River Basin Initiative design workshop described


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rbi-initials.jpg (4269 bytes)River Basin Initiative Design Workshop and Partners' Meeting, Wageningen, The Netherlands
14-16 May 2001

Dr Nick Davidson, Ramsar representative to the meeting, describes its significance:  

This is a key meeting in the development of the RBI since it will bring together the wide range of organisations who are joining this important Initiative for the Convention. The RBI is a joint Ramsar-CBD initiative under our Joint Work Plan, and is the major tangible demonstration of how such plans can and should be operationalised. The workshop will involve both international partner organisations (including our IOPs and other NGOs, global biodiversity and water resource management organisations, and multilateral and bilateral donors) and, through Netherlands government resourcing to Wetlands International, a number of country representatives. The workshop will review and develop the present design of the Initiative, particularly in relation to the preparation of a project submission to UNDP-GEF (part funding for the workshop comes through a PDF-A grant from UNDP to develop the work). The partnership approach of the Initiative is already yielding significant opportunities for working together to better mainstream wetlands and biodiversity issues into water resource management, to provide a 'clearing-house' of information exchange on wetlands, biodiversity and river basin management, and develop analyses and reporting to contribute to better information and understanding of these issues as guidance for Ramsar Parties, CBD through its inland waters programme of work, other environmental conventions and partner organisations.

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