First Ramsar workshop of the African STRP National Focal Points and other wetland experts

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First Ramsar workshop of the African STRP National Focal Points and other wetland experts in South Africa

The workshop started on 30 November and ended on 2 December. It gatherered around 60 participants to share experience in wetland management, build a better understanding of the Ramsar Convention and STRP processes as well as advance on some key STRP tasks.

'Our wetlands need protection' 

Read the Water Research Commission's press release here.

Day 1 - Update on presentations available here.

Day 2 - Update on presentations available here.

Day 3 - Update and presentations available here.

Day 2 & 3 - Work session updates available here.


STRP: Ramsar's scientific subsidiary body

As a leading source of expertise, Ramsar’s Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP) is committed to providing scientific and technical guidance to the Conference of the Parties, the Standing Committee, and the Ramsar Secretariat.

The STRP members and observers are assisted in their work by a network of STRP National Focal Points who advise them directly on STRP matters and provide a liaison between the STRP, the Administrative Authorities and the networks of other relevant experts within each of their countries. For the first time a workshop will bring together STRP National Focal Points (NFPs) in Africa and other wetlands experts of the African region.

Objectives and main themes

Some of the main discussions featured in the programme included an overview of the Wetland Restoration Guidance and the New Ramsar Information Sheet as well as other STRP priority tasks and expected deliverables for COP11.

Main objectives of the STRP workshop

  • Build a greater understanding of the STRP and the Ramsar Convention processes;
  • Bring together both STRP NFPs and other wetland experts from the Africa region in a workshop environment to share experiences on wetland issues;
  • Progress on some key STRP tasks;
  • Identify best ways of encouraging good network between STRP NFPs, STRP members and wetland experts in the region.

Main themes

  • Management of urban wetlands
  • Wetlands and extractive industries
  • Wetland issues in the Africa region
  • The status of research on wetland ecology, management and conservation in South Africa
  • Capacity building, conservation and management of migratory waterbirds and their flyways in the African-Eurasian Region
  • building a stronger STRP network in Africa.


Attending from the Panel

STRP Chair: Dr Heather MacKay
STRP Africa Networker:  Mr Stanley Liphadzi
STRP Experts: Mr Rob McInnes, Prof Kassim Kulindwa and Dr Kym Morton
Ramsar Secretariat: Ms Monica Zavagli, Scientific and Technical Officer and the Ramsar Africa Team: Dr Paul Ouedraogo and Ms Cathleen Cybele.
Ramsar’s International Organization Partners (IOPs): IWMI, WI and WWF.

Speakers' biographies here.

Programme outline and annotated agenda

An agenda full of interesting presentations and work sessions is provided here and updates on discussions and debates have been posted on a daily basis during the workshop.

Efforts were made by the Organizing Committee to find additional resources to have English-French interpretation at the workshop.

The workshop has been possible thanks to the generous contributions of the Water Research Commission and the Department of Environmental Affairs in South Africa, the Governments of Switzerland and Tanzania, the Ramsar Secretariat and Star Alliance/Biosphere Connections.

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