The Ramsar Secretariat Work Plan 2007


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as adopted by the 35th meeting of the Standing Committee

Secretariat Work Plan 2007: Key tasks and indicators

Note. The staff time allocation is based on each staff full-time equivalent (FTE) working 46 weeks in the year, using a base figure of 18 FTE staff. This figure takes into account staff who work for less than full-time, and staff posts whose recruitment is anticipated part way through 2007. Interns are counted as FTE staff.


Staff weeks 2007


Organise and hold Standing Committee 35, Feb 2007


SC35 held

Organise and hold STRP mid-term workshops, March 2007


Workshops held; work plan progress facilitated

Develop and maintain an electronic system for communication amongst STRP members & with its National Focal Points


STRP NFPs assisted to have improved involvement in STRP’s work

Support STRP in its elaboration and delivery of priority tasks in its Work Plan


Immediate & High Priority STRP tasks progressed according to Work Plan

Work with IOPs to ensure a common framework for assistance in delivering the Convention’s implementation


Framework and collaborative activities agreed

Develop a new approach to improving the financial base for the Convention’s implementation


SC36 has a new format for budget framework

Arrange occasional briefings of Missions in Geneva on activities taking place between Standing Committee meetings


At least one briefing held

Provide briefings to Standing Committee members between SC meetings, as required during the year


At least two briefings (July & October) sent to SC

Implement the CEPA Programme, and further develop a comprehensive plan for CEPA internally, including the activities undertaken with Danone Group and other private sector actors, through CEPA Oversight Panel


Comprehensive Secretariat CEPA plan, with input of CEPA Oversight Panel, developed

Publish Ramsar Wise Use Handbooks and Ramsar Technical Reports


Publication of 3rd edition Handbooks completed; RTRs published in a timely manner

Maintain Ramsar Web site, listserves and other electronic information provision


Topical information on the Convention available to all stakeholders

Seek to enhance the development of capacity building through the Advisory Board on Capacity Building for the Ramsar Convention and developing regional centres


Advisory Board contributing to capacity-building for Parties

Prepare materials and advice for WWD 2008 (and follow up on 2007)


WWD 2008 materials prepared and despatched; 2007 activities reported on Web site

Agree and begin to implement, with the Convention on Biological Diversity, a 4th Joint Work Plan 2007-2009


4th JWP being implemented

Use proactively the Biodiversity Liaison Group, and the Joint Liaison Group for the Rio Conventions, to improve synergies


BLG meetings attended, JLG meetings attended as observer, both at SG/DSG level

Promote the work of the Convention at important international meetings


SRA level or above represented Convention at key global and regional meetings

Prepare paper for CSD on Ramsar and water in 2008


Paper prepared & distributed

With the SC Subgroup, begin preparation of the Strategic Plan for 2009-2014


First Draft Strategic Plan circulated to SC during 2007

With the SC Subgroup and interested Parties, develop and issue a new National Report Format for COP10


COP10 National Report Format issued in 2007

With the Management Working Group (MWG), review the existing management structures of the Secretariat and Convention


Any changes to management structures advised by MWG implemented by Secretariat

Further develop the review of COP decisions called for in Resolution IX.17, as instructed by SC35


Recommendations resulting from the review prepared for SC36 consideration

With the Host Government and other relevant bodies and agencies, continue to develop options for the change of status of the Secretariat (Resolution IX.10)


Further advice on options prepared for SC36 and potential COP10 consideration

Manage the core funding support for, and monitor the implementation of, regional initiatives approved by Resolution IX.7


Approved funds transferred to regional initiatives; advice on implementation progress & issues provided to SC

Undertake project evaluations and reviews (SGF, WFF, SFA, etc.)


All project proposals and reports evaluated

Monitor implementation of COP9 Resolutions


Implementation progress by Parties and IOPs tracked, as required

With the Republic of Korea, implement the Memorandum of Understanding for COP10


COP10 planning documents prepared; Republic of Korea advised on COP preparations

Support organization of COP10 regional preparatory meetings by host countries


All regional meetings prepared or held

Continue to review the effectiveness of Memoranda of Understanding with other organisations


All Memoranda and annexed plans either updated, replaced or annulled

Advise countries in the process of accession on any issues of clarification, and on preparing their first RIS, as necessary


Kazakhstan, Lao PDR, UAE, Yemen and others further assisted for accession

Assist Parties with implementation of the Convention


Advice and support on national implementation issues provided, in regional and global contexts

Manage and process Ramsar site designations and RIS updates


All RISs received from Parties fully processed

Advise Parties on Article 3.2, Montreux Record and Ramsar Advisory Mission (RAM) issues


Article 3.2 issues raised with relevant Parties; RAMs prepared when requested by Parties

Undertake general administration of the Secretariat and Convention


Parties, and other stakeholders, provided with a timely and efficient service

Make representations to Parties in arrears with contributions


Meetings with missions made

Organise SC36 and COP10 Subgroup meetings


Meetings prepared in timely manner

Organise Secretariat meetings with partners and other stakeholders, as needed


Meetings prepared in timely manner

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