties will continue to be assessed in accordance with the UN scale of contributions as indicated in Annex II; and

13. CALLS UPON all Contracting Parties to pay their dues promptly by 1 January of each year, and URGES Contracting Parties in arrears to make a renewed effort to settle them as expeditiously as possible.

[to be supplied following the Standing Committee 31 meeting]

Annex I

Core budget 2006-2008

Annex II

Annual Contributions for the year 2006

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