25th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee


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25th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 23 - 27 October 2000
Agenda item 7

DOC. SC25-3

Report and analysis on issues related to Resolution VII.12:
"Sites in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance: official descriptions, conservation status, and management plans, including the situation of particular sites in the territories of specific Contracting Parties"


3. Status of implementation of paragraph 12 of the Resolution

Algeria has submitted proposals for 10 additional sites; the Bureau has responded with constructive comments on the Ramsar Information Sheets (RIS) and has requested to review some of them and to provide appropriate maps for each site.

4. Status of implementation of paragraph 15

Mauritania has also provided the needed documentation.

7. Status of implementation of paragraph 18

Ghana has reviewed the boundaries of existing Ramsar sites but the updated Ramsar site description has still to be provided.

10. Status of implementation of paragraph 33

Tunisia has updated the status of Ichkeul National Park and Senegal has updated the status of Djoudj National Park on the Montreux Record. Both sites remain on the Montreux Record following Ramsar Advisory Missions jointly undertaken by the Ramsar Bureau, the World Heritage Center, and IUCN.

Costa Rica has provided a report to the Bureau indicating that, although positive actions have been implemented, it does not recommend removing the Palo Verde Ramsar site from the Montreux Record.

The United States of America has reported that after consultation with the National Park Service, it does not request the removal of the Everglades Ramsar site from the Montreux Record. It also reported that "a position is being developed in regrds to the status of the Park’s inscription in the List of World Heritage Sites in Danger [the Everglades National Park is a Ramsar site and a World Heritage site]. When the National Park Service has completed the report, we will provide it, along with other relevant information, to the Ramsar Secretariat." The US has provided the Bureau with a copy of the publication Coordinating Success: Strategy for Restoration of the South Florida Ecosystem.

11. Status of implementation of paragraph 37

Togo has requested that Parc national de la Keran be included in the Montreux Record and has indicated that the Montreux Record-Questionnaire will soon be completed and sent to the Bureau.

Trinidad and Tobago has reported on recent actions taken at Nariva Swamp and has indicated its intention to recommend the removal of Nariva Swamp from the Montreux Record.

Honduras and Nicaragua have reported that, despite indications of changes in ecological character noted in their National Reports, they do not consider inclusion of any of their Ramsar sites in the Montreux Record to be appropriate at this time.

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