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BirdLife’s State of the world’s birds project

Here is a message from BirdLife Americas Secretariat in Dominican Republic about available resources on the State of the world's birds.

BirdLife is the International Thematic Focal Point for birds to the CBD Clearing-House Mechanism which aims to share knowledge and exchange information. As part of this responsibility, BirdLife’s State of the world’s birds project aims to provide up-to-date, scientifically credible, relevant, accessible materials that can support effective conservation action, learning and advocacy. Read more: ‘State of the world’s birds’—more than just a report. [28/03/12]

Serbia's Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski Rit Ramsar Site

The Secretariat is very pleased to announce that Serbia's Department for Protection of Nature and Biodiversity, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, has designated Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski Rit (8,292 hectares, 45°10'40"N 020°04'10"E), a Special Nature Reserve and BirdLife IBA in Vojvodina province, as that country's tenth Wetland of International Importance. Read more. [26/03/12]

Who's Where?

Tobias Salathé, Senior Advisor for Europe, will take part in the 10th meeting of MedWet Steering Committee in Paris, from 28 to 30 March. [27/03/2012]

Lew Young (Senior Regional Advisor for Asia-Oceania), Monica Zavagli (Scientific & Technical Support Officer) and DSG Nick Davidson will be travelling to attend the Oceania Regional Meeting in Koror, Palau and will be away from 22 to 30 March. [21/03/12]

Claudia Fenerol, Partnership Programme Coordinator is attending the Wetlands Forests Conference organised by Wetlands International, in Brunei Darussalam. She will then attend the Rio+20 Intersessional meeting in New York, USA, from 26-27 March. [21/03/12]

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Yesterday's News


Australia consolidates and expands Kakadu Ramsar Site

In 1980, the government of Australia first designated a significant part of the famous Kakadu National Park and World Heritage natural and cultural site in the Northern Territory, and it added another large part in 1989. Now the two Kakadu Ramsar Sites have been consolidated into one and extended by an additional 600,000 hectares to conform fully to the boundaries of the National Park, now covering 1,979,766 hectares. A summary description of the site can be found on the Annotated Ramsar List. [26/03/12]

Congratulations to IWMI, winner of the 2012 Stockholm Water Prize!

This morning, the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) named “The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) … the 2012 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate for their pioneering research that has served to improve agriculture water management, enhance food security, protect environmental health and alleviate poverty in developing countries.”

IWMI has been formally recognised by the Ramsar Convention as one of its five International Organisation Partners (IOPs) since COP9 in 2005 and the Ramsar Secretariat congratulates all staff at IWMI on the occasion of this well-deserved prize. IOPs are recognised for their long-term commitments to wetland conservation and wise use and their contributions to supporting the Convention's implementation. IWMI staff have made, and continue to make significant contributions to the work of Ramsar’s Scientific & Technical Review Panel (STRP) including on water management, agriculture and remote sensing. Read SIWI’s full article here. [22/03/2012]

World Water Day, 22 March 2012 – Message from SG Anada Tiéga

“Saving water means more food for people”

For those of us living in the developed world, imagine the shock of waking up one morning to discover that there is no water coming out of our taps. The reality is that access to improved drinking-water sources is already a daily issue for billions of people worldwide; today, water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the people on our planet.

Today’s World Water Day message is thought-provoking: “The World is thirsty because we are hungry” and many of our actions, such as the management of irrigation systems and domestic water supply, need to be improved to reduce water loss. Take a minute to think of all the water used to produce the food we eat. Our world is thirsty and a key consequence of the water crisis is to threaten our food security, which relies on fresh, clean water. Read the full statement in English | French | Spanish [22/03/2012]

Small Grants Fund project successfully concluded in India

Developing an integrated management planning framework for the conservation and wise use of Lake Chilika, India

Lake Chilika, the largest coastal lagoon on the east coast of India and lifeline to the entire state of Orissa, is a designated Wetland of International Importance (Ramsar Site) under the Convention on Wetlands since 1981. Following the visit and recommendations made by a Ramsar Advisory Mission in 2001, a project was initiated in 2004 to develop a single management plan to restore the ecological character of the lake while providing economic benefits to local communities. More [21/03/12]

Vacancy at the Secretariat of the Convention on Migratory Species

The Secretariat of the Convention on Migratory Species is seeking an expert for the development of capacity building tools for National Focal Points and Focal Points to CMS instruments. If you are interested or have colleagues who may be interested please note that there is a very tight deadline for replying, which has been extended to 23 March. Follow this link for all necessary details on the vacancy and the application process. [20/03/2012]

Mexico's new Ramsar Sites

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that the paperwork has been completed for an additional four Wetlands of International Importance for Mexico, bringing that country's total number of Ramsar Sites to 133, second only to the UK's 169. More here. [17/03/2012]

United Kingdom designates its 169th Ramsar Site

The government of the UK has designated the Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits (1,358 hectares, 52°20'04''N 000°34'56''W), a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Natura 2000 SPA in Northamptonshire in England, as its 169th Wetland of International Importance. More here. [15/03/2012]

The Convention celebrates 2,000 Ramsar Sites

160 Contracting Parties to the Convention have identified and placed 2,000 exceptional wetlands onto the List of Wetlands of International Importance. Presently, these 2,000 Ramsar Sites, covering almost 200,000,000 hectares, constitute the largest network of protected areas in the world. Read more  | français | español [12/03/12]

Viet Nam names important Mekong Delta site

The Vietnam Environment Administration, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, has designated that country's fourth Wetland of International Importance as of World Wetlands Day 2012, Tram Chim National Park, bringing the total number of Ramsar Sites globally to 2,000. More. /12/03/2012]

USA names Lake Superior bog complex

The Secretariat is delighted to announce that the United States has designated as its 31st Ramsar Site the Kakagon and Bad River Sloughs (4,355 hectares, 46°39'N 090°41'W) on the shores of Lake Superior in the state of Wisconsin. A largely undeveloped wetland complex composed of sloughs, bogs, and coastal lagoons that harbor the largest natural wild rice bed on the Great Lakes, the area is under tribal management that is protected as a Conservation Area by an Integrated Resource Management Plan under the jurisdiction of the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa. Read more. [09/03/12]

Estonia's newest Ramsar Site

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that Estonia has designated its 17th Wetland of International Importance, Haapsalu-Noarootsi (27,450 hectares, 59°08'04''N 23°27'29''E), a wetland complex situated on the northwestern coast comprising vast shallow Baltic Sea areas, inlets and bays, coastal lagoons, coastal meadows, and reedbeds as well as mud- and sandflats. More here. [08/03//12]

Significant Ramsar Site extensions in Estonia

In addition to its most recent Ramsar Site designation, the government of Estonia has significantly extended the boundaries of four of its existing Wetlands of International Importance, all of them first added to the Ramsar List in 1997. They are: Alam-Pedja, extended from 26,000 to 34,220 hectares; Enda, from 8,050 to 10,110 ha; Muraka, from 12,400 to 13,980 ha; and Soomaa, from 37,169 to 39,639 hectares. [09/03/12]

Call for Paper Submissions in the international journal Wetlands

The peer-reviewed international journal Wetlands ( announces a special issue publication dedicated to the understanding of Asian wetlands.

The purpose of the special issue will be to highlight Asian wetlands, and document current wetland conditions, plans, projects and programmes in Asia for the world scientific community. Read the instructions for submission here. [08/03/12]

World Wetlands Day achievements for this year

A few moments on our reports page should be enough to confirm that our annual campaign day is a popular moment in the lives of many wetland actors, a time each year to do something positive for wetlands. Have a look here to see what has been reported so far (please note: we still have a few more reports to upload).

Have a look here at the many adapations made by different countries, governments and NGOs. China has maintained its unbroken record of producing the poster (in large numbers) in Chinese every year since we first made the design files available. But is it also good to see that many others are now making this a regular WWD activity so that our WWD and Ramsar brands and our key messages are broadcast more effectively across the world.

And what about WWD 2013? Since the UN has declared 2013 the International year of Water Cooperation, the Ramsar Standing Committee has decided that World Wetlands Day 2013 should be focused on the theme Wetlands and Water Management, with a specific focus on working with the water sector. More on this later…. [07/03/12]

Vacancy announcement at UNEP/CMS - Executive Secretary

The following vacancy announcement advertising the post of Executive Secretary of UNEP/CMS has been published on the Convention’s Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals website:

Further details on the above-mentioned as well as other vacancies can be found in English, Spanish and French on the United Nations’ career portal: Application deadline: 23 April 2012. [01/03/12]

Ramsar Technical Report No. 6 now available

Ramsar Technical Report No. 6, Healthy wetlands, healthy people: a review of wetlands and human health interactions, is now published and available for download in PDF format. Read more about it here. [01/03/12]

Award for Urban Wetland Planning in France

Many wetlands in urban and peri-urban environments are or are becoming degraded due to surrounding populations, pollution and poorly managed waste, among other factors. As a consequence, the ecosystem services that urban wetlands can provide have diminished and it is therefore essential for both decision-makers and urban communities to recognize their value and importance.

The French Department of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Housing launched an award in July 2011 for “wetlands in an urban environment”, in partnership with the Mayors of France and water agencies. A ceremony was organised early February to reward French local authorities that have implemented strategies of urbanization by considering wetlands and their benefits in urban development. More [01/03/12]

New Ramsar Sites in the Aquitaine region of France

An impressive number of 81 different World Wetlands Day events took place this year in the Aquitaine Region in France, including the designation of two new Ramsar Sites: the Marais d'Orx in the Basque county and the Leyre river delta sector of the Bassin d'Arcachon tidal bay on the Atlantic near Bordeaux. Read more here. [01/03/12]

Launch of Ramsar’s new series: Scientific and Technical Briefing Notes

The Secretariat and the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP) are pleased to announce the launch of a new series of Ramsar publications: Briefing Notes, a series of occasional communications on scientific and technical matters relevant to wetlands and to Convention implementation. More [23/02/12]

Paper on the diversity and benefits of National Ramsar Committees now available 

The Ramsar Secretariat has prepared an information paper that illustrates some of the diverse approaches Parties have utilized to create and operate National Ramsar/wetlands Committees (NRCs).

The Paper, also available in French and Spanish, examines the experiences of six NRCs from Africa, Asia, Europe, Neotropics, North America and Oceania, that, like many other NRCs around the world, have helped deliver the objectives of the Convention and effectively promote the wise use of wetlands; the paper reviews their different structures, composition, decision-making processes, as well as successes and obstacles in delivering the goals of the Convention. More |français | Español [22/02/12]

Draft Resolutions for Ramsar COP11

Following the approval by the Standing Committee of the Draft Resolutions for consideration by the 11th meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties (COP11), the Secretariat is finalizing and translating the Draft Resolutions into the three Convention languages. A first tranche of the COP11 DRs have now been finalized and are available for download from the COP11 webpages, here. The remaining DRs will be posted progressively in each language as they become ready. [20/02/12]

Vacancy at IUCN Global Water Programme

The IUCN Global Water Programme is recruiting a new Adviser for Water Policy and Sustainability. The TOR is available from the IUCN website:

The position will be based in IUCN HQ, Gland, Switzerland. Closing date for applications is 26 February. [13/02/12]

Denmark's newest Ramsar Site in Greenland

The Secretariat is very pleased to announce that Denmark has designated its 39th Wetland of International Importance, and its 12th in the territory of Greenland: Ørsted Dal, Pingel Dal and Enhjørningen Dal (218,000 hectares 71°40'N 023°24'W) on the eastern coast. Read more here. [08/02/2012]

The Norwegian Ministry of Environment launches a "Water and Wetlands" Initiative

Earlier this year, the Norwegian Government expressed deep concern on the loss and deterioration of wetlands such as lakes, marshes and rivers and suggested to dedicate more efforts to maintain and restore wetlands, for their environmental values and for the services they provide to people.

The overall goal of the Water and Wetlands initiative is to ensure maintenance and enhancement of wetland biodiversity and environmental goods and services for improved local livelihoods. The project objectives are to strengthen national and local capacity in ecosystem management and sustainable use of wetland biodiversity in developing countries. The project aims to achieve these objectives through promoting awareness of the values of wetlands and supporting the Ramsar Convention in its work. [08/02/12]

Source: Norwegian Ministry of Environment:

Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Ramsar Secretariat and the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)

The Ramsar Secretariat is very pleased to announce the recent signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation designed to strengthen the developing linkages with SER’s global network of ecosystem and wetland restoration practitioners in supporting scientific and technical implementation of the Convention. More [07/02/12]

World Wetlands Day Celebration at the U.S. Mission, Geneva

To celebrate World Wetlands Day, the US Mission to the United Nations co-hosted an event with the Botswana Mission to the UN on 2 February in Geneva, Switzerland. US Ambassador Betty King welcomed the participants by saying that “World Wetlands Day gives... a unique opportunity to highlight and celebrate our diverse wetlands around the globe”. Ambassador Mothusi Palai of Botswana, Ramsar’s DSG Nick Davidson, and Poul Engberg-Pederson, Deputy Director General of IUCN were then invited to share their views on wetlands and tourism. More [06/02/12]

NorBalWet CEPA Focal Points meet in Helsinki, Finland from 23-26 January

Representatives from eight of the nine member countries of the NorBalWet Ramsar Regional Initiative worked together for three days to improve planning skills through hands-on activities. Participants used several tools in planning three key CEPA activities which will help implement the initiative’s agreed priority areas of cooperation. More [06/02/12]

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