36th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee


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36th Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 25-29 February 2008
Documentation for the meeting
Title and Web link
SC36-1item 2Draft agenda and programme, revision 2
SC36-2item 3Report of the Secretary General
SC36-3item 5Report of the Chair of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel
SC36-4item 6Cooperation with International Organization Partners
SC36-5item 7Report of the Culture Working Group
SC36-6item 8.2Preparation and consideration of draft Resolutions for COP10
SC36-7item 9Draft Strategic Plan 2009-2014
SC36-8item 12.1Overview of STRP products for COP10
SC36-9item 12.2Wetlands and human health
SC36-10item 12.3Wetlands and poverty reduction
SC36-11item 12.4Wetlands and agriculture
SC36-12item 12.5Wetlands and climate change
SC36-13item 12.6Wetlands and extractive industries
SC36-14item 12.7Progress and future developments of the Ramsar Sites Information Service (RSIS)
SG36-15item 13.1Legal status of the Ramsar Convention Secretariat (CITES annex, PDF)
SC36-16item 13.2Future Secretariat structure and staffing (annex 1 PDF, annex 2 PDF)
SC36-17item 14.1Summary report from the CEPA Oversight Panel
SC36-18 [the document number is unassigned]  
SC36-19item 14.3The Convention's Programme on communication, education, participation, and awareness (CEPA) 2009-2014
SC36-20item 14.4Review and assessment of World Wetlands Day and themes for 2009-2010
SC36-21item 15.1Overview of anticipated policy and procedural COP10 draft Resolutions and guidelines
SC36-22item 15.2

Financial and budgetary matters: Budget proposals for 2009-2011
Annex I: 2009-2011 core budget proposals: Secretariat staffing at current (2008) staffing levels (PDF)
Annex II: 2009-2011 core budget proposals: Secretariat staffing including new posts proposed in DOC. SC36-16 (PDF)

SC36-23item 15.3Regional initiatives in the framework of the Convention
SC36-24item 15.4The Ramsar Small Grants Fund and progress with developments for future options (and annex II, PDF)
SC36-25item 15.5Follow-up on Resolution IX.15 paragraph 27 on the status of sites in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance
SC36-26item 15.6Review of COP decisions (Resolution IX.17)
SC36-27item 12.2STRP draft Resolution and guidance on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI)
Management Working Group.  
SC36/MWG-1Draft Resolution on a Management Working Group Transition Committee
Subgroup on COP10.  
SC36/SG COP10-1Selection of the winners of the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award 2008
Subgroup on Finance.  
SC36/SG Finance-12007 budget review and update (budget table as PDF)
SC36/SG Finance-2Ramsar core budget for 2008 (budget table as PDF) (revised table, 25/02/08)
Subgroup on the Strategic Plan.  
SC36/SG Strategic Plan-1Progress report on the COP10 National Report Form
SC36 Any Other Business 1Draft resolution X.x on The Frequency of Ordinary Meetings of the Conference of Parties (COP) (tabled at the meeting) 
 All SC36 documents in PDF format in a single 6MB Zip file  
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