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What is World Wetlands Day?2 February each year is World Wetlands Day. It marks the date of the signing of the Convention on Wetlands on 2 February 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea. WWD was celebrated for the first time in 1997 and made an encouraging beginning. Each year, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and groups of citizens at all levels of the community have taken advantage of the opportunity to undertake actions aimed at raising public awareness of wetland values and benefits in general and the Ramsar Convention in particular. From 1997 to 2002, the Convention’s Web site has posted reports from more than 70 countries of WWD activities of all sizes and shapes, from lectures and seminars, nature walks, children’s art contests, sampan races, and community clean-up days, to radio and television interviews and letters to newspapers, to the launch of new wetland policies, new Ramsar sites, and new programmes at the national level.

No wetlands - no water!

The suggested theme for World Wetlands Day 2003 is "No wetlands - no water" (the slogan taken from the title of our new poster), in honor of the UN's International Year of Freshwater. The Ramsar Standing Committee thought it fitting to urge celebrants of World Wetlands Day to associate their activities with the IYF in order both to strengthen that worthy effort and to raise the prominence of their own WWD efforts by being among the first International Year of Freshwater celebrations of the year.

The International Year of Freshwater. The United Nations General Assembly in resolution 55/196 proclaimed the year 2003 as the International Year of Freshwater. The resolution encourages governments, the United Nations system and all other actors to take advantage of the Year to increase awareness of the importance of sustainable freshwater use, management and protection. It also calls upon governments, national and international organizations, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to make voluntary contributions and to lend other forms of support to the Year. The Web site of the IYF is hosted by UNESCO at, and more information can be sought from

Reporting on World Wetlands Day 2003

Reporting on World Wetlands Days of the past

Since 1997, the Ramsar Bureau has welcomed news from everyone of their plans for World Wetlands Day activities and reports of their activities afterward, and has endeavored to post them all on the Ramsar Web site. Government agencies and private citizens from all over the world have sent us their news, and these reports make an excellent archive of ideas for future celebrations. 

Activities reported for World Wetlands Day 2002

Here is what the Ramsar Bureau offers the Wetland Celebrants for February 2003

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World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day

Pas de zones humides - pas d'eau?

An introductory letter -- No wetlands, no water!

¡Sin humedales, no hay agua!

[Aussi disponible en français]

New Posters for 2003

No wetlands - No water!

[Disponible también en español]

The design of this poster is also available in Quark XPress on CD-ROM for parties who wish to make use of the design and insert translations of the text in their own languages. Make inquiries at

No wetlands - no water!

A background paper to accompany the poster

A 3-ply foldout that explains succinctly and persuasively . . . . . .

[Aussi disponible en français]

Ramsar sites brochure

. . . why it's a good thing to designate wetlands for the Ramsar List.

[Disponible también en español]

The design of this brochure is also available in Quark XPress on CD-ROM for parties who wish to make use of the design and insert translations of the text in their own languages. Make inquiries at

[Aussi disponible en français]

New Ramsar video

(for reasons of cost, intended for large group and multiple uses only)

available in Pal, Secam, & NTSC

[Disponible también en español]

The master of the new Ramsar video is also available to qualified parties without text audio, so that they can insert spoken text in their own languages into the audio track. The text of the video script is available in English, French, and Spanish. Make inquiries to
still available from previous years

wwd2002-ecard2.jpg (9334 bytes)

An executable e-mail card on culture and wetlands (for both download and playing on this Web site) (Windows and Mac versions)

Posters from WWD 2002

wwd2002-posters3a.jpg (10959 bytes)

wwd2002-ecard5.jpg (18065 bytes)

A screensaver on the same themes, both Windows and Macintosh versions

wwd2002-folder-f.jpg (9738 bytes)

The Cultural Heritage of Wetlands (hardcopy)

wwdfolder1b.jpg (15205 bytes)

The Cultural Heritage of Wetlands (PDF format)

wwd2002-folder-s.jpg (9057 bytes)

from WWD2001 . . .

values-backa.jpg (5477 bytes)

Les zones humides, valeurs et fonctions

Values and Functions of Wetlands (hardcopy)

values-fronta.jpg (5600 bytes)

Values and Functions of Wetlands (Web)

still available . . .

values-samplea.jpg (5595 bytes)

Los humedales, valores y funciones


Ramsar Bureau staff are thoroughly preoccupied with COP8 activities throughout November, but if you will send your requests to, they will be logged in and attended to as soon as possible when we return in early December.

Choose amongst these products to specify in your order, noting quantities, language, and your postal address:

World Wetlands Day 2003 posters and background papers
The Ramsar sites brochure

World Wetlands Day 2002 posters
The Cultural Heritage of Wetlands information pack
The Values and Functions of Wetlands information pack
The e-card and screensaver should be downloaded here (as above)

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evian2.jpg (2371 bytes)danone.jpg (2960 bytes) All of these excellent products for World Wetlands Day have been financially supported by the Evian Project funded by the Danone Group.

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