The Ramsar Standing Committee, 2013-2015


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Ramsar Standing Committee, 2013-2015

The 11th meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties elected a new Standing Committee to oversee Convention matters during the period until the next COP, set for Uruguay in 2015, and the inaugural meeting of the new Standing Committee (SC45) elected Romania as its Chair and South Africa as Vice Chair. The present composition of the Standing Committee reflects the regional proportions mandated by Resolution XI.19, outlined below. The first full meeting of the new Standing Committee will take place in April 2013.

Africa: Burundi, Guinea, South Africa, Tunisia (Alternate members: Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mali, Namibia)
Asia: Cambodia, Republic of Korea, United Arab Emirates (Alternate members: Islamic Republic of Iran, Nepal)
Europe: Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France (Alternate member: Czech Republic)
Neotropics: Chile, Cuba, Guatemala (Alternate members: Argentina, Costa Rica, Jamaica)
North America: Canada (Alternate member: Mexico)
Oceania: Fiji (Alternate member: Palau)
COP11 host country: Romania
COP12 host country: Uruguay
Permanent observers: Switzerland, BirdLife International, IUCN-International Union for Conservation of Nature, International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Wetlands International, WWF International. [The host country of the Ramsar Secretariat and the five International Organization Partners are welcomed as Permanent Observers.]

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