The Ramsar Bulletin Board, 4 May 2011

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Towards a community of practice of wetland project managers

A workshop, entitled ‘Towards a community of practice of wetland project managers: lessons learned from Central and West Asia and the Mediterranean’, was held from 9-13 October 2010 on the shores of Lake Uromiyeh in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The workshop was organised and hosted by the UNDP/GEF Conservation of Iranian Wetland Project and the Ramsar Regional Center for Central and West Asia, and brought together the managers of 11 (mainly Global Environment Facility funded) case study wetland conservation projects from Central and West Asia and the Mediterranean, with the aim to exchange best practices and lessons learned between the project managers. This is so as to establish a basis for establishing a community of practice to enhance the delivery of these and future projects in the region.

The workshop identified success indicators, lessons learned and examples of best practice from the case study projects across eight key implementation themes. Additionally it reviewed lessons learned and best practices in project design, management and exit strategies. A resource book (download PDF here) has been produced from the workshop that summarises the findings. The workshop was the first step towards establishing a community of practice and the participants at the workshop are looking forward to suggestion for a host and/or donor for the next workshop. [31/03/11]

Star Alliance’s new campaign features two Ramsar Sites

Today, Star Alliance has launched its new brand campaign featuring the Alliance’s “Biosphere Connections” initiative. Five high quality films are now being completed by the National Geographic team who shot them in the USA, Turkey, Brazil, Tanzania and India. More [30/03/11] 

Indonesia names two National Parks

The Government of Indonesia has designated two additional Wetlands of International Importance, Rawa Aopa Watumohai and Sembilang National Parks, bringing that country's Ramsar Sites total to five sites covering 964,600 hectares. Read more

Launch of a leaflet on Nishinoko, part of Lake Biwa Ramsar Site in Japan

Shigeki Komori, Conservation Officer at WWF Japan has shared with us a 32-page color brochure to introduce Nishinoko (part of Biwa-ko Ramsar Site) in Japan. The brochure was produced last October by Omi-hachiman Heartland Advancement Foundation, with whom WWF Japan has worked to conserve Nishinoko. It contains beautiful site pictures and presents the fauna and flora of this biologically and culturally important area.

Download the brochure here (PDF)

Youth Model Ramsar Convention 2011 in Changwon, Republic of Korea

Maurice Lineman from the Ramsar Regional Centre - East Asia has written to inform the Secretariat of this year's Youth Model Ramsar Convention 2011 hosted at the Changwon Exhibition Centre (CECO) in Changwon, Korea. The meeting took place on 12 and 13 February and gathered some 150 high-school students from all Korea. [24/03/11] 

> Read the full report here (PDF)

> Click here to access the associated Model Ramsar Operation Protocole Files

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