36th Meeting of the Ramsar


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36th Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 25-29 February 2008
Agenda item 15.2
DOC. SC36-22

Financial and budgetary matters

Action requested: The Subgroup on Finance and the Standing Committee is requested to consider the budget proposals for the 2009-2011 triennium, and advise on their further preparation for consideration by the 37th meeting of the Committee and COP10.

1. In Decision SC35-6, the Standing Committee "requested the Secretariat to develop a core budget proposal for the next triennium using the approach outlined in the Subgroup on Finance's report; to accompany this budget proposal with an explanatory Information Paper showing the overall allocations proposed for the major areas of expenditure; and to prepare this budget presentation for consideration by SC36 as the basis for the preparation of the budget proposal to COP10 for the 2008-2011 triennium."

2. In order to assist the Standing Committee in preparing its proposals to COP10 for the 2009-2011 core Convention budget, the Secretariat has prepared the attached draft core budget 2009-2011 tables.

3. The Secretariat has prepared two budget proposals (provided as Annex 1 and Annex 2) for Standing Committee consideration. Each proposal includes three tables: for Income, Expenditure, and Annual Contributions. These Expenditure tables are arranged as allocations to the major areas of expenditure, as requested by SC35. At the foot of the Expenditure tables a summary breakdown of expenditure against the main headings of the core budget expenditure table in Resolution IX.12 is provided for comparison purposes.

3. As for the 2006-2008 core budget, the budget proposal calculations have been developed as a forecast income for 2009-2011 of a 4% increase per year, based on the COP9-budgeted Party allocations for 2008 (Resolution IX.12). The annual 4% increase encompasses an indexation of 1.5% to cover inflation for the budget lines concerning staff, administration and operating costs, and travel and subsistence costs.

4. The 2009-2011 budget proposal provided in Annex 1 is for a Secretariat staffing at current (2008) staffing levels.

5. The 2009-2011 budget proposal provided in Annex 2 is for a Secretariat staffing which includes all proposed new Secretariat staff posts included in the Secretary General's proposals for the future structure and staffing of the Secretariat, as provided to the Standing Committee in DOC. SC36-16. The budget proposals in Annex 2 should therefore be considered in close conjunction with the proposed new staff posts identified in DOC. SC36-16.

Annex 1

2009-2011 core budget proposals: Secretariat staffing at current (2008) staffing levels (separate PDF document)

Annex 2

2009-2011 core budget proposals: Secretariat staffing including new posts proposed in DOC. SC36-16 (separate PDF document)

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