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What is World Wetlands Day?2 February each year is World Wetlands Day. It marks the date of the signing of the Convention on Wetlands on 2 February 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea. WWD was celebrated for the first time in 1997 and made an encouraging beginning. Each year, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and groups of citizens at all levels of the community have taken advantage of the opportunity to undertake actions aimed at raising public awareness of wetland values and benefits in general and the Ramsar Convention in particular. From 1997 to 2005, the Convention’s Web site has posted reports from more than 90 countries of WWD activities of all sizes and shapes, from lectures and seminars, nature walks, children’s art contests, sampan races, and community clean-up days, to radio and television interviews and letters to newspapers, to the launch of new wetland policies, new Ramsar sites, and new programmes at the national level.

Please don't forget to tell the Secretariat what you did on World Wetlands Day for the reports section of our WWD Web pages. We always do our best to include all the reports we receive but we would really appreciate all reports to be sent to us by May 2006. Photos, text and sample materials are all welcome. Contact

Activities reported for World Wetlands Day 2006

Danube River Basin countries 1.Paul Csagoly (, Communications Expert, UNDP-GEF Danube Regional Project (, has provided a WWD press release to the effect that "a new project was launched today to better use natural Danube water plants for reducing water pollution." Here it is.

Danube River Basin countries 2. The Danube Environmental Forum has used WWD 2006 to launch an international campaign to protect the Danube wetlands and waters. The campaign will encourage national water planners to learn more about, and better apply, wetland protection. DEF intends to monitor the progress of Danube national governments in including wetland protection measures in their national water plans, disseminating the results publicly on Danube Day, June 29, 2006 and World Wetlands Day 2007. Ms Monika Chrenkova of DEF noted that in addition to the international campaign launch, all 13 member countries will be organising a WWD event – and some of them have planned several events at different locations. These include press conferences, a wetland tour that crosses political borders, a focus on specific threats from planned navigation projects, a national wetland conference, new Ramsar Site designations, etc. Read the DEF press release here.

Ramsar Secretariat. The Secretariat celebrated WWD2006 by sending staff members to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Slovenia, and Switzerland to participate in celebrations in those countries and by providing a little cake to the remaining staffers at the coffee break. Here's a brief report on WWD in the Secretariat.

WWF International.Mr Jamie Pittock (, Director, Global Freshwater Programme, WWF International, writes to the Ramsar Forum: "Dear Ramsar - ites, Further World Wetlands Day news from Australia, Indonesia, India and globally may be viewed at: WWF particularly welcomes the designation by the Indian Government of new Ramsar sites, including a section of the Upper Ganga River that is important habitat for river dolphins." Three of those press releases are reprinted here, here, and here.

Albania celebrated WWD2006 by designating Lake Shkodra and River Buna as a Wetland of International Importance. Ramsar's Tobias Salathé presented the Ramsar site certificate at two-day WWD ceremonies in the town of Shkoder and provided this illustrated report.

Algeria.Nassima Aghanim-Lakhdari (, Secrétaire Exécutive de l'Unité Focale MedWet-Algérie, Réseau Nord Africain des Zones Humides (, Projet LIFE - Zones Humides Maghreb, écrit: "La journée mondiale des ZH a été officiellement célébrée à Alger du 2 au 6 février au niveau de la Réserve Naturelle du lac de Réghaïa, classé site Ramsar en 2003, en présence du Directeur Général des Forêts, des élus locaux, des membres d'ONG et d'association, de scientifiques et d'écoliers. Cette journée a fait l'objet d'une large couverture médiatique de la presse écrite et parlée (Cf. photos en annexe)." Son rapport.

Argentina 1.Leandro Altolaguirre, Presidente de Alihuen (, está escribiendo sobreDMH, Corredor Biológico del Oeste de la Provincia de La Pampa (Río Atuel, Río Salado, Chadileuvú, Curacó, Bañados, Lagunas y Salitrales). Aquí.

Argentina 2.Jorge Cappato, Punto Focal por las ONG de actividades de CECoP, está escribiendo: "En adhesión al DMH 2006 y como ha venido haciendo desde que se estableció el día internacional, PROTEGER distribuirá especialmente en el ámbito iberoamericano materiales destinados a la prensa y a otras ONGs que trabajan en los temas del agua, los humedales y las pesquerías". Mas información aquí

Argentina 3. Dra. Anna Petra Roge de Marzolini, Presidenta Asociacion Ambientalista EcoLa Paz (, Federacion Amigos de la Tierra Argentina, La Paz, está escribiendo: "Presido la Asociación Ambientalista EcoLaPaz, que es parte de la Federación Amigos de la Tierra Argentina, desde hace años, conmemoramos el 2 de febrero como día de los humedales, Esto fue gracias a la tarea de divulgación que ha hecho y sigue haciendo Fundacion Proteger de Santa Fe. Desde hace tres años junto a una Escuela de Canotaje que funciona en la ciudad en que estamos radicados, que es La Paz, Entre Rios, ubicada al noroeste de esa provincia argentina, impulsar la limpieza y valoracion de su belleza de un arroyo que surca esta ciudad de 26 mil habitantes aproximadamente. Tamibien hicimos campaña contra la construccion de dos plantas de pasta de celulosa en el Uruguay, que comprometieran seriamente la calidad del agua del rio que sirve de frontera entre ambos paises. Les enviamos el prensa de la actividad y algunas fotos." Aquí.

Argentina 4.Prof. Lic. Gustavo Blanc (, Coordinador, Programa Provincial de Educación Ambiental, Subsecretaría de Medio Ambiente, Gobierno de Mendoza, está escribiendo: "La Provincia de Mendoza, está presente en esta conmemoración tan importante, dentro del calendario ambientalista provincial y nacional, debido a la relevancia que tienen los humedales en una provincia con predominio de clima semiseco, con precipitaciones que oscilan entre los 80 y los 450 mm y con un marcado déficit hídrico anual, lo cual da mayor sustento a su protección y manejo racional." Comunicado de prensa y Programa Semana de los Humedales (con Regata de wind surf "Día de los humedales" en Potrerillos).

Australia 1. The Web site of Australia's Department of the Environment and Heritage has a thorough list of WWD2006 activities planned throughout the country:

Australia 2.John Caven (, Conservation Officer/Secretary, Whittlesea, Victoria, writes: "To commemorate this day Metropolitan Branch of Field and Game Australia will be conducting a nest box installation as part of an ongoing nest box program, breeding native birds in the wild." Here is the press release.

Australia 3. Ashley Greenwood, Technical Manager - Water, NAP Region, Southern Regional NRM Association (NRM South) (,, New Town, Hobart, writes: "World Wetlands Day was celebrated by various organisations by promoting a range of wetland-related activities throughout Tasmania. The three Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Associations, NRM South; NRM North and NRM Cradle Coast, announced significant wetland conservation projects, including updating the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia 2001 (Tasmanian Wetlands); and the provision of ecological character descriptions for three Ramsar wetlands in Tasmania." Here's a brief report.

Austria I. For World Wetlands Day this year, the Umweltbundesamt or Environment Ministry launched a new book on the salt lakes and ponds around the Neusiedlersee Ramsar site. Here is the press release.

Austria II. Mag. Georg Scattolin (, WWF Österreich (, writes: "To commemorate WWD 2006 staff members of the WWF Wetland Education Centre Seewinkelhof and the IUCN Green Belt Initiative enjoyed on invitation of the Nature Guides "Naturführer Ramsargebiet Lafnitztal" an excursion to the floodplains of the river Lafnitz. During a visit to the Ramsar Centre Lafnitztal, which was reopened in May 2005, and the protected area Wolfau, the characteristics and the uniqueness of the river Lafnitz with its pristine river dynamics were clearly visible. The proceeding work within the framework of the LIFE Project "Lafnitz- habitat networking along an alpine-pannonic river" (e.g. removing barriers in the migration path of aquatic species) was also impressively demonstrated by members of the project team. In the course of this project water management and nature conservation want to develop the Lafnitz into a European model river. This winter excursion to the Lafnitz Valley was also a welcome opportunity to share experiences for all participants."

Bangladesh.Shariful Islam Jewel(, President, Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Society, writes: "We have successfully celebrated WWD 2006, 2 Feb through art competition, rally and Seminar. More than 300 students participate in art competition & arranging a big rally in the city of Dhaka. Then organized a seminar in the national press club. Minister of state (water resources) was our chief guest, universities teacher, environmentalist, journalists, students of school-college & university were presented the seminar. We published an informative & nice souvenir in this day. We used multimedia projector for seminar paper presentation & presented a video- documentary of our present wetlands condition. Audience pleased & enjoyed the seminar. Our national & private TV Channel telecasted our programme, our national newspaper also covered our wetlands day activities. In this year we r highly able to create awareness about the value of wetland. We r continuously going our activities. Scientist & universities teachers encourage us. i hope u also encourage us. i will send u all of our WWD 2006 report with photo very soon." Some photos here.

Bolivia.Omar Rocha (, Director Ejecutivo, BIOTA, está escribiendo: "Para su consideracion, adjunto una breve nota para NOVEDADES RAMSAR de la pagina web de Convencion, relacionada al Dia Mundial de los Humedales en Bolivia." The brief report includes the launch of a new edition of a CD on Ramsar sites in Bolivia and a bibliographic catalog of all the country's wetlands.

Bosnia and Herzegovina.Mladen Babic ( writes from the Institute of Agroecology and Soil Science, University of Banjaluka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina: "Please, find in attachment report about celebration WWD 2006 in Bardacha, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. My professor Mihajlo Markovic, emailed you recently about SGF that was approved under name: Restoration and Rehabilitation wetland Region Bardacha, Bosnia and Hercegowina, and told you that I will write you about activities we performed in order to celebrate WWD. We used our equipment and funds for preparing all." Here is the brief report.

Botswana. The HOORC Library sends word that "Botswana is marking the day in Maun on February 4th, with a public event on the banks of the Thamalakane River, a boundary of the world's largest Ramsar wetland, the Okavango Delta. HOORC researcher and outreach representative, Olekae Thakadu, will be there." The Daily News Online reports that "Officiating at this year's World Wetlands Day commemoration in Maun over the weekend, the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Kitso Mokaila said the destruction of the environment might lead to poverty, depletion of some species, relocation of communities in search of better survival opportunities and a change in the functioning of the natural ecosystems." Here is a reprint.

Cambodia.Sum Touch (, National Programme Office, Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme (, Phnom Penh, writes: "We organized celebration on WWD 2006 at two places (In Phnom Penh on 2 Feb and in Stung Treng Ramsar site on 6 Feb 06). Attached is press release [PDF] for WWD 2006 in Phnom Penh, the reporting of the event is ongoing now." Mao Kosal (, National Communication and Training Coordinator for the Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme has written to inform us that the full reports for WWD in Cambodia in Phnom Penh and Stung Treng, are available from their web site here and hereas PDF files.

Cameroun 1.Peter Ngea (, Regional Communications Manager, WWF CARPO, Yaoundé, writes: "Never before has WWD been given as much significance as it did this year in the Republic of Cameroon. The reason is apparent! Two weeks before the Day, the President of the Republic signed the instrument enabling the country's accession to the Ramsar Convention. The decree signed on January 13, 2006, designates the Waza Logone Flood Plain as a Wetland of International Importance. Motivated by support from WWF, authorities of the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection organized a colourful launching of the Wetlands Day celebrations on January 31st at AYOUS, about 150km from the capital, Yaoundé. AYOUS is a small town of about 10,000 inhabitants surrounded by a large expanse of swamp (about 50 hectares). T-shirts and banners spiced the ambiance as for once, the people of AYOUS realised how important their swamp land could be. In Yaoundé, WWF spearheaded a round table discussion to explain the wetland concept. Cameroon's Minister of Environment chaired a press conference during which journalists asked a series of questions about wetlands in Cameroon. The media coverage was unprecedented: Seven newspaper reports and coverage by three TV channels including state owned CRTV."

Cameroun 2. Yondjin Ngamy Alain (, Coordonateur, le Club de L'Environnement du Lycée d'Awae, écrit: "Nous préparons très activement la journée mondiale des zones humides dans notre Lycée. Le Club Environnement du Lycée d'Awae compte une centaine d'élèves, et à cette occasion, nous aurions souhaité habiller tous nos membres aux couleurs de 'RAMSAR'ou de la 'JMZ 2006'. Comme activités, nous prévoyions aussi l'affichage des posters, une projection vidéo sur les zones humides, un concours de dessin, un match des incollables dont une partie contient des questions sur les zones humides,une petite excursion dans une marre de la localité, mais nous souhaitions surtout organiser 'Miss Wetlands Contest'."

Cameroun 3.Chi Napoleon Forpah (, Project Implementation Team Leader, sends an invitation to the WWD celebrations at Dizengue au Lac Ossa and the Estuaire de Douala.

Canada 1.Raylene Senger ( ), Vancouver Aquarium (, Vancouver, B.C. writes: "The Vancouver Aquarium's Interpretation and River Works staff hosted a variety of wetland-based activities on January 28th and 29th to celebrate World Wetlands Day 2006. The activities were informative, fun and covered all age groups. The activities included frog games, story times, and a water filtration demonstration that highlighted wetlands as natural bio-filters. The visitors thoroughly enjoyed the activities and it was a huge success!"

Canada 2.Tasha Murray ( ), Vancouver Aquarium ( &, Vancouver, B.C. writes: "River Works, a Vancouver Aquarium wetland stewardship initiative, hosted a 'Celebrate Wetlands!' activity on February 5 at Burns Bog, one of British Columbia's most famous wetlands. Volunteers participated in a scavenger hunt to learn more about local wetlands, and contributed to the restoration of the bog through an invasive species cleanup."

Canada 3. Dr. Paresh Pandya ( writes: "Herewith I'm enclosing you World Wetlands Day celebration Report, materials, photos, etc., we will continue awareness program at Windsor-Canada. The program is jointly organized and supported by the University of Windsor, the Faculty of Education, The Hindu Mandir Windsor and other organizations. We need the support from you for our awareness program." Here is the WWD report and an accompanying leaflet.

Chile 1. Maria Angelica Alegria (, Direccion General de Aguas, está escribiendo: "En el marco de la celebración del Día Mundial de los Humedales, la Dirección General de Aguas, DGA, realizó en conjunto con el Comité Chileno del Programa Hidrológico Internacional de la UNESCO y otras instituciones públicas como la Corporación Nacional Forestal, CONAF, y la Comisión Nacional de Medio Ambiente, CONAMA, diversas actividades tendientes a sensibilizar y representar la importancia que tiene proteger y conservar los humedales en Chile." Mas (PDF).

Chile 2. Diego Luna Quevedo, Director de la Corporación Ambientes Acuáticos de Chile (CAACH), está escribiendo: "Con motivo de la celebración de un nuevo Día Mundial de los Humedales, la Corporación Ambientes Acuáticos de Chile, CAACH pone en línea dos publicaciones en formato digital, el Manual para el uso racional del Sistema de Humedales Costeros de Coquimbo, Los humedales no pueden esperar y una Guía práctica para escolares Manos al humedal con el fin de facilitar el acceso a un mayor universo de destinatarios. Nos está informando también sobre dos actividades muy interesantes de una colaboración entre CAACH y la Fundación Proteger de Argentina." Mas información aquí: aquí: y aquí.

Colombia 1.Alma Isbel Ariza Ramírez (, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Facultad de Estudios Ambientales y Rurales, Bogotá, está escribiendo: " Reciban un cordial saludo desde Colombia. Me complace enviarles una copia de las actividades que realizamos en la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Facultad de Estudios Ambientales y Rurales, con motivo de la Celebración del Día Mundial de los Humedales. Gracias!!!" El informe de actividades [PDF].

Colombia 2.Jairo Valderrama (, Fundaciòn Humedales, está escribiendo: "El dìa mundial de los humedales lo celebramos en la Escuela Guatancuy - Laguna de Fùquene. Se realizò un taller sobre Modos de Vida en Peligro, enfatizando las actividades de pesca y extracciòn de junco-artesanìas. Como recursos se utilizaron los afiches Ramsar y un plegable sobre peces producido por la Fundaciòn Humedales. El momento pedagògico fue enriquecedor, y se diò un paso importante en cuanto al tema de la misiòn y la visiòn Ramsar. Con los materiales educativos que se estàn produciendo actualmente, se fortalecerà plenamente el tema. Vale aclarar que el dìa de los humedales ya està incluido en la programaciòn anual de la escuela. Te envìo unas fotos." Aquí.

Colombia 3.Edinson Tigreros Herrera (, Promotor Ambiental, está escribiendo: "El pasado 2 de febrero de 2006 celebramos el día mundial de los humedales, en el Humedal Videles corregimiento de Guabas, Municipio de Guacarí. Como ya es costumbre por parte nuestra. Esta vez nos convocamos las siguientes entidades: Corpogea (ong del municipio), la Corporación Autonoma Regional del Valle del Cauca (CVC) y la institución educativa "Pedrovicente Abadía" (grados 4º y 5º, ademas del club ecologico "El Saman" de la institución. Las siguientes fueron las actividades realizadas: Recorrido y charla relacionada con la importancia de estos ecosistemas; Liberación de aproximadamente 1000 alevinos como estrategia de repoblamiento; Liberación de cuatro tortugas; Concurso de pintura con los niños de los grados cuartos y quinto de las sedes de primaria de nuestra institución educativa. En archivos adjunto envio algunas fotos del humedal tomadas ese día y de las liberaciones realizadas."

Colombia 4.Luz Amparo Nuñez Madrid, Coordinadora proceso de fortalecimiento de la Cultura Ambiental Ciudadana, Dirección Ambiental Regional Suroriente - Palmira, Corporación Autonoma regional del Valle del Cauca, sent a couple of items about WWD2006 there. Aquí y aquí.

Comores. Issa Abdillah Mohamadi (, point focal de Ramsar en, écrit: "A l'occasion de la célébration de la Journée Mondiale sur les Zones Humides(JMZH), je voudrais saisir cette opportunité vous adresser ma profonde gratitude à votre égard. Cette journée a été marquée aux Comores par: - La distribution des affiches et autocollants de la JMZH aux autorités et institutions impliquées dans la gestion de l'environnement ; - L'organisation d'une réunion d'information et de sensibilisation sur les zones humides.Ces quelques actions ont eu un impact majeur au sein de la population."

Costa Rica. Julio Montes de Oca (, Unión Mundial para la Naturaleza, Oficina Regional para Mesoamérica (UICN-ORMA), está escribiendo: "Hola amigos, Para su información, una pequeña nota sobre la actividad del Día Mundial de Humedales en Costa Rica. En el marco del DMH, el Refugio de Vida de Silvestre de Caño Negro, ubicado en el cantón de Guatuso de la provincia de Alajuela, celebró, en conjunto con la comunidad, organizaciones civiles, gobierno y UICN, este día de importancia global." Aquí.

Cuba.Sergio Sigarreta (, Centro de Investigaciones y Servicios Ambientales y Tecnológicos, Holguín, está escribiendo: "Con motivo de la celebración del Día Mundial de los Humedales, el Centro de Investigaciones y Servicios Ambientales y Tecnológicos (CISAT) de Holguín, Cuba, convocó al Concurso Infantil Conociendo los humedales". Mas información aquí (PDF).

Cyprus I. Thomas Hadjikyriakou, Manager of the Akrotiri Environmental Education and Information Centre (, writes: "Please find attached a file with document and photos from the events organized at Akrotiri. I would like to thank you very much for your support and for the material you sent to us." Here is the very well-illustrated report (PDF).

Cyprus II. Andreas Hadjichambis ( writes: "Dear Colleagues, We are sending you the report for the Second Pan Cyprian Celebration of the World Wetlands Day organised by the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CY.C.E.R.E.) in co-operation with the Federation of Environmental and Ecological Organisations of Cyprus. We would appreciate it if you include it in your website." Here it is (PDF).

Ethiopia. Satishkumar Belliethathan ( writes "I am happy to inform you that we had actually conducted a seminar on the WWD at Addis Ababa University with talks on the proposed theme by eminent scientist of the University and I would also be happy to receive the materials so that we could plan for an awareness campaign in a wetland site itself. I will also try and send the informations regarding the WWD activities when all the programmes are over."

France 1 celebrated WWD2006 by designating Les étangs littoraux de la Narbonnaise as a Wetland of International Importance.

France 2.Julie Le Bihan (, Animatrice du pôle-relais zones humides intérieures, Fédération des Parcs naturels régionaux de France, écrit: "La journée du 2 février est l'occasion pour tous les acteurs d'entreprendre des activités d’information et de sensibilisation aux valeurs et à l'importance des zones humides. Cette année, le thème est décliné au niveau national sur la base du slogan : Les zones humides, supports d’un développement local durable. Notre communiqué de presse avec une liste de quelques 250 manifestations organisées à travers toute la France est disponible ici " [et ici]. Consultez aussi le message du 2 f'évrier de la liste CESP du Secrétariat Ramsar ici:

France 3.Thierry Roy, Animateur du Grand-Voyeux (, écrit : "Voici un petit bilan [PDF] du week-end portes-ouvertes organisé sur le domaine régional du Grand-Voyeux à l'occasion du 35e anniversaire de la signature de la convention de Ramsar."

France 4. Dr Erica Taube-Belkebir writes that "This year, the LPO of Marseille (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, a member of Birdlife International) combined World Wetlands Day with its annual theme, birds of Africa. Our objectives were to (1) show the richness of the bird fauna of Africa, (2) explain the phenomenon of bird migrations, (3) communicate about environmental actions engaged by LPO. / Cette année, la LPO Marseille (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, membre de Birdlife International) a combiné la Journée Mondiale des Zones Humides avec son thème annuel, les oiseaux d'Afrique. Nos objectifs étaient de (1) montrer la richesse des oiseaux d'Afrique, (2) expliquer le phénomène des migrations, (3) communiquer sur les actions engagées par la LPO." Here is a brief illustrated report in English and Français.

France 5.Estelle Gironnet (, Parc de l'Estuaire de la Gironde (, Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, écrit : "Comme convenu, voici le petit résumé ci-joint des activités "Zones humides" au Parc de l'Estuaire et des photographies qui devraient être attachées aux messages qui suivent (ou envoyées par CD si je n'y parviens pas!). J'espère qu'il sera possible de l'ajouter aux nombreux rapports que avez déjà reçus. Merci de nous avoir envoyé toute la documentation et les Jeux Ramsar. D'ailleurs, 2 instituteurs souhaiteraient s'en servir en classe et sont disposés
à l'acheter. Quelle est la marche à suivre? Amicales pensées à toute la petite famille Ramsar." Ici.

Greece 1.Frosso Mantziou ( of the MedWet Coordination Unit in Athens sends an invitation to a WWD "Films on Water" festival co-hosted by MedWet and the French Institute of Athens, featuring five films including "Veil of Berta", winner of the Ramsar/MedWet Ecofilms Award in 2005. Look here.

Greece 2.Eleni Makrigianni (, Evros Delta Visitor Centre, writes: "World Wetlands Day was celebrated in the Evros Delta Visitor Centre on February the 2nd. This year, the celebration was organised by the Management Body of the wetland. More than 100 schoolchildren participated, coming from villages that surround the wetland. They took part in activities like: Projection of slides with the subject: "How our wetland contributes to the local economy"; Competition with questions relevant to the message of the day; Guided tour in the wetland, focusing on the values of the wetland for the local people. The event was reported on two local TV channels, 3 local newspapers and one local radio station. Interviews were given by the organisers and the children that participated in the event." Some photographs can be seen here.

Greece 3. Elissavet Tzovani, Public Awareness Officer, LIFE-Nature Project "Conservation Management of Kotychi-Strofylia" (, writes: "World Wetlands Day was celebrated for the third time through the LIFE-Nature project "Conservation Management of Kotychi-Strofylia" (LIFE2002NAT/GR/8491) that runs in the Ramsar site "Strofylia forest and Kotychi lagoon". This year we organized a day devoted to wetlands for the Environmental Education team of the local Lyceum of Lappa village, which runs a year-round project about the protected area." Here is the brief illustrated report.

Guatemala 1 celebrated WWD2006 by designating the Parque Nacional Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo as a Wetland of International Importance.

Guatemala 2.Cecilia Cleaves (, Consejo Nacional de Áreas Protegidas, está escribiendo: "El Consejo Nacional de Áreas Protegidas (CONAP) conmemoró el Día Mundial de los Humedales, con la presentación de la Política Nacional de Humedales y anuncio la inscripción del Parque Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo, como nuevo sitio Ramsar." Mas información aquí.

Honduras. Juan Carlos Carrasco (, Director ejecutivo REHDES (, está escribiendo: "Nuestra organización por primera vez en el país ha tomado la iniciativa de celebrar el 2 de febrero día internacional de los humedales, hemos coordinado con el Estado buscando la forma de hacer incidencia en ellos." Mas información aquí.

India 1. A. K. Pattnaik (, Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award winner in 2002, writes: "Greetings from Chilika. I take this opportunity to inform you that the WWD2006 was celebrated in a grand manner in Chilika by Chilika Development Authority in collaboration with the local fishers, NGOs, CBOs and the schoolchildren. It was celebrated for one complete week as World Wetland Week due to the overwhelming response of the local communities. . . . The key element of the week long celebration was the active participation of the local school children. I am attaching to this message the report on one week long celebration and jubilation of the local communities in almost all sectors of Chilika lagoon for your information. "

India 2.Dr. Sreekumar B (, President, Kottayam Nature Society, reports that the "Kottayam Nature Society is celebrating the World Wetland Day at CMS College at 2 pm.. There will be a presentation on Kuttanad Wet lands by Dr. Sankaran Unni who is working in Weeds of Kuttanad (agricultural land associated with the Vembanad Lake in Kerala)."

India 3. Dr Bibhab Kumar Talukdar (, Secretary General, Aaranyak (, Assam, India, writes: "Aaranyak, a society for biodiversity conservation, in association with Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC), organized a field training on wetland ecology and nature orientation camp at Deepor Beel on the occasion of WWD on 2nd Feb 2006. The camp was attended by school and college students from Kendriya Vidyalay, Naregi; Guwahati College; Dispur Law College and a few other educational institutions; and persons having keen interest on environment." A brief report with photos.

India 4.Laxmikant Deshpande (, Education Officer working with Mangrove Project of Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej Foundation and Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd, Mumbai, writes that: "The project works for conservation of 1750 acres of vast mangrove stretch on western bank of Thane creek. More information about the project can be obtained here. Since 1997, we are celebrating World Wetland Day at Godrej and communicating with Ramsar Convention about our activities. This year too, we conducted nature trails and awareness campaigns, the report of which I am sending with a request to post on Ramsar Website. Any queries, suggestions are welcome." The brief report and photo can be seen here.

India 5. Arif Mirza (, Lake Conservation Authority of M.P., Bhopal (the success agency of the Bhoj Wetland Project), reports that "two days workshop in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)-India on 'Water Conservation' with the Ramsar's theme of 'Wetland as a tool in poverty allevation' for the teachers of the eminent schools/college/educational institutions of the city." Here is a brief report with photos.

India 6. Dr Kumarasamy Sampath (, District Institute of Education and Training, Vadalur, Tamil Nadu, writes that "World Wetlands Day for the year 2006 was observed with great enthusiasm and fervor to achieve one of the prime objectives of inculcating awareness among the different stakeholders like school teachers, school students, teacher trainees and common public." Presentations were made to teacher training students and schoolchildren of various ages during a 10-km trek around the Perumal irrigation tank. His well-illustrated reported can be found here.

India 7. Lakhbir Singh, President, PAHAL (, Jalandhar, Punhab, writes: "Keeping their tradition, 'PAHAL' organized a special awareness programme on WWWD 2nd February 2006. 22 colleges reported on the day. Wetland Awareness troupe started at 08:30 A.M. from Kapurthala chowk, Jalandhar for Kanjli Wetland. There were 62 members both young boys and girls and lecturers from different institutions of Jalandhar. They reached there at 09:15. About 150 schools students joined at Kapurthala. After having breakfast all participants gathered for the inaugural function. Distt. Administration Kapurthala joined for Wetland Day Celebration." Here is the illustrated report.

India 8.Chanam Bidan, Secretary of MAWETS (, writes: "MAWETS (Manipur Wetland Society) celebrated world Wetlands Day 2006 on 2nd February with a State Level Student’s Seminar on Wise Use of wetlands of Manipur. The seminar was organized by MAWETS as a part of its campaign to promote ‘wise use’ of wetlands of Manipur, especially lakes locally known as Pats." Here's a brief illustrated report.

Iraq. Clayton Rubec of Environment Canada ( and Dr. Hassan Janabi of the Iraq Ministry of Water Resources in Baghdad report that: "On February 2, 2006, colleagues in Iraq joined in celebrating World Wetlands Day for the first time. At a meeting organized by Centre for the Restoration of the Iraqi Marshes of the Ministry of Water Resources, representatives of government agencies, non-government organizations and universities discussed Iraq's programs focusing on restoration of the Mesopotamian marshes. This follows on from Iraq's stated strong commitment to Ramsar Convention goals presented by its delegation at the COP9 meetings of Ramsar in Kampala, Uganda, last November. It is expected that Iraq will be able to complete the internal mechanisms to proceed with Ramsar Convention accession within a few months. The February 2 WWD meeting was well covered by the media including local and international television. Several high profile government officials attended as well as representatives of the Marsh Arabs from the southern marshes. Presentations by the Ministry of Water Resources and Nature Iraq on the status of marsh restoration programs were included in the agenda." Ekram Kaissm (, MoWR/CRIM, has sent photos of the event.

Ireland.Karin Dubsky (, Coastwatch, Ramsar's CEPA NGO Focal Point in Ireland, writes: "World Wetlands Day 2006 in Ireland and the following two days will be a time of Celebration, Information, Education and Scheming for better Wetland Protection. Organised by Coastwatch and a number of other organizations." Here is their information sheet and detailed programme of events.

Islamic Republic of Iran. Ms Shahzia Khan, Ramsar Assistant Advisor for Asia, represented the Secretariat at a two-day event in Zabol city in Sistan-Balouchistan province, near the transboundary Hamun wetlands, which was attended by national and provincial environmental and protected area authorities from both Iran and Afghanistan, as well as representatives of UNEP, other international agencies, and local NGOs. Following WWD celebrations involving local handicrafts demonstrations, children's painting exhibitions, and information booths, a training workshop was held on management of wetland centres and the Hamun wetlands. With support provided by UNEP, bilateral cooperation began last year between these two countries and progress is being made for developing joint cooperation on management and restoration of the Hamun wetlands, where two Ramsar sites in Iran have long been listed on the Montreux Record due to severe desiccation. Shahzia's well-illustrated report is here.

Jamaica1. Jamaica celebrated WWD2006 by designating Portland Bight Wetlands and Cays as a Wetland of International Importance.

Jamaica2. The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) celebrated World Wetlands Day by educating students across the island about the importance of wetlands. Information packages on wetlands were sent to all 353 schools in JET’s Schools’Environment Programme (SEP). The packages included information on the functions and value of wetlands, a list of Jamaica’s Ramsar sites, and suggested activities for the students to celebrate World Wetlands Day. Students took tours of wetlands, mounted wetland exhibitions, and conducted research on wetland plants and animals. Read JET's illustrated report here.

Japan 1. Ms Sayaka Kita (, Wildlife Division, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, writes: "You will please find herewith Japan's report on World Wetland Day 2006. With any possible opportunity open to us including WWD, we would like to continue our best endeavor to promote the public awareness on conservation and wise use of our wetlands. We hope to be favored with continuation of your invaluable advice and information helpful in our properly pursuing the wetland conservation activities." A wide range of WWD events were held especially to commemorate the 20 wetlands designated as Ramsar sites during COP9 in November 2005 and here are some of the events held on and around WWD in Japan, as reported to Japan Administrative Authority.

Japan 2. Our former Ramsar colleague Satoshi Kobayashi reports that his students celebrated WWD2006 at Kushiro Marsh in May this year, in a Nature Restoration Project in collaboration with JAWAN (the Japan Wetland Action Network). Photos can be seen here.

Kenya 1.Jane M. Macharia (, Research Scientist, Wetlands Department, National Museums of Kenya, writes: "This year there are a wide range of exciting activities that have been planned to mark the National World Wetlands Day on Saturday, 4th February, 2006 at the National Museums headquarters in Nairobi. Please find attached a brief summary of the proposed WWD celebrations activities being organised by the Wetlands Department."

Kenya 2.Ephantus Mugendi Mugo, Environmental Education Officer (, Laikipia Wildlife Forum, writes: "This year, The Laikipia Wildlife Forum (Kenya) for the first time marked the WWD with celebrations in Rumuruti Swamp, one of the very important wetlands in Laikipia District. . . . The function was attended by more than 500 individuals comprising of 10 schools, government representatives, Non-Governmental institutions and community. It was marked with videos on wetland conservation and their benefits, skits and poems from schools and drama from the community." Here is the brief illustrated report.

Kenya 3.Peter Odhiambo (, Wetlands Programme Officer, East African Wild Life Society (, writes: "Kindly find attached a report of one of the activities we undertook this year to mark World Wetlands Day 2006. This was in Lake Ol Bolossat area, an inland freshwater wetland ecosystem that is increasingly coming under intense pressure and subsequent degradation due to unsustainable human use. We hope the report will help highlight the case for the wetlands and draw the much needed support for its future." Here is the excellent, well-illustrated report in PDF.

Luxembourg.Maire-Paule Kremer (, Conseiller de direction adjoint, Ministère de l'Environnement, writes: "Herewith you find two fotos of our press conference, where the minister Lucien Lux signed a convention with LNVL for sensibilization activities for children and youth. I didn't (yet) get photos of the two out-door activities." Here they are.

Malaysia 1. Jocelyn Maludaand Callie Ajik, Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary ( in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, report that the Sanctuary held celebrations on 2 February that included the award of the Ford Motor Company Conservation & Environmental Grants for 2005 to Ms. Ainon Salam and a mangrove re-planting excerise for some 355 "green-hearted students" from local primary schools. Here is their illustrated report.

Malaysia 2. "Wetlands International Malaysia Office is organising an awareness program with Petaling Jaya Town Council (MPPJ) to celebrate this annual event on Sunday, 26 February 2006 at Kelana Jaya Lake from 9am to 1.00pm. The main objective of this event is to raise public awareness of wetland values and benefits and promote the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands. The theme for World Wetlands Day 2006 is 'Wetlands and Water - Supporting life, Sustaining livelihoods'. A series of exciting programs awaits you. The planned programs includes Public Awareness Talk on The Importance of Wetlands Conservation, Wetland Enhancement and Improvement of Kelana Jaya Lake & Community Participation in Wetland Restoration in Kelana Jaya Lake. Please bring along your children as well, as we have prepared Quiz and games for kids and also face painting. Besides that, there will be a Book Sale by Wetlands International publication with disounts up to 70%. To enhance your knowledge about wetlands in Malaysia, a photo and poster exhibition will be on display. For the year 2006, this event is co-organized with Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MPPJ) in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The event's main sponsors are Asiaprima Resources Sdn Bhd, Perbadanan Putrajaya and Nestle." (

Marshall Islands.Vainuupo Jungblut (Assistant Ramsar Officer, South Pacific Regional Environment Program, based in Apia, Samoa) writes: "In the Marshall Islands, staff from the Public Awareness and Education Unit of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA, the Ramsar National Administrative Authority) travelled to Jaluit Atoll Ramsar Site to conduct WWD activities which included the following: 1. Art Contest among the school children on wetlands; 2. Essay contest among High School students; 3. Collection of solid waste contest among elementary schools; 4. High school students' tour of the mangrove forest with elders as guides to explain traditional values of the mangrove forest and the different plants and animals in its ecosystem. School supplies and certificates were awarded to the students and schools that won the art and essay competition. EPA staff worked with the school officials and the local Ramsar Site council to carry out WWD 2006 activities. In the capital of the Marshall Islands, Majuro, the EPA ran a media campaign to inform the public of WWD, the goal and objectives of the Ramsar Convention and other relevant related information. The local newspaper, public and private radio stations, and the local TV were engaged for this purpose."

Mauritius. Kheswar Beeharry Panray (, Chief Executive Officer of the Environmental Protection Conservation Organisation, writes: "To mark World Wetlands Day 2006 in Mauritius the following activities were organized by the Environmental Protection Conservation Organisation in collaboration with the Secondary Art Teachers Association & Nou Nouvo Baz: distribution of posters and stickers in all primary schools of Port Louis; blow-up exhibit for public awareness mounted at Roche Bois roundabout; and distribution to the general public of 10,000 pamphlets in the form of bookmarks." Full story and pictures here.

Mexico celebrated WWD2006 by designating Cascadas de Texolo y su entorno; Estero de Punta Banda; Isla Rasa; and Manglares y Humedales de Tuxpan as Wetlands of International Importance.

Mexico 2. Ing. Efrain Ruiz Arechiga ( sends word of WWD2006 celebrations in Laguna de Atotonilco, Villa Corona, Jalisco. Here.

Mexico 3. Biol. Giberth Gordillo Morales (, Analista de Proyectos Sustentables y Concertación Social, Consejo Estatal de Protección al Ambiente, Xalapa, Veracruz, está escribiendo: "Adjunto te enviio el programa de eventos para celebrar el dia mundial de los humedales. Como bien sabes, el comite estatal de humedales de Veracruz determino hacer una semana estatal de humedales por lo que celebraremos el dia 9 de febrero en la Laguna de Tamiahua, esperamos contar con su presencia. Así mismo te informo que estamos organizando el evento para celebrar el reconocimiento como sitio Ramsar a la Cascada de Texolo, el dia 2 de febrero. En breve te mandaremos el programa para ese dia." Aquí y aquí.

Mexico 4. Biol. Blanca Elizabeth Cortina Julio (Instituto de Investigaciones Biologicas, U.V.) y Biol.Laura Guerrero (SEMARNAT), Responsables del Grupo de Trabajo de Educacion Ambiental y Difusion, Comite Tec. consultivo para la Proteccion y conservacion de los Humedales en el estado de Veracruz: "Les hace llegar la Agenda General de las actividades a realizarse en la semana de los Humedales del 2 al 9 de Febrero, esperando contar con la participacion de cada uno de ustedes. Saludos y sean todos bienvenidos a las actividades a realizarse en pro de la conservacion de los Humedales de nuestro estado." Aquí.

Mexico 5.Miguel López, Subdirector, Reserva de la Biosfera Ria Lagartos ( "Adjunto enviamos el programa de actividades para conmemorar el Dia Mundial de los Humedales en la Reserva de la Biosfera Ría Lagartos."

Mexico 6.Saira V., Asistente Tecnico de la dirección de Parques Nacionales Cañon del Sumidero y Lagunas de Montebello ( "Te envio el archivo con las actividades que se realizaran con motivo del dia de los humedales en los Parques Nacionales Cañon del Sumidero y lagunas de Montebello, en la Region Frontera Sur."

Mexico 7. Dra. Clorinda Sarabia Bueno ( has sent this programme of activities in the city of Veracruz.

Morocco 1. Mohamed Moumni (, écrit: "Bonjour. Nous avons celebrer la journée mondiale dans notre region. Comme vous le saviez notre association s'appelle: association Moubadara pour le developpement durable et de tourisme ( et se localise dans la ville de Zaio-Province de Nador au Nord du Maroc. Nous somme a 7 klm de la rivière de Moulouya qui est un site de Ramsar. Pour voir les photos ;ils sont dans la site : Bonne visite." Deux rapports: ici et ici (PDF).

Morocco 2.Ezzaki Mohamed, volontaire à la Spana (, écrit: "Amis de Zima, Chemaia, Maroc. A l'occasion de la journée mondiale des zones humides nous avons celebré cette occasion avec la collaboration du refuge local de la Spana. Nous avons organisé: 1- une journée scientifique au refuge de la Spana de Chemaia avec le personnel résident; 2- un forum pédagogique pour les etablissements secondaires de la région de Chemaia. Les détails sont dans le rapport ci-joint."

Namibia. Ms Maryn Prinsloo (, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Department of Water Affairs, writes: "The Department of Water Affairs of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in Namibia are planning various activities to celebrate [a combined] World Wetlands/ Water Day. This is mainly done to increase the communities' awareness regarding our natural water resources. Several articles on water resources, especially wetlands, have been published in the newspapers and we will continue doing so until the end of March 2006. Attached is a fact sheet providing information on the activities planned for World Wetlands/ Water Day."

Nepal 1.Deependra Joshi reports on a national programme on February 2 organised jointly between IUCN Nepal and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), Ramsar's Administrative Authority to Ramsar Convention, and other members and partners. A giant billboard was erected in Khatmandu depicting the theme "in the face of poverty… wetlands are lifelines", a new book was launched, schoolchildren visited the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (a Ramsar Site) . . . and more. Full story and pictures here.

Nepal 2.Friends of the Bagmati ( sent us the press release and programme of WWD events runing from 21 January to 2 February: "Following on the heels of last year's successful World Wetlands Day celebration; Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) is promoting World Wetlands Day 2006 celebration, including Taudaha Jamboree, for two years now. To undertake actions aimed at raising awareness of wetland values and benefits in general and Ramsar Convention in particular, Friends of the Bagmati in partnership with World Wildlife Fund - Nepal (WWF Nepal) and Department of National Park & Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) is going to organize various events during this celebration." Click here.

Nepal 3. Communities of the Jagdishpur Reservoir and Beeshazari Tal wetlands in Nepal celebrated the importance of the sustainable use of wetlands during World Wetlands Day. IUCN Nepal organized an extensive awareness raising programme in many parts of the country. This year's focus of the celebration was in raising awareness on wetland values in all the Ramsar sites in Nepal, with special focus on the above two sites. A brief report from the IUCN's Web site.

Netherlands. The Ramsar Secretary General, Peter Bridgewater, reports on two meetings held on WWD2006 in the Netherlands, one on capacity building with the Wetland Advisory and Training Centre (WATC) of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works, and Water Management, and the other a gathering of agricultural attachés from Dutch embassies around the world, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Here's his brief report.

New Zealand 1.Fish & Game Auckland/Waikato organized a WWD field trip to three Ramsar wetlands -- the Firth of Thames, the Kopuatai Peat Dome, and northern Waikato's Whangamarino Wetland -- with examples of model wetland management and a farmer's demonstration of a "workable compromise" between productivity and conservation. A number of groups assisted in the event, including Department of Conservation Waikato Area, Game Bird Habitat Trust, Environment Waikato, Might River Power company, and Waikato Federated Farmers. This informative report includes the itinerary, costings and an evaluation of the programme, press releases both before and after the event, and a number of photographs.

New Zealand 2. Scoop Independent News reports that "One of the region’s largest constructed wetlands will be officially opened at a ceremony attended by the Minister for Local Government, Mark Burton, near Rotorua on Friday 3 February. The event, which marks World Wetlands Day in the Bay of Plenty, will take place at the site of a wetland built by Environment Bay of Plenty to improve water quality in Lake Okaro. It celebrates a 'very visible' sign of the progress being made to save the Rotorua lakes." Minister Nanaia Mahuta's speech at the opening, 3 February, is attached. See it here.

New Zealand 3. Dr Philippe Gerbeaux (, Department of Conservation, Hokitika, sent us these articles on WWD activities in the west coast area.

Nicaragua.Milton G. Camacho Bonilla (Punto Focal Ramsar, Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales) y Salvador Montenegro Guillén (Grupo de Trabajo de Humedales de Nicaragua (GETH-NIC)), escribió "aqui esta nuestro programa detallado de las actividades que tendrán lugar durante tres días en tres lugares diferentes (dos de ellos, sitios Ramsar). Este programa es fruto de las eficacísimas relaciones que existen entre la Autoridad Administrativa de Ramsar y el Grupo de Trabajo de Humedales de Nicaragua (GETH-NIC), integrado por ONG y científicos investigadores que se han fijado por meta ayudar a conservar los humedales de Nicaragua". Mas información aquí.

Nigeria.Oyekunle Oyewole, Natural Resources Management Specialist at Obajana Cement Plc (, writes: "The Obajana Cement Plc organized an awareness programme to sensitize the workers and communities around its operational area on the importance of wetland ecosystems and the roles they play. The newest cement manufacturing company in Nigeria, though yet to be commissioned for full operation, has a strong commitment to environmental issues. The event gave an opportunity to discuss the watershed management plan of the company". Full report here.

Norway.Alastair Brown from the Norwegian Lands Museum writes: "This year Dokka Delta National Wetlands Centre invited class 5B at Dokka Primary School to the Lands Museum. The museum's biologist Finn Audun Grøndahl and taxidermist Monica Trondhjem showed the pupils birds from the museum's collection, and discussed how they are adapted to wetlands. At the beaver exhibition the pupils also learned how beavers create their own environments, and how these in turn attract other species". Text and pictures here.

Perú 1.Coral Calvo Vargas (, Asociación ANDES, Humedal Lucre-Wakarpay, está escribiendo: "Un saludo muy cordial tambien para Ud. le adjunto el tríptico de nuestra celebración en el Humedal Lucre - Wakarpay. Muchas felicidades." Aquí.

Perú 2.Carlos Franco Pacheco (, Foro Ecológico, Perú, está escribiendo: "El Perú un país con una larga tradición en la conservación de humedales, no puede estar alejado de tan importante celebración. Es por ello que para celebrar el Día Mundial de los Humedales, se realizará el 02 de febrero el Foro: Gestion Concertada de Humedales y Conservación del Agua, organizado por la Universidad Científica del Sur, Terra Nuova, la Sociedad Peruana de Ecodesarrollo y el Foro Ecológico, con el apoyo del INRENA, CONAN, Verde Te Quiero Verde y el Programa de Humedales Perú". Mas información aquí.

Perú 3.Orlando Delgado Vicuña, Jefe de la Reserva Nacional de Junin - INRENA (, está escribiendo: "Hola amigos de Ramsar,
Primeramente para saludarle, el dia 2 de febrero como en todas los sitios Ramsar del mundo, hemos desarrollados diversas actividades con la finalidad de concientizar a niños, jovenes y adultos de la importancia de conservar lo s humedales, como es el caso de la Reserva Nacional de Junin uno de los diez sitios Ramsar del Peru. Remito a Ustedes en archivo adjunto el informe de las actividades desarrolladas." Poster.

Perú 4.Carlos Franco Pacheco (, Foro Ecológico, also sends this programme of World Wetlands Day activities in Pantanos de Villa.

Perú 5.Manuel Nique Alvarez (, Director de la Escuela de Postgrado UNAS, has sent us the programme for the forum on "Humedales, Salvavidas contra la Pobreza" at the Universidad Nacional Agraria de la Selva, Tingo María, on 2 February. It's here (PDF).

Perú 6. Coral Calvo Vargas(, Asociación ANDES, Humedal Lucre-Huacarpay, has sent a PDF report (2MB) and poster (750kb) of World Wetlands activities there.

Philippines 1.Amy M. Lecciones, CEPA Focal Person, Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands (SCPW) (, writes: "In celebration of the World Wetlands Day on 02 February 2006, the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands (SCPW), the NGO focal point for the Ramsar CEPA Programme, in cooperation with its government counterpart, the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB), launched at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center the Wetlands Caravan: The Evolving CEPA Action Plan for the Wise Use of Philippine Wetlands."Here is the illustrated report.

Philippines 2. The Community Environment and Natural Resources Office, Albuera (CENRO Albuera,, within the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the Philippines, celebrated the World Wetland Day last February 2, 2006 with the theme Wetlands as a Tool in Poverty Alleviation. The highlight of their celebration was the identification of wetland species which was conducted by CENRO Albuera personnel. Full report here.

The Republic of Korea celebrated WWD2006 by designating Suncheon Bay as a Wetland of International Importance. Lei Guangchun writes: "WWD Celebration in Suncheon City, organized jointly by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fishery, Suncheon City Government, and Korean Wetland Society; In Korea, two ministries are responsible for wetland issues: Ministry of Environment (MOE) is Ramsar AA, for overall coordination, and direct responsibility for inland waters; whereas the Ministry of Maritime Affair and Fishery (MOMAF) is responsible for coastal and marine wetlands. The two ministries take turns in taking the lead role WWD celebrations. This year, it is Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fishery. The half day WWD ceremony was an excellent event, attended by more than 500 people, including the minister of MOMAF, vice minister of MOE, the governor of the province, the mayor of Suncheon city and national parliamentary members. During the ceremony, more than 30 wetland researchers/conservationists received awards, including two golden medal winners (the first time that the Korean President has given such honor to wetland people). The others received silver medals from the minister. I also witnessed the handover of the Ramsar site Diploma by the minister of MOMAF to the Suncheon City Mayor at the ceremony. (Feb 2 afternoon and evening), Wetland Conservation Symposium, organized by Korean Wetland Society in Suncheon City; Keynote presentations include work by the two ministries that are responsible for wetland issues, a professor who works on Yellow Sea, a Japanese researcher on tidal flats, and my presentation (linking this year’s WWD theme with IRBM and wetland conservation)."

Romania 1 celebrated WWD2006 by designating Dumbravita Fishpond Complex and Mures Floodplain as Wetlands of International Importance.

Romania 2. Vasilica Pavel ( writes: "WWD 2006 Tulcea. Hello, again! We celebrated WWD at our school and it was interesting. I received a beautiful help from the volunteers whose leader is the teacher Claudia Iosifescu. They are students at the high school and they are developing a nice educational work. At the event I invited some colleagues, teachers like me, and some pupils, the school managers. The message you sent from the general secretary of the Convention was very well understood. We decided to continue our educational "training" with our children and ourselves. The photos I sent to you represent some aspects of the WWDay: presenting the Ramsar's purposes, the wetlands signification and importance for human being, a meeting with a meaning."

Romania 3. The Ecological Education, Information and Visitor Centers Department, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority Tulcea, writes: For the celebration of WWD on February 2nd 2006, Danube Delta Biosphere Reseve Authority organised "the Day of Opened Gates at DDBRA". The programme was dedicated to the public who wanted to visit DDBRA's headquarters and it included: information activities concerning the DDBR importance as wetland of national and international value, as well as about the main protection and conservation activities of the reserve; visit of the Tulcea Information and Ecological Education Centre; presentation of documentary films about DDBR, dissemination of information materials." Here is a brief illustrated report, including a message from the children.

St. Maarten (Netherlands and France).Natalia Collier, President, Environmental Protection In the Caribbean (EPIC), writes: "I would like to report that our organization sponsored World Wetlands Day events on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. In addition to classroom presentations and a press release, we held an art contest. Art contributions can be seen at"

Samoa.Vainuupo Jungblut (Samoa Assistant Ramsar Officer, South Pacific Regional Environment Program, based in Apia, Samoa) writes: "In Samoa, staff from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Meteorology (the Ramsar Administrative Authority) ran a one-page awareness article in their local newspaper on their first Ramsar Site, Lake Lanoto'o, the theme for WWD 2006 and its significance, as well as general awareness information on the Ramsar Convention and its crucial role in advocating and facilitating international cooperation and national action for the conservation and wise use of wetlands. As the Assistant Ramsar Officer, I prepared a three-page article and a press release on wetlands and the Ramsar Convention tailored to the region. This ran in the local Samoan Newspaper and was disseminated across the Pacific through SPREP's extensive regional media contacts."

Senegal 1.Charles M. Bèye (, Publications Officer, Wetlands International, Africa Programme, Dakar, Senegal " Veuillez trouver ci-joint le communiqué relatif à la journée du 2 février, journée mondiale sur les zones humides pour information et diffusion. Salutations les meilleures. " Ici (PDF).

Senegal 2.John Eichelsheim, coordinateur, IDEE Casamance ( in Ziguinchor, Senegal, sent these photos of WWD2006 in Senegal.

Serbia and Montenegro.Jelena Ducic ( from the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection-Directorate for Environmental Protection, in Serbia writes: "On occasion of the World Wetlands Day, the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, Directorate for Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia and the Institute for Protection of Nature of Serbia presented two nature assets (Labudovo okno and Pešter Plateau) to the general public, as potential Ramsar sites in Serbia. An exhibition of photographs "Pond and Marsh Areas in Vojvodina" of the renowned photographer Jaroslav Pap was also opened, accompanied by a musical performance." Read the full report here.

Slovenia 1. Slovenia celebrated WWD2006 by designating Cerknisko jezero z okolico as a Wetland of International Importance. Ramsar's Tobias Salathé attended celebrations in Ljubljana and the village of Cerknica, home of the new Lake Cerknica Ramsar site, and provided this illustrated report.

Slovenia 2.Stanka Dešnik ( writes: "Dear friends in Ramsar office, With added invitation I will inform you about our plan on the WWD 2006. NGOs Tabrih, Mavrica and Austrian LEiV are preparing the 6th Walking day at wetlands on the river Mura. This year we will visit the border between Slovenia and Croatia near to Hungaria. There are many wetlands still existing in best condition and are on one side a part of Natura 2000 area but also new border area - so called schengen territory, which will be after 2006 more observed by border police. On other way this area is a part of European Green Belt. The aim of walking is to visit that beautiful landscape with as little as possible disturbance to the life in Nature - where the winter is best time for that, but also to make awareness in the public about wetland area preservation, which is very much important for our whole region with less then 800 mm rain. We are inviting also you to join us at walking on 13 km long way through the wetlands at River Mura in our beautiful Slovenia. … I wish you happy New Year with much success in the implementation of Ramsar convention - also in case of the Mura River." Illustrated report here.

South Africa 1. Between 30 January and 2 February 2006, the shores of one of the most beautiful wetlands in southern Africa, St. Lucia, a Ramsar and World Heritage site, were the venue for a productive workshop organized by one of Ramsar's partner organizations (IOPs), Wetlands International, and the South African National Biodiversity Institute, SANBI. This "Wetlands, Water and Livelihoods" workshop brought together over 80 participants from 30 countries and included representatives from governments, NGOs (including all five of Ramsar's IOPs), intra-governmental institutions, aid organizations, and research institutions. The workshop included a demonstration visit to a Working for Wetlands project site and ended with the celebration of World Wetlands Day, with speeches from Leseho Sello, the Head of the Directorate of Biodiversity Conservation, and the reading out of the Secretary General's message for WWD by Abou Bamba, with a final big "cheers" by all the participants and songs and dances by schoolchildren and the lodge's kitchen staff alike! Here is an illustrated report by Lucia Scodanibbio.

South Africa 2. The Gumboot, the monthly newsletter of the Working for Wetlands programme, carried the following article in its edition of 6 February.

Spain.Roberto González Argote (, Técnico del Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz: "Estimados compañeros, En el archivo adjunto os envío una nota con una breve descripción de las actividades programadas con motivo del Día Mundial de los Humedales. Un saludo." Aquí.

Switzerland. Dorothea August (, Ramsar Assistant Advisor for Europe, explains that "the Geneva Cantonal authority, the Museum of Natural History of Geneva, the Ramsar Secretariat, the College of Engineers (HES Lullier), and several local NGOs pooled efforts and resources to host a World Wetlands Day event last Sunday beside Lake Geneva, at the entrance to the Jetée des Pâquis. Each organization took a stand to display an aspect of wetland conservation, and bird-watching was of course one of the main attractions." Here is her report, with nine photographs.

Trinidad and Tobago. Giancarlo Lalsingh, Environment TOBAGO (, sends news that as part of the WWD celebrations in Tobago, Secretary for the THA Department of Agriculture, Marine Resources and the Environment, Mr. Hilton Sandy, and President of Environment TOBAGO, Mrs. Patricia Turpin, unveiled the sign highlighting Buccoo Reef/ Bon Accord Lagoon as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance. The sign is part of an eco-signage project undertaken by Environment Tobago with assistance from the THA Department of Natural Resources and is sponsored by BPTT. Here is a picture of the unveiling ceremony.

United Kingdom.Malcolm Whitehead (, Wetland Link International Coordinator for The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) in the UK writes: " WWT organised a range of WWD activities at nine of its wetland centres. A recipe list of activities relating to events and activities that might illustrate the WWD theme was created by a working group of WWT Learning Managers and circulated to centres prior to the event." You can see a listing of centres and events here. Malcolm also noted " WWT is very enthusiastic about WWD, but feels there should be much more advance notice of the theme to tie in with centre planning and marketing cycles. We are aiming to expand WWD events into a World Wetlands Month plus that extends until the end of March."

USA 1. The US Department of State released a press notice on 2 February to the effect that "On February 2, United States Embassies from South America to the Middle East will join their local communities to commemorate World Wetlands Day, an annual celebration of the vital importance of wetlands to the world's ecological health and of efforts to conserve these invaluable habitats." Read it here.

USA 2.Laura England (, Outreach Programs Director, Wisconsin Wetlands Association (, Madison, writes: "Hello World Wetlands Day Organizers. I am submitting a brief report of an event our organization held on World Wetlands Day - our 11th annual Wetland Science Forum. See description below and photo attached. Let me know if you would like additional information and/or photos." Here it is.

USA 3. Katie Brasted, President, Woodlands Trail and Park (, New Orleans/Belle Chasse, Louisiana writes: "Woodlands Trail and Park and Mignon Faget celebrated World Wetlands Day with the announcement of their partnership in 'Creating a Legacy' for future generations. Mignon Faget, a highly acclaimed designer of jewelry inspired by the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast region, presented Woodlands Trail and Park with the sketch of the Palmetto or Sabal Minor that will be the subject of jewelry designed to benefit Woodlands Trail and Park. The Woodlands organization is establishing Woodlands Trail - America's Wetland Birding Trail in one of Southeastern Louisiana's last stands of bottomland hardwoods. (See Press Release for more information and pictures.)"

Venezuela 1. Prof. Rafael Rodriguez Altamiranda (, Universidad de Carabobo, está escribiendo: "Estimados Amigos Convencion de Ramsar. Mediante el presente correo envío adjunto nota de prensa del día 2/2/2006, sobre la celebración del Dia Mundial de los Humedales, en Carabobo, estado nor-central de Venezuela. Dicha información se desprende de entrevistas realizadas a investigadores de esta región, caracterizada por la existencia del Lago de Valencia, gran humedal representativo de esta zona del país. Esperando sea nuestra pequeña contribución a la conservación de los humedales del mundo, se despide."

Venezuela 2. "En Venezuela, muchos de ellos [humedales] están actualmente amenazados por diferentes razones. La solución está en el uso sostenible de los recursos y la colaboración de los visitantes." -- Nota de prensa, Bioparques.

Venezuela 3. Adriana Moreno (, writes: "Two years ago I sent a brief report and some pictures of activities for World Wetlands Day 2004, in Venezuela, done by Marine Biology Students in a community close by. This year, although I won't be participating in any actitivities, I did design a mini-comic that will hopefully be handed out. It's my gift to wetland conservation. I hope that you can put it on your website so anyone can use it if they liked it. By the way, it's in Spanish. And Happy Wetlands Day!" PDF.

Venezuela 4.Roberta Crescini ( writes: "Hello, We're four students of Marine Biology career in Margarita Island, Venezuela, and we did some activity on the Humedales Day. I'm sending to you some pictures of the day celebration."

Viet Nam. The Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme (, focused its WWD celebrations on the launching of Viet Nam’s First Wetlands Status Report entitled Overview of Wetlands Status in Viet Nam Following 15 Years of Ramsar Convention Implementation. The press release on the launching ceremony is available here in Englishand here in Vietnamese.

Zambia. Kwali Mfuni ( writes: "Environmental partners in Zambia decided to commemorate this important day at Lukanga Swamps about three hours drive from the capital Lusaka. This was particularly a special event as Lukanga Swamps was in November last year, added to the Ramsar family as a wetland of international importance. The World Wetlands Day, whose theme for this year was 'Wetlands and water - supporting life, sustaining livelihoods', was celebrated at Lukanga Swamps under the auspices of the national wetlands desk office - Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) working together with WWF, Environmental Council of Zambia and Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources." Here is a brief report with photographs. And here is another report in PDF format from Francesca Chisangano, Senior Ecologist for Conventions and Agreements, Zambia Wildlife Authority.

Examples of the translation and local adaptation of Ramsar materials:

evian2.jpg (2371 bytes)danone.jpg (2960 bytes)Since its inception, the production and distribution of materials for World Wetlands Day have been financially supported by the Evian Project funded by the Danone Group.

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