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Launch of Ramsar’s new series: Scientific and Technical Briefing Notes

The Secretariat and the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP) are pleased to announce the launch of a new series of Ramsar publications: Briefing Notes, a series of occasional communications on scientific and technical matters relevant to wetlands and to Convention implementation. More [23/02/12]

Paper on the diversity and benefits of National Ramsar Committees now available 

The Ramsar Secretariat has prepared an information paper that illustrates some of the diverse approaches Parties have utilized to create and operate National Ramsar/wetlands Committees (NRCs).

The Paper, also available in French and Spanish, examines the experiences of six NRCs from Africa, Asia, Europe, Neotropics, North America and Oceania, that, like many other NRCs around the world, have helped deliver the objectives of the Convention and effectively promote the wise use of wetlands; the paper reviews their different structures, composition, decision-making processes, as well as successes and obstacles in delivering the goals of the Convention. More |français | Español [22/02/12]

Draft Resolutions for Ramsar COP11

Following the approval by the Standing Committee of the Draft Resolutions for consideration by the 11th meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties (COP11), the Secretariat is finalizing and translating the Draft Resolutions into the three Convention languages. A first tranche of the COP11 DRs have now been finalized and are available for download from the COP11 webpages, here. The remaining DRs will be posted progressively in each language as they become ready. [20/02/12]

Who's Where?

Monica Zavagli
, Scientific & Technical Support Officer, will attend the First Regional BCR Coastal Forum at Burapha University, Chanthaburi, Thailand, from 29 February to 2 March. [27/02/12]

Paul Ouédraogo, Senior Regional Advisor for Africa will be participating in a Regional Workshop for Africa on Updating National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 27 February to 1 March. He will then facilitate a Training Workshop for 28 Ramsar National Focal Points on Multilateral Environmental Negotiations and Ramsar COP11-related issues from 2 to 3 March. [27/02/12]

SG Anada Tiéga, Tobias Salathé (Senior Regional Advisor for Europe) and Claudia Fenerol (Partnerships Coordinator) are in Paris, France, to meet with UNESCO and Danone Group representatives from 27 to 29 February. [27/02/12] 

For more old Ramsar Secretariat travel news, see also 'Who Was Where', 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 

Yesterday's News

Vacancy at IUCN Global Water Programme

The IUCN Global Water Programme is recruiting a new Adviser for Water Policy and Sustainability. The TOR is available from the IUCN website:

The position will be based in IUCN HQ, Gland, Switzerland. Closing date for applications is 26 February. [13/02/12]

Denmark's newest Ramsar Site in Greenland

The Secretariat is very pleased to announce that Denmark has designated its 39th Wetland of International Importance, and its 12th in the territory of Greenland: Ørsted Dal, Pingel Dal and Enhjørningen Dal (218,000 hectares 71°40'N 023°24'W) on the eastern coast. Read more here. [08/02/2012]

The Norwegian Ministry of Environment launches a "Water and Wetlands" Initiative

Earlier this year, the Norwegian Government expressed deep concern on the loss and deterioration of wetlands such as lakes, marshes and rivers and suggested to dedicate more efforts to maintain and restore wetlands, for their environmental values and for the services they provide to people.

The overall goal of the Water and Wetlands initiative is to ensure maintenance and enhancement of wetland biodiversity and environmental goods and services for improved local livelihoods. The project objectives are to strengthen national and local capacity in ecosystem management and sustainable use of wetland biodiversity in developing countries. The project aims to achieve these objectives through promoting awareness of the values of wetlands and supporting the Ramsar Convention in its work. [08/02/12]

Source: Norwegian Ministry of Environment:

Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Ramsar Secretariat and the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)

The Ramsar Secretariat is very pleased to announce the recent signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation designed to strengthen the developing linkages with SER’s global network of ecosystem and wetland restoration practitioners in supporting scientific and technical implementation of the Convention. More [07/02/12]

World Wetlands Day Celebration at the U.S. Mission, Geneva

To celebrate World Wetlands Day, the US Mission to the United Nations co-hosted an event with the Botswana Mission to the UN on 2 February in Geneva, Switzerland. US Ambassador Betty King welcomed the participants by saying that “World Wetlands Day gives... a unique opportunity to highlight and celebrate our diverse wetlands around the globe”. Ambassador Mothusi Palai of Botswana, Ramsar’s DSG Nick Davidson, and Poul Engberg-Pederson, Deputy Director General of IUCN were then invited to share their views on wetlands and tourism. More [06/02/12]

NorBalWet CEPA Focal Points meet in Helsinki, Finland from 23-26 January

Representatives from eight of the nine member countries of the NorBalWet Ramsar Regional Initiative worked together for three days to improve planning skills through hands-on activities. Participants used several tools in planning three key CEPA activities which will help implement the initiative’s agreed priority areas of cooperation. More [06/02/12]

Ramsar and Ducks Unlimited renew their partnership on World Wetlands Day (WWD)

This year's WWD celebration was made all the more momentous as Ducks Unlimited and Ramsar signed a renewed Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) in New York City. The MOC signing event was attended by approximately 100 people and took place prior to the start of DU's 75th anniversary kickoff event. Dale Hall, CEO of Ducks Unlimited, and Anada Tiéga, Secretary General for the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, presented and signed the MOC. More [02/02/12]

Winners of the Wetlands Photo Competition organized by the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Beautiful photos related to wetlands and tourism were submitted to a World Wetlands Day photo celebration under this year’s theme “Wetlands Tourism: A Great Experience,” sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Here is their message with links to the winners’ pictures:

"World Wetlands Day is here! Please join us in congratulating our Wetlands Photo Celebration fan favorites—with images and photographers from around the globe in the four categories of favorites for the Wetlands and Tourism theme. Check out the lush silt village in Ghana, a peaceful river in West Virginia, a snorkeler in the gorgeous coastal wetlands of Mexico, and a beautiful damselfly in Cambodia. Many thanks to all who participated – we received nearly 900 hundred photo submissions. We salute the world’s wetlands for their many critical benefits to humankind and their incredible beauty. Happy World Wetlands Day 2012!! See the wonderful photos submitted through our Flickr site!" [02/02/12]

Today is World Wetlands Day!

We would like to thank our partners and friends for their incredible support for our campaign day. We at the Secretariat feel encouraged and empowered by the tremendous response from our many wetland friends around the world.

We highlight here our joint press release with UNWTO, a message by the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD), and a press release from WWF on the designation of 15 new Ramsar Sites in Tunisia where WWF’s support has been instrumental.

Coming soon: News from the USA on the signing of a renewed Memorandum of Cooperation with Ducks Unlimited. See the Media Advisory out here. [02/02/12]

Tunisia names 15 sites for World Wetlands Day

Tunisia's Direction générale des Forêts, the Ramsar Convention's implementing authority in that country, is marking World Wetlands Day 2012 with ceremonies announcing the addition of 15 new Wetlands of International Importance and the launch of a new atlas of Tunisian Ramsar Sites. The new designations include six dams and reservoirs, four permanent or intermittent saline lakes, two marine areas (the Golfe de Boughrara and the Îles Kerkennah), the famous Gorges de Thelja, and two additional freshwater sources. Read more here. [01/02/2012]

100th Anniversary of La Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO), A BirdLife International partner

To celebrate its century, the LPO has a full programme of activities throughout France from 28 January to 5 February, including many World Wetlands Day celebrations on 2 February. [31/01/12]

» View all LPO activities here: press release in French (PDF)

» Leaflet produced for World Wetlands Day: (in French)

For several years now, the LPO, Evian and the Ramsar Convention have joined forces to mark the importance of wetlands in global ecology and conservation of water resources, particularly during World Wetlands Day. This year, a video showcasing the beauty and importance of wetlands has been produced and can be viewed here:

Launch of our last photo mosaic for the end of Ramsar’s anniversary year

On 2 February 2011, the Ramsar Convention reached a special milestone in its history: 40 years of conserving wetlands. The numerous activities launched by the Secretariat during 2011 were an invitation to all those who care about wetlands to join in and contribute to the festivities. » Read more [31/01/12]

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