31st Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee


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31st Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 6-10 June 2005
DOC. SC31-28

Agenda item 11

COP9 draft Resolutions submitted by Contracting Parties
Action requested: The Standing Committee is invited to note the receipt by the Secretariat of two draft COP9 Resolutions submitted by Parties, which will be considered under Agenda items 7.3 and 9.11.

Note by the Ramsar Secretariat

1. Through Diplomatic Note 2005/3, all Contracting Parties were advised of the Standing Committee's Subgroup on COP9 Decision SG COP9-2, in which the Subgroup on COP9, working on the advice of the material provided by the Subgroup on Resolution VIII.45, decided that the procedure for handling draft Resolutions for COP9 should be as follows: "the Secretariat to send a diplomatic notification to the Parties [DN 2005/3] requesting them to submit all draft Resolutions for COP9 to the Standing Committee in advance of its 31st meeting, and to circulate all such draft Resolutions with technical content to the STRP for review and advice for the SC and COP."

2. This procedure is designed to respond to the expectations of Resolution VIII.45 concerning streamlining the consideration and adoption processes for COP9 Resolutions. In accordance with these instruction, the diplomatic note therefore requested that all Parties intending to propose draft Resolutions to COP9 should provide them to the Secretariat by 30 April 2005.

3. By that date the Secretariat had received two draft COP9 Resolutions from Contracting Parties.

4. One, submitted by Romania, concerns activities by Ukraine in the development of canal works in the Danube Delta Ramsar site and Biosphere Reserve. Following discussions with the government of Romania, it is anticipated that this issue will be considered under Agenda item 9.11 within the overall context of issues concerning the status of the ecological character of Ramsar sites.

5. The other, submitted by Mexico, concerns the Ramsar Convention, water and the fourth World Water Forum, which will be hosted by Mexico in 2006. Following discussions with the government of Mexico, it is anticipated that the elements of this draft Resolution will be considered under Agenda item 7.3 within the context of the Ramsar Convention and water issues, including also the outcomes of the 13th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development.

6. Under Agenda item 11, the Secretariat will provide an update should any further draft COP9 Resolutions be received from Parties.

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