26th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee -- Agenda papers


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26th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 3 - 7 December 2001
[tabled at the SC26 meeting]

DOC. SC26-24
Addendum 1

WWF proposal for reorganisation of Ramsar COP8’s Technical Sessions

1. WWF congratulates the Bureau and STRP on preparing a challenging technical session program based in large part on the impressive technical work undertaken by the STRP since COP7.

2. We are concerned, however, that the draft agenda for the technical session may give an inaccurate impression to the external world that the Convention is largely focused internally on Ramsar wetland site selection and management. It is our view that a modest reorganisation of the agenda can better emphasise Ramsar’s leading role in providing solutions to topical global problems, as well as progressing its essential work on wetland sites.

3. The proposal below would position the Convention to better influence funding for and implementation of sustainable development. It emphasises the Convention’s role in contributing solutions to the global priorities of:

  • sustainable development and poverty alleviation;
  • water management, allocation and river basin management;
  • climate change;
  • improved efficiency and governance of multilateral institutions.

4. In particular, this proposal would facilitate a rapid response by the Convention to implement the outcomes of the World Summit on Sustainable Development. A resolution to effect this is the only substantial new work required.

5. The proposal would exclude a few items in the current agenda. The Ramsar Data Gateway paper could be given as a special intervention or side event.

Jamie Pittock

Ramsar CoP8 technical session Supporting document Old order
1 - Ramsar's response to the World Summit on Sustainable Development
  1. An overview of what came from Rio+10 backed by a draft Resolution on Ramsar’s implementation strategy
  2. Ramsar's role in combating the global freshwater crisis, building on the Ramsar’s WSSD submission
  3. Guidelines on allocation and management of water
  4. World Commission on Dams – response from Ramsar
  5. Guidelines for the designation of mountain ecosystems (International Year of Mountains, transboundary wetlands, source of water)


WSSD submission

CoP8- 3/3a

CoP8- 16

CoP8- 12








2 - Major challenges and emerging opportunities
  1. Climate change & wetlands - impacts and mitigation
  2. Synergies with other Conventions (this needs to focus on national actions to achieve this as much as at the global level)
  3. Global Action Plan on Peatlands (GAPP) (biodiversity and climate change – risks and opportunities)
  4. Market-based mechanisms, incentives and the private sector, backed by a draft Resolution
  5. [If insufficiently prepared, 4) could be replaced by Impact Assessment]

CoP8- 4/4a

CoP8- 6

CoP8- 15

CoP8- 20

[CoP8 – 10]







3 - Wetland inventory and the List of Wetlands of International
  1. A framework for wetland inventory
  2. Ecological character
  3. Lessons learned in applying the Strategic Framework for the development of the Ramsar List
  4. Guidelines for designating peatlands, mangroves, corals etc.
  5. Ramsar sites database 

CoP8- 7

CoP8- 8&9


CoP8- 11








4 - Managing sites and threats
  1. Management planning guidelines
  2. Montreux Record and proposed Valencia Register
  3. Guidelines on integrated coastal zone management
  4. Invasive species
  5. San Jose Record




CoP8- 9

CoP8- 5

CoP8- 17

CoP8- 22







5 - Cultural aspects of wetlands

    As proposed


CoP8- 18



Items proposed to be omitted:
  • Impact assessment
  • Ramsar Data Gateway paper - could be given as a special intervention or side event in order to reach a wider audience.

CoP8 – 10





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