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Nordic-Baltic Wetlands Initiative Expert Seminar, May 2011 report

As part of the Norwegian chairmanship (2010-2012) of the Nordic-Baltic Wetlands Initiative (NorBalWet) the Nordic-Baltic Wetlands Initiative Expert Seminar took place 22-26 May 2011 in Troms County, Norway. Established in 2005, the NorBalWet Initiative is a Ramsar regional initiative operating in the framework of the Convention. Currently there are 14 active regional initiatives operating under the Ramsar Convention. Ten countries participate in the NorBalWet Initiative (Denmark incl. the Faroe Islands, Estonia, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia and Sweden). More [17/08/2011]

Asian Wetland Symposium, Sabah, Malaysia 18-20 July 2011

The fifth in a series of Asian Wetland Symposium (AWS) was successfully held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia from 18-20 July 2011. These symposia are aimed at providing a platform for discussing issues and sharing best practices relating to the conservation and wise-use of wetlands across Asia. The theme of this latest AWS was “Integrated Biodiversity Conservation: Linking Forests and Wetlands” in recognition that 2011 marks the 40th anniversary of the Ramsar Convention and the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere, (MAB) Programme, as well as being the United Nations International Year of Forests. More. [15/08/2011]

Wetland Protection and Wetland Ambassadors in China

The Government of the People's Republic of China has a newly established policy to place wetland conservation at the top of the agenda. As such, they have taken a series of policy and planning actions to promote wetland protection. The Office of Wetlands Conservation and Management, State Forestry Administration in the Peoples’ Republic of China (OWCM) has carried out and successfully concluded a project to develop a National CEPA Action Plan for the protection of wetlands in the country entitled “National Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) Plan for Wetland Protection in China” with financial support from the Ramsar Convention’s Small Grants Fund. More. [11/08/2011]  

Ramsar Convention 40th Anniversary – Two New Videos

In this video, Ramsar Convention Secretary General, Anada Tiéga, reminds everyone of the crucial role wetlands play in sustaining the quantity and quality of water needed now… and for future generations.  Click Here.

The May 19, 2011 reception for the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands celebrated international and national partnerships on the occasion of the Convention's 40th Anniversary. In this video, meet our guests and learn about Ramsar´s work in several countries. Click Here.

Mexico designates 122nd and 123rd Ramsar Sites

The government of Mexico is continuing its ambitious and far-sighted campaign, begun in 2004, to celebrate annual World Wetlands Days with the designation of further Wetlands of International Importance. Two more for which the paperwork has just been completed, El Jagüey "Buenavista de Peñuelas" and Lago de Chapala, bring Mexico's total number of Ramsar Sites to 123, a national total second only to that of the United Kingdom. Read more. [27/07/11]

USA names Pacific marine area for Ramsar List

The Secretariat is very pleased to announce that the United States has named the Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge (204,127 hectares, 05°52'N 162°06'W) as its 30th Ramsar Site, comprising coral reefs, permanent shallow marine waters, and intertidal forested wetlands of the atoll and submerged lands and associated waters out to 12 nautical miles from it, in the equatorial Pacific 960 miles south of Honolulu, Hawaii. More. [26/07/11]

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