World Wetlands Day 2001: Uganda


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Launching of the Uganda Wetlands Sector Strategic Plan 2001-2010 and Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Ramsar Convention

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The Secretary General, Mr Delmar Blasco, addressing ceremonies for the launching of the Strategic Plan, Kampala, 1 February 2001. Read the address.

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Assembled dignitaries ecstatic over the launching of the Uganda Wetlands Sector Strategic Plan 2001-2010, Kampala, 1 February 2001

including (front row, from left): Paul Mafabi, Wetlands Programme, Vice-Chair of the Ramsar Standing Committee; Delmar Blasco, Ramsar Secretary General; the Minister of Land, Water, and Environment; the Minister of Information; and the Minister of Environment.

See also: further World Wetlands Day liveliness at Lutembe Bay, 2 February, including crafts, canoe races, a World Wetlands Day cake, and lots of singing kids.

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