Ramsar Small Grants Fund Project Completed in Viet Nam – Ba Be Lake Ramsar Site

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Ba Be Lake, the largest natural lake in Viet Nam, is at the centre of the karst mountains of the Ba Be National Park and Ramsar Site. The lake supports a rich variety of animals and plants, including a number of threatened species, and is also an important source of livelihood for the local population.

Despite the efforts of the lake’s Management Board and of a cooperative set up in 2004 to encourage sustainable fishing practices, the productivity and the biodiversity of the lake, in decline for three decades, continued to drop.

The Ramsar Small Grants Fund project was thus developed and implemented to strengthen the capacity of the lake’s Management Board to maintain and improve the lake’s biodiversity.

Ba Be Lake
Ba Be Lake

As part of the project, the Management Board commissioned a study on fish diversity, fishing practices and threats to Ba Be Lake. 
Based on the results of the study, they developed a fishery monitoring programme.

To ensure the smooth running of the monitoring programme, the cooperative organized three training courses for management and technical staff, rangers, local people and members of the village management board. The courses focused on fish classification and identification, monitoring plans for capture fisheries and sustainable capture fisheries.

A participatory review of the Ba Be Lake Management Board by-laws was also conducted to increase the involvement of local communities and stakeholders.

In an effort to raise awareness about the natural resources of Ba Be National Park, partners also organized a drawing contest for students and youth, produced leaflets on sustainable capture fisheries and fishing regulations, and distributed leaflets promoting the value of the park with pictures of animals and plants to visitors. 

The Management Cooperative, the Management Board and the People’s Committee of Nam Mau Commune signed a Memorandum of Understanding to continue promoting the conservation of biodiversity and the wise use of resources in and around the Ba Be Lake area.

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Report by Samridhi Rijal, Assistant Advisor for Asia-Oceania

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