Ramsar Small Grants Fund allocations for 1997


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[Nearly 90 completed SGF project proposals were submitted to the Bureau before the deadline and reviewed by Bureau staff, members of the STRP, and partner experts, and at the 20th meeting of the Standing Committee just completed, 29 of them were approved for funding assistance, for a total of SFR 1,104,840 [approx. US$ 760,000]. This record showing by the SGF was due in large part to the generous contributions of Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands, among several other sources of smaller amounts. (Thanks also to this encouraging success of the Fund, the workload for the poor Bureau staff has just about doubled! oh wringing of hands!!.) This is a short list of the approved projects; summary descriptions of the projects will follow in due course. -- Web Editor.]

The Ramsar Small Grants Fund for the Conservation and Wise Use of Wetlands

Projects Approved for Funding under the SGF in 1997

1 Algeria
Project: Education and awareness for the general public, local authorities and other parties with interest in "lac des oiseaux". Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

2 Armenia
Project: Restoration and rehabilitation of Lake Sevan Ramsar site. Amount approved: SFR 35,000.

3 Brazil
Project 1: Management actions at State Marine Park of Parcel de Manuel Luis, Maranhao. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

4 Bulgaria
Projects l +2: Development and implementation of a management plan for Lake Srebarna Ramsar site. Amount approved: SFR 35,000.

5 Burkina Faso
Project 2: Strengthen the sustainable management of wetlands in Burkina Faso. Approved for funding up to SFR 20,000. The Conseil International de la Chasse has offered to fund the other SFR 20,000.

6 Chile
Project 2: Formulation of a National Strategy for the conservation of wetlands in Chile. Amount approved: SFR 28,300.

7 China
Project 2: Capacity building and management planning for Dongzhaigang Ramsar Site, Hainan, China. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

8 Comoros
Project: Rehabilitation and management of Lake Dziani Boundouni. Amount approved: SFR 20,000.

9 Costa Rica
Project 2: Plan for the protection of the Mata Redonda wetland - Wildlife Refuge, Guanacaste. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

10 Ecuador
Project: Inventory and characterization of the interior wetlands of the Guayas and El Oro Province. Amount approved: SFR 34,700.

11 Egypt
Project 1: Application of a wetland evaluation technique to Lake Bardawil. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

12 Estonia
Project 2: Integrating conservation and wise use in the management of Matsalu Ramsar site. Amount approved: SFR 32,000

13 Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine
Project: Establishing a transboundary Ramsar wetland area in the Upper Tisza region. Amount approved: SFR 25,000

14 Israel
Project 2: Conservation of the endangered Imperial and Spotted Eagles wintering in the Hula Valle. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

15 Malaysia
Project 3: Coordination and support for the implementation of the Ramsar Strategic Plan in the Asian region. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

16 Mauritania
Project: Development of ecotourism in Banc d'Arguin National Park. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

17 Mongolia
Project: Preparatory assistance for accession to the Ramsar Convention. Amount approved: SFR 25,000.

18 Namibia
Project: Inventory classification and management plans for Namibia's wetlands. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

19 Panama
Project: Monitoring and protection of shrimp species in the Punta Patiño wetland and surrounding areas, Darién Province. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

20 Papua New Guinea
Project: Capacity building and training for the Department of Environment and Conservation. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

21 Peru
Project 9: Participatory elaboration of the Master Plan of Junín National Reserve Ramsar site. Amount approved: SFR 36,000.

22 Romania
Project: Study of Romanian wetlands in preparation for new Ramsar sites. Amount approved: SFR 25,000.

23 Russian Federation
Project 1: Development and implementation of management plans for three wetlands of international importance (Volga Delta and two sites in the Kuban Delta - Ramsar sites). Amount approved: SFR 35,000.

24 Slovak Republic
Project 1: Restoration of wetlands along the Morava River. Amount approved: SFR 35,000.

25 Slovenia
Project: Establishment of a National Wetland Inventory. Amount approved: SFR 35,000.

26 Sri Lanka
Project: Bellanwila-Attidiya Sanctuary: a proposal for improving visitor facilities and increasing awareness. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

27 Suriname
Project: Preparation for the development of a rational management system for the North Coronie Wetlands. Amount approved: SFR 25,000.

28 Tunisia
Project: Conservation and protection of Dar Fatma Peatland. Amount approved: SFR 40,000.

29 Zambia
Project: Wetland outreach programmes. Amount approved: SFR 38,400.

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