35th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee


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35th Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 14-16 February 2007

Agenda item 8

Report of the Subgroup on Finance

Contact Group of Subgroup on Finance

I. A new Small Grants Portfolio (SGP) should complement the Small Grants Fund (SGF).

The SGP would work as follows:

  • The grant solicitation and review process will continue as present.
  • However, upon completion of the review, all projects which qualify for the SGF list would be categorized within the following 10 criteria and become the SGP.
  • The 10 criteria include two tiers of projects:

Tier 1 (Level at which action occurs) .

  • Regional (2 or more countries) .
  • National
  • Local

Tier 2

  • Species
  • Habitat/Wetland Type
  • Training
  • Outreach
  • Planning
  • Networking
  • Livelihoods

Each proposal should be placed under one category in each tier.

The SGP can then immediately be used for fundraising.

To the extent possible, the SGP should seek new donors different than those that support the SGF.

At Standing Committee, when SGF decisions are made, any projects already funded by the SGP will be announced and then deleted from the SGF or stamped as "Funded".

Subsequent to the SC meeting, those proposals which receive SGF support will be deleted from the SGP or stamped as "Funded".

This updated SGP will then continue to be used for fundraising until the next grant cycle.

It is proposed that Senior Regional Advisors in particular along with everyone associated with these grants programs become better aware of related small grants funds.

Consideration should be given to inviting potential donors to the Ramsar Regional Meetings.

Consideration should be given to a more attractive name for the SGP.

II. Signature Initiatives (SIs) should complement the Small Grants Fund.

The Signature Initiatives would be:

Regional or global in nature.

Vary in focus from broad and thematic to narrow and focused on a specific product.

Ideas for the SIs would be initiated at Ramsar regional meetings. Consequently, this theme should be placed on the agendas of such upcoming meetings.

It is recommended that each region develop 3 priority SIs.

The SIs developed at the first regional meeting should be shared with all other regions and this process should continue as each regional meeting occurs. This means that each subsequent regional meeting will have available the SIs proposed by all the regions which have met previously. This will assist with the development of ideas, promote consistency, and facilitate the development of some global SIs.

Consideration should be given as to how Ramsar's regional centers might play a role in finding funds for and delivering these initiatives.

A role should be sought for how National Committees might assist in addressing these funding initiatives and other Ramsar funding needs.

An assessment should be made of which SIs may already be receiving funds from some source.

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