The Ramsar Bulletin Board, 10 November 2010

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Translation of key Ramsar documents into Russian

The Secretariat is pleased to announce the completion of translation of a set of key Ramsar documents into Russian, in response to requests by, and in consultation with our focal points in the Russian Federation and other Contracting Parties that were members of the Former Soviet Union, and where Russian is still a widely used language. More [10/11/10]

BlackSeaWet: Ramsar’s Regional Initiative for Black and Azov Seas coastal wetlands

After a first meeting of the newly established management body of this Ramsar Regional Initiative held in February this year, the governing group of this cooperation programme met again on 5-7 October 2010 in Tulcea, Romania, hosted by the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority. The representatives of the countries bordering the Black and Azov Seas provided a short update on the activities by their national working groups and urged the absent countries to catch up and to establish rapidly national work programmes. More [04/11/10]

2010 SGF portfolio of project funding opportunities now available

The Ramsar Small Grants Fund (SGF) was established in 1990 as a mechanism to assist developing countries and those with economies in transition in implementing the Convention and to support the conservation and wise use of wetland resources, with a strong human and social dimension. From 1991 to 2009 the Fund has provided a total of 7.7 million Swiss Francs to 234 projects from 108 countries, providing up to 40,000 Swiss Francs (about US$38,000) per project. More [04/11/10]

Ramsar news from CBD's COP10 in Nagoya, Japan

Anada Tiéga, Ramsar's Secretary General, reports from Nagoya that today the Executive Heads of the Secretariats of the Convention on Wetlands, the World Heritage Convention, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES); and the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS),  issued a Joint Statement to the High-Level Segment of the CBD's COP 10. Noting that while they may be more targeted in scope than the CBD, they contribute towards achieving the same objectives of supporting the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, each providing complementary and effective tools designed to be highly operational and to make a difference on-the-ground. The statement notes that the four Conventions agreed that the adoption of an inclusive strategic plan at COP10 with robust and relevant targets that enables the reality of each country to be reflected through their National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans, will contribute towards more coherent and effective on-the-ground action. Read the full statement here. [28/10/10]

Regional Initiative for the Conservation and Wise Use of High Andean Wetlands - workshop report

The VIIth workshop of the Ramsar Regional Initiative for the Conservation and Wise Use of High Andean Wetlands took place in San José, Costa Rica, from the 29th of September to the 1st of October 2010. The main outcomes of the meeting were progress in the preparation of a project on evaluation of ecosystem services of high Andean wetlands that will be submitted to GEF5, the welcome addition of the Convention on Migratory Species as a member of the contact group of the strategy, and the preparation of web pages about the initiative on the Infoandina web site. Read the report from the Secretariat's Maria Rivera  here.

El VII Taller de la Estrategia Regional de Conservación y Uso Sostenible de Humedales Altoandinos, tuvo lugar del 29 de septiembre al 1 de octubre de 2010 en San José, Costa Rica. Entre los principales logros de la reunión se encuentran el avance en la preparación del proyecto sobre valoración de servicios ambientales a ser presentado al GEF 5, la bienvenida como miembro de la Estrategia a la Convención de Especies Migratorias (CMS) y la preparación de la página informativa sobre la estrategia en el portal de Infoandina. Lea el reporte de María Rivera de la Secretaría Ramsar en español aquí. [19/10/10]

40th anniversary celebrations in the Americas

As part of the Convention's 40th anniversary celebrations, the Americas Team at the Ramsar Secretariat is seeking experiences that illustrate the activities related to the management of Ramsar Sites as well as experiences of schools aimed at the conservation and wise use of wetlands in the Americas.  More here on management  experiences and school experiences.

En el marco de las celebraciones del aniversario de la Convención sobre los Humedales, la Secretaría de Ramsar à travès del equipo de las Américas, está buscando indentificar y difundir experiencias que ilustren actividades de manejo en los Sitios Ramsar así como por colégios en las Américas que hayan contribuido a su conservación y uso racional.  Más información aquí para experiencias de manejo y para experiencias en colégios aquí.  18/10/10]

Costa Rica’s Humedal Maquenque Ramsar Site

Costa Rica has designated its 12th Site of International Importance, Humedal Maquenque. The Ramsar Humedal Maquenque (59,692 ha; 10°40’N 084°08’W) is located in the northern part of Costa Rica and includes the total area of the National Wildlife Refuge Maquenque and the intermediate zone of the National Wildlife Refuge Biological Border Corridor Nicaragua-Costa Rica. More | Español [12/10/10]

First World Conference on Terraced Landscapes - Mengzi, China

From 11-15 November 2010 the government of Honghe Prefecture will be hosting the First World Conference on Terraced Landscapes in Mengzi, Yunnan Province, P.R. China. The Ramsar Convention Secretariat will be one of the collaborating institutions. More [05/10/10]

Second ‘Information Sharing Workshop and Training on Wetland Management’, Ramsar Regional Centre-East Asia Changwon, South Korea

The Second ‘Information Sharing Workshop and Training on Wetland Management’ organized by the Ramsar Regional Centre – East Asia (RRC-EA) took place from 13 – 17 September in Changwon City, South Korea. More [01/10/10]

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