Ramsar’s Scientific & Technical Review Panel meets in Gland this week


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The Ramsar Secretariat is pleased to announce that the first meeting of the newly elected Scientific & Technical Review Panel (STRP) for this triennium is taking place in Gland, Switzerland from 25 February to 1 March 2013. Besides the elected panel members, a host of representatives from Invited Observer Organizations, as well as representative from a Ramsar Regional Center and some STRP National Focal Point will be attending. 

STRP members for 2013-2015

At this meeting, its 17th, the Panel will develop its draft 2013-2015 Work Plan to respond to the tasks requested of it by Parties at COP11 in Resolution XI.17. The panel will be focusing on some of the following top themes:

  • CEPA-training & capacity building

  • Ecosystem services/valuation

  • Climate change

  • Wetland inventory and assessment (including change in ecological character) -Wetlands and water resources (including wetlands‟ role in the global water cycle) -Invasive species -Poverty eradication -Wetlands and aquaculture issues -Advice on best practices including case studies.

During the preparations for this STRP meeting, the Secretariat team bade farewell to Monica Zavagli, with sincere appreciation and gratitude for her important contributions to the Convention during the six years that she worked at the Secretariat, first as Assistant Advisor for Europe and later as Scientific & Technical Support Officer, with particular responsibility for supporting the work of the STRP. Monica finished her term with the Secretariat at the end of 2012 and the Secretariat wishes her all success in her future career. She recently returned to the Secretariat to make a hand-over to her successor as Scientific & Technical Support Officer, Marcela Bonells. 

Marcela Bonells (left) and Monica Zavagli

Marcela joined the Secretariat in early February and has immediately been working on the final preparations for the STRP17 meeting. The whole Secretariat welcomes Marcela and wishes her all success in her new role. See Marcela’s profile here.

More details about the new STRP’s chairs, members and invited experts are available here.

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