Report of the 13th Meeting of the Standing Committee, 16 June 1993


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13th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Kushiro City, Hokkaido, Japan, 16 June 1993


Kenya (A. Koyo)
Alternate Representative: Senegal (S.I. Sylla)
India (A.K. Ghosh, C.L. Trisal)
Alternate Representative: Jordan (Y. Al-Zubi)
Eastern Europe:
Hungary (L. Lakos, M. Végh)
Alternate Representative: Russian Federation (V.V. Moshkalo
Uruguay (A. Durán)
Alternate Representative: Panama (R. Aranga)
North America:
Alternate Representative: Mexico (D. Zavaleta-Molina, E. Loa Loza)
New Zealand (J. Owen)
Alternate Representative: Papua New Guinea (J. Genolagani)
Western Europe:
Spain (J-M. de Benito, C. Morillo)
Alternate Representative: Germany (C. Paulus)
Host of Next Conference:
Australia (P. Bridgewater, B. Phillips)
Host of Last Conference:
Japan (K. Kikuchi, Y. Natoori)
Permanent Observers:
Switzerland (A. Antonietti)
UK (H. Neal, M. Ford)
IUCN (J.-Y. Pirot)
IWRB (M. Moser)
Contracting Party Observers:
Austria (G. Dick)
USA (L. Mason)
Secretary General (D. Navid)
Assistant Secretary General (M. Smart)

 1. Opening: The Secretary General pointed out that a short meeting of the newly elected Standing Committee was required immediately after the end of the Fifth Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties in order to elect a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and to determine the date and venue of the next meeting of the Standing Committee. He conveyed to the meeting the apologies of the Canadian delegation, which had been obliged to leave Kushiro immediately after the end of the Conference, and had requested Mexico, Alternate Representative for the North American Region, to represent the region at the Thirteenth Meeting of the Standing Committee.

2. Election of Officers of the Standing Committee: The Secretary General recalled that, in the first triennium of its existence (1988-1990), the Standing Committee had elected Pakistan as Chairman and Canada as Vice-Chairman. In the second triennium (1990-1993) the Chairman had been USA, with Pakistan as Vice-Chairman. It was then agreed by general acclaim that for the forthcoming triennium, Hungary should be appointed Chairman and Kenya Vice-Chairman.

3. Date and Place of the Next Meeting of the Standing Committee: Assuming the chair of the meeting, the delegate of Hungary thanked the Committee on her delegation's behalf and on behalf of the delegation of Kenya for the confidence expressed in Hungary and Kenya. She noted that the Standing Committee normally met at least once a year and suggested that it would be appropriate for the next meeting to be held in the Bureau's new headquarters in Gland, Switzerland in autumn 1993. After some discussion this proposal was adopted and the dates of Tuesday, 26 October to Thursday, 28 October 1993 agreed.

4. The Chairperson noted that the Minutes of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Meetings of the Standing Committee would be circulated to members by post in due course and there being no other business, declared the meeting closed.

Rapporteur: Michael Smart

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