Report of the 1st Meeting of the Standing Committee, 3 June 1987


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1st Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 3 June 1987



Voting members

  • Canada (Mr. H.A. Clarke and Mr. D. Sherratt)
  • Chile (Dr. R. Schlatter)
  • Netherlands (Mr. F.C.M. van Rijckevorsel)
  • New Zealand (Mr. N.R. Hellyer)
  • Pakistan (Mr. A.L. Rao)
  • Poland (Mr. Z. Krzeminski)
  • Tunisia (Mr. S.B.H. Kacem)
  • United States of America (Mr. L.N. Mason)


  • United Kingdom (Dr. D.R. Langslow)
  • IWRB (Prof. G.V.T. Matthews)


  • Mr. D. Navid
  • Mr. M. Smart

Opening and election of officials

The meeting was opened by Mr. Sherratt, the Chairman of the Third Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties, who acted as provisional Chairman. He pointed out that the Standing Committee would be completed after a decision, to be taken on 5 June 1987, on the Contracting Party which would host the Fourth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties; the delegate of this Contracting Party would be the ninth member of the Standing Committee. It was agreed by consensus that election of a President and Vice-President of the Standing Committee should proceed on a provisional basis. On a proposal from the delegate of Tunisia, seconded by the delegate of the Netherlands, the delegate of Pakistan was appointed President of the Standing Committee by consensus. Several members of the Standing Committee commented that it was specially appropriate for the delegate of a developing country to become President in view of the oft-repeated sentiment expressed at the Third Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties on the importance of increasing the role of developing countries in the Convention. Several delegates paid tribute to the crucial role played in recent years in development of Ramsar Convention activities by the Netherlands. The delegation of the Netherlands praised the role played by other delegations and indicated its belief that it was time to invite other Contracting Parties to play a more active role. The delegation of Chile noted that four members of the Groningen Task Force - Canada, the Netherlands, Poland and Tunisia - were also members of the Standing Committee, which conferred a certain continuity on the group’s activities. On a proposal from the delegation of the United States, seconded by the delegation of Pakistan, the delegate of Canada was appointed Vice-President. Both the delegates of Pakistan and Canada thanked other members of the Committee for the confidence placed in them.

Further meetings of the Standing Committee

With the delegate of Pakistan presiding, the Committee decided to hold its second meeting at 11h30 on 4 June 1987. The President requested the Secretariat to make the necessary arrangements, to prepare a draft agenda and information on requirements for Rules of Procedure. He then declared the meeting adjourned at 18h10.

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