36th Meeting of the Ramsar


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36th Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 25-29 February 2008

Draft Resolution on a Management Working Group Transition Committee

Action requested: The Management Working Group is invited to consider this issue from the last Standing Committee meeting and advise the Standing Committee as to how to instruct the Secretariat to proceed.

1. At the 35th meeting of the Standing Committee, the Management Working Group recommended that, in order to ensure continuity and inherited knowledge in the changeover of Standing Committee's membership following each meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties, a "Transition Committee" should be formally established that would allow outgoing and incoming SC officers to hold a briefing session following each meeting of the COP.

2. The Management Working Group expressed its view that there should be no additional financial implications to this idea.

3. Accordingly, the Standing Committee adopted Decision SC35-10, in which the Committee "decided to recommend to the COP that a Transition Committee be formally constituted, with an agreed agenda, to meet following the COP and first SC meeting of each triennium. The members should be the outgoing and newly elected Chairs and Vice Chairs of the SC and Chairs of the Subgroup on Finance, with the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General ex officio. It should be chaired by the incoming Chair of the SC."

4. If upon reviewing this decision at this present meeting, the Management Working Group and Standing Committee would wish to reaffirm this determination, the Secretariat will prepare a brief draft Resolution for SC37 which will say essentially what is in this SC decision or however it may be amended by the present meeting.

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