Wetlands of International Importance: Switzerland, Vadret da Roseg


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Vadret da Roseg. 02/02/05; Grisons; 383 ha; 46°25'N 009°52'E. IFP; Alluvial Zone of National Importance.The site consists of the glacier foreland, between 2,000 and 2,800 meters asl, common to the two glaciers Vadret da Roseg and Vadret da Tschierva and the alpine alluvial zone formed on the place of their retreats. It includes a lake and meanders of the Ova da Roseg, a stream originating from the spurs of ice of the two glaciers. The natural dynamism of the stream and the constant evolution of its meanders network create the conditions for a high biodiversity of vegetation to develop and also plays an important role by regulating the water level. A danger of flooding remains, however, because of possible water excess in the lake. Potential threats to the site include climate change, which could result in the complete melting of the glaciers. No further construction is allowed within the site. Ramsar site no. 1446.

Photos: Andreas Wipf, copyright: OFEPF.

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