Documents for the 24th meeting of the Standing Committee


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24th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 29 November-2 December 1999
Agenda item 9.2.iv

DOC. SC24-11

Issues arising from COP7 requiring action by the Standing Committee – Regional targets under the Convention Work Plan 2000-2002

Action requested: The Standing Committee is requested to review and amend as appropriate the regional targets under the Convention Work Plan 2000-2002, as presented in Section 3 of the draft Bureau Work Plan 2000 – Agenda Item 7.1 (DOC. SC24-3).


1. Paragraph 11 of Resolution VII.27 reads: The COP "ENDORSES the global targets for the Convention set under a range of themes in the Work Plan 2000-2002 and requests the Ramsar Bureau to prepare, based on the information contained in the COP7 National Reports and the Regional Overviews, regional targets for each for these same themes, for consideration and approval by the 24th meeting of the Standing Committee, and to disseminate these to all Contracting Parties for their information and consideration in guiding national and regional priority setting."

2. As requested, the Bureau has prepared such regional targets for the attention of Standing Committee, and these are given in Section 3 of the draft Bureau Work Plan 2000 (Agenda Item 7.1 – DOC. SC24-3).

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