Wetlands of International Importance: Slovenia, Škocjanske jame


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Škocjanske jame (Skocjan Caves). 21/05/99; 305 ha; 45º40’N 014º00’E. World Heritage Site, Important Bird Area. The site is a karst underground water cave system with typical karst phenomena and features developed at the contact between permeable and impermeable rocks and in limestones. It provides habitat to numerous endemic (crustacean species, cave beetles) and endangered animal species (such as Miniopterus schreibersi, one of the rare bat species). The karst grassland is a breeding site for Apus melba, Bubo bubo, and Emberiza hortulana. Human activities include tourism, extensive agriculture, and forestry. Ramsar site no. 991.

Photographer: Marco Simic
Photos contributed by Mr Borut Peric, borut.peric@psj.gov.si
Park Škocjanske jame
Škocjan 2
6215 Divaca, Slovenia

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