Diplomatic notifications 2004

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The secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971) communicates officially with the governments of the Contracting Parties (or Member States) by means of formal notifications through diplomatic channels, usually directed to each government's permanent mission to the United Nations in Geneva or some similar official contact specified by the Contracting Parties.  Copies of diplomatic notifications are also sent to the "administrative authority", the agency within each Party's government that is charged by the head of state or foreign office with implementation of the Convention in that country.

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 2004/1:Ramsar Small Grants Fund: Call for Project Proposals (29 January 2004)
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Note diplomatique 2004/1: Fonds Ramsar de petites subventions - Invitation à proposer un projet
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 2004/1: Fondo Ramsar de Pequeñas Subvenciones: convocatoria a propuestas de proyectos

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 2004/2:Report of the 30th Meeting of the Standing Committee (30 January 2004)
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Note diplomatique 2004/2: Procès-verbal de la 30e Réunion du Comité permanent de la Convention de Ramsar
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 2004/2: Las Actas de la 30a. Reunión del Comité Permanente

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 2004/3:The 9th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties and Preparation of National Reports (22 April 2004)
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Note diplomatique 2004/3: 9e Session de la Conférence des Parties contractantes et Soumission des Rapports nationaux
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 2004/3: 9a. Reunión de la Conferencia de las Partes Contratantes y Preparación de los Informes Nacionales

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 2004/4:Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award 2005 (17 June 2004)
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Note diplomatique 2004/4: Le Prix Ramsar pour la Conservation des zones humides
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 2004/4: Premio Ramsar a la Conservación de los Humedales 2005

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 2004/5:Annual Contributions 2005(17 June 2004)
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Note diplomatique 2004/5: Contributions annuelles 2005
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 2004/5: Contribuciones Nacionales para el año 2005

dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notification 2004/6:Meeting of the Standing Committee Subgroups on COP9 and Finance(21 December 2004)
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Note diplomatique 2004/6: Réunion des Sous-groupes du Comité permanent sur la COP9 et les finances
dotgrdark.gif (905 bytes)Notificación 2004/6: Reunión de los Subgrupos del Comité Permanente sobre la COP9 y Finanzas

Notifications / Notes diplomatiques / Notificacións
dotgreen.gif (923 bytes)Diplomatic Notifications for 2008
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