25th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee


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25th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 23 - 27 October 2000
Agenda item 22.4 (i)

DOC. SC25-24

Small Grants Fund: approval of project proposals


1. Further to the advice contained in DOC. SC25-24, the following provides an update on available funding for allocation to SGF2000 projects, and recommendations from the Bureau on the allocation of funds to projects, for consideration by the Subgroup on Finance.

2. As of 20 October 2000, the total funds now available for allocation are SFR 308,578 – see Annex 1.

3. As of 20 October 2000, fully signed contracts for six projects allocated funding in 1999 have not yet been returned to the Bureau. The total amount of funds awaiting payment for these contracts is SFR 175,320.

4. The Bureau suggests that the Standing Committee establish a deadline of 31 December 2000 for return to the Bureau of signed contracts on outstanding SGF1999 projects. If a contract has not been returned fully signed by that date, the project should be cancelled and the funds reallocated to the next ranked A2 category SGF2000 project.

5. The Bureau further suggests that the Standing Committee may wish to establish a general rule for SGF2000 and future years that fully signed contracts must be returned to the Bureau within three months of their issue. If a contract is not so returned, the project should be cancelled and the funds reallocated to the next ranked A2 project awaiting funding.

6. The WWF Living Waters Campaign has indicated its interest in funding the project proposal from Congo (SGF/00/COG/1), subject to revisions to the project proposal to incorporate designation of Ramsar sites following the proposed inventory work in the project. The Bureau recommends that on this basis the project not be considered for immediate SGF2000 funding, but rather be placed on the reserve A2 list pending confirmation of WWF funding. Should WWF funding not be confirmed by the deadline of 31 December 2000 proposed in paragraph 4 above, the Bureau recommends that this project then be funded as the top priority from the reserve list of A2 projects with any funds that become available from cancelled SGF1999 projects.

7. On the currently available funding of SFR 308,578 the Bureau therefore recommends that the following three additional A2 ranked projects be approved for full funding:

Cambodia (SGF/00/KHM/1)
Armenia (SGF/00/ARM/1)
Republic of Moldova (SGF/00/MDA/1)

8. This brings the funds to be allocated to a total of SFR 302,420, leaving SFR 6,158 unallocated.

9. The Bureau recommends that the Standing Committee consider establishing a reserve list of A2 ranked projects for priority funding should additional funds become available from cancelled SGF1999 projects or from other sources, consisting of the following six projects, in the following order of priority:

Congo (SGF/00/COG/1) – if project funding from WWF is not confirmed by 31 December 2000
Algeria (SGF/00/DZA/1)
Chile (SGF/00/CHL/1)
Panama (SGF/00/PAN/1)
Croatia (SGF/00/CRO/1)
Brazil (SGF/00/BRA/1)

10. The Subgroup on Finance may wish to note that India has indicated that it does not support the funding from SGF2000 of the next two A2 ranked projects: Thailand (SGF/00/THA/1) and Mongolia (SGF/00/MNG/1).

SGF funds available for allocation in 2000
(in Swiss francs, at 20.10.2000)

Balance available after 1999 allocations (deficit to be covered with an allocation form the 1999 core budget surplus) -34,119
Contributions received for the 2000 SGF cycle:
Austria, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment And Water Management 20,000
Denmark, National Forest & Nature Agency 5,167
Ireland, National Parks and Wildlife 4,854
Japan (from unused voluntary contributions held by the Bureau) 80,000
United States, Department of State 41,076
Allocation from 1999 core budget surplus 80,000
Minus 10% administration fee ( 23,110)
Belgium 20,000
Sweden, Sida 91,768
Minus 10% administration fee (11,177)
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