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India names important bird sanctuary in Gujarat state

The government of India has designated its 26th Wetland of International Importance, Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary (12,000 hectares, 22°46’33”N 072°02’21”E), a wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat state. Read more. This new site designation has benefited from financial, technical and scientific support from WWF International Freshwater Programme and WWF-India.

The Ramsar Secretariat would like to take this opportunity to convey best wishes to Dr Sidharth Kaul, our longtime National Focal Point, on the occasion of his forthcoming retirement. [28/09/2012]

Bhutan’s first two Ramsar Sites

The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan acceded to the Convention on Wetlands on 7 May 2012, and the Convention therefore came into force for Bhutan on 7 September. The paperwork has recently been completed for Bhutan’s first two Wetlands of International Importance, Bumfeling and Khotokha, and Ramsar’s Nessrine Alzahlawi has prepared site descriptions for the Annotated Ramsar List, based upon the information provided by the Contracting Party -- read more. [28/09/2012]

Ramsar Secretariat staff participated in the Net’Leman activities

For the sixth time OMYP (World organization of Yacht-Clubs and ecological ports) brought together numerous partners and volunteers which set out to clean parts of Lake Geneva. More [27/09/12]

Validation workshop for the Guidelines for Inland Wetland Development in Sub Saharan

A validation workshop for the “Guidelines for Inland Wetland Development in Sub Saharan” was run over two days (13 to 14 September 2012) in Johannesburg, South Africa. The workshop was attended by 23 participants drawn internationally from FAO, the Ramsar Convention, Ministries in charge of Agriculture and Environment, Wetlands Experts, and Wetlands International. Read more [24/09/12]

Canada vastly extends Vancouver wetlands

The government of Canada has vastly extended the Alaksen Ramsar Site, first designated in 1982, from 586 hectares to 20,682. The resulting Ramsar Site, now renamed "Fraser River Delta", is formed by six components (Burns Bog, Sturgeon Bank, South Arm Marshes, Boundary Bay, Serpentine, and the former 'Alaksen' Ramsar Site), all in the Metro Vancouver Region and part of the the most important river delta/estuary for fish and birds on the west coast of Canada. Read more. [22/09/12]

Tunisia names two more wetlands for the Ramsar List

Following on from Tunisia's designation of 15 new Wetlands of International Importance for World Wetlands Day earlier this year, the paperwork has been completed for a further two significant sites, called Barrage Mlaabi (98 hectares, 36°49'44"N 010°59'07"E) and Complexe des zones humides des Chott el Guetayate et Sebkhet Dhreia et Oueds Akarit, Rekhama et Meleh (4,845 hectares, 34°06'59"N 010°01'47"E). Further details here. [21/09/12]

 Who's Where?

DG Anada Tiéga, Virginie Pirens, Project Management Officer, and Oana Barsin, Communications Officer are attending the Global Conference in Evian, France from 24 to 26 September. [24/09/12] 

Ako Charlotte Eyong, Assistant to the Regional Advisor for Africa is attending a workshop on the "implementation of the Ramsar Convention in Tunisia: celebration of two new Ramsar Sites and assessing the removal process of Ichkeul from the Montreux Record" on 20-21 September in Tunis. [24/09/12][24/09/12]

Sandra Hails, CEPA Programme Officer is assisting at a workshop for site managers at the Ramsar Regional Centre – East Asia which is taking place in Changwon, Republic of Korea, 24-28 September. [24/09/12]

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Yesterday's News

Improving the assessment of wetland needs in water management

In an increasingly complex world, the proper planning and management of water resources is no easy task. The Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) system, a water resources modelling tool, is at the forefront of water resource modelling and is used extensively around the world. One of the latest enhancements to WEAP, developed by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), is an improved function to estimate and model environmental flows. Read more. [20/09/12]

Regional Training Workshop on Environmental Flows

The National Institute of Ecology, jointly with other prominent organisations, and with partial support from the UNDP-sponsored CapNet, has planned a Regional Training Workshop, in Haridwar, India, 6-11 December 2012 entitled “Factoring Environmental Flows in Integrated Water Resources Management”, targeted to the researchers and water resource managers in South Asia. Read more. [20/09/12]

Norway extends several Ramsar Sites

Norway, continuing its updating of Ramsar Information Sheet data with a further ten revised RISs, has taken the opportunity to extend the boundaries of several of the Ramsar Sites significantly, most notably Fokstumyra, Hynna, and Kvisleflaaet. [18/09/12]

20 years of successful water cooperation

On 3-4 September 2012, the Finnish Ministries for Foreign Affairs, of Agriculture and Forestry, and of the Environment hosted an anniversary event to celebrate 20 years of the Helsinki Convention and debate its future. On this occasion, about seventy participants who have been involved in the development and running of the UNECE Water Convention gathered in Helsinki, two decades after its adoption in 1992, to contribute their inspiring thoughts to a symposium resolutely looking into the future. More [13/09/12]

Wetlands, leisure and tourism – Share your story and pictures!

Have you been to a Ramsar Site this summer? By showing the beauty of wetlands you help to communicate their value.

Share your story and pictures on sustainable tourism with our Ramsar Community! More [11/09/12]

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Launch of a report on the role of mangroves in coastal protection

A new report by The Nature Conservancy and Wetlands International proves that mangrove forests protect coastal populations and infrastructure against wind and swell waves. "Coastal populations are particularly exposed to extreme events such as storms and hurricanes. These pressures may increase with climate change and sea level rise. Coastal wetlands such as mangrove forests strongly contribute to the safety, food security and income of tens of millions of people throughout the tropics. This new report by global NGOs The Nature Conservancy and Wetlands International brings together the latest scientific research from leading engineers and ecologists on coastal protection against waves”. More [10/09/12]

Full-scale actions for the Loire River (Plan Loire Grandeur Nature)

The Loire is France's biggest river (over 1,000 km long, with a basin covering about a fifth of the country) and a major Western European example of how to keep and restore natural river dynamics and maintain and manage river floodplains and the related biodiversity. More [06/09/12]

IUCN Congress kicks off in Jeju, Korea

Held every four years, IUCN Congress, which runs to 15 September, brings together government and non-governmental organizations, scientists, business and community leaders from around the world to look at how nature provides the solution to many of our problems.

In a press release today, IUCN states that "more than 8,000 people from more than 170 countries are in Jeju to discuss, debate and vote on solutions to some of the globe’s most pressing environmental and development issues... A huge range of issues is on the agenda, including the latest news from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, growing threats to tuna populations, fresh figures on coral reef destruction and the urgent need to stop countries making false claims on ocean protection.

Several important multimillion dollar announcements on initiatives and corporate partnerships with major international business will also be made. Climate change, growing threats to natural ecosystems and improving global decision-making on environmental issues will also feature." [06/09/12]

Czech Republic adds two Wetlands of International Importance

The Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance has grown to 2,053 sites with the Czech Republic's designation of two significant new wetlands. Jizera Headwaters (Horní Jizera) (2,303 hectares) is a Nature Reserve and Natura 2000 (SCI, SPA) site situated in the floodplains of the Jizera River valley in the central part of the Jizera Mountains bordering Poland. Springs and Mires of the Slavkov Forest (3,223 ha), likewise a Nature Reserve, Protected Landscape Area, and Natura 2000 (SCI) site, is situated in the Slavkov forest highlands and consists of raised bogs, forested peat bogs, transition mires, wet meadows and mineral springs. Read more, with photos. [03/09/12]

Vacancy at the Ramsar Secretariat for “Scientific & Technical Support Officer”

The Ramsar Secretariat welcomes applications from suitably qualified candidates for the position of Scientific and Technical Support Officer in the Ramsar Secretariat in Switzerland to begin in January 2013. This is a junior professional grade post, which includes responsibility for facilitating the work of the Convention’s Scientific & Technical Review Panel (STRP) and providing advice on technical aspects of the conservation and wise use of wetlands.

IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, provides administrative services for the Ramsar Convention, and more information and online application for this post is available on the IUCN website at:

The deadline for applications is 26 September 2012.
Note: A candidate should SUBMIT HIS/HER APPLICATION ONLINE, USING THE LINK ABOVE. No other method of application will be considered.

COP11 Resolutions available now

The final texts of all 22 Resolutions adopted by the 11th meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention, held in Bucharest in July 2012, are now available on the Ramsar website in English, French, and Spanish: Choose the language versions by clicking on the language buttons at the top right of the page.

Most other materials for the Proceedings of COP11 are also available here. A CD-ROM publication of the entire Proceedings of COP11 should be ready for distribution in early October, and a further announcement will be made in due course. [01/09/12]

New guide identifies most effective water tools

Water for Business, a new guide specifically designed for businesses to help them identify water tools and initiatives most suitable for business needs and environmental sustainability was released on 20 August by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), and SustainAbility.

This third edition, which is available online here (, will help businesses to use water more effectively and support their efforts in adopting more sustainable solutions in partnership with other stakeholders. "One initiative alone will not satisfy the needs of every business, local community or stakeholder group [but the guide] outlines the benefits of the different tools available and illustrates how a combination of complementary tools can best meet wide ranging needs." (Source: WBCSD website) [29/08/2012]

France's new Ramsar Site in the Mozambique Channel

The government of France has designated its 42nd Wetland of International Importance, an exceptionally interesting low-lying island in the Mozambique Channel, with a central lagoon enclosed by mangroves, and surrounding waters: Île d'Europa (Terres Australes et Antarctiques françaises). Read more about it here (with photos). [27/08/2012]

Marshall Islands lists near-pristine atoll

The government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands has designated an exceptional atoll that is part of that country's Ralik Chain, and lies some 390 kilometres southwest of the capital city Majuro: Namdrik Atoll (1,119 hectares, 05°37'00N 168°06'30"E) consists of two wooded islands with an extensive reef flat lying between them. Read more. [24/08/12]

Andorra joins the Ramsar community

The Secretariat is very pleased to announce that the European state of Andorra has deposited its instrument of accession to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands with the Director-General of UNESCO as of 23 July 2012. In accordance with the Convention’s Article 10.2, the Convention will enter into force for Andorra on 23 November 2012. The new Party has designated Parc naturel de la vallée de Sorteny, in Ordino parish, as its first wetland to be included in the List of Wetlands of International Importance. The Secretariat welcomes Andorra as its 163rd Contracting Party and the Parc naturel de la vallée de Sorteny as its 2,049th Wetland of International Importance. Read more here. [23/08/2012]

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