Wetlands of International Importance: Switzerland, Laubersmad-Salwidili


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Laubersmad-Salwidili. 02/02/05; Lucerne; 1,376 ha; 46°58'N 007° 59'E. Biosphere Reserve, Biogenetic Reserve. Several types of mountain swamps with low, transitional and raised bogs of national importance, between 1,060 and 1,900 meters asl, forming a mosaic with wet spruce forests and meadows. It supports rare animal and plant species dependent on these ecosystems and plays an important role in water retention. The presence of the Three-toed Woodpecker, the Capercaillie, the Black Grouse and the Lynx is noted on site. A management plan is implemented and work on raised bogs regeneration has been undertaken in 2004. Human activities include typical Swiss mountain pursuits of pasturage and silviculture, as well as cross-country skiing, hiking, mushroom and berry picking. Ramsar site no. 1444.

Photos by Meinrad Küttel.

Photos by Rolf Waldis.

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