Wetlands of International Importance: Chile, Carlos Anwandter Sanctuary (Río Cruces)


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Carlos Anwandter Sanctuary. 27/07/81; Región X; 4,877 ha; 39º41’S 073º11’W. Nature and Scientific Research Sanctuary. An estuarine area of the lower Río Cruces, its tributaries and riparian zone of emergent marshes, grassland and islands, subject to tectonic subsidence. The site supports numerous waterbirds, including two endangered species, and provides nesting areas for a stable population of 3,000 individuals of the vulnerable Cygnus melanocoryphus. Human activities include livestock grazing, tourism, and use of the river for transportation. Ramsar site no. 222.

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Landscape of the Carlos Anwandter Ramsar Site (Coniferous and Notophagus forest, reeds and open water)
Paisaje del Sitio Ramsar Carlos Anwandter (bosque de coníferas y Notophagus, juncales y aguas abiertas)

Remains of submerged trees after the earthquake of 1960 (Carlos Anwandter Ramsar Site)
Restos de troncos sumergidos tras el terremoto de 1960 (Sitio Ramsar Carlos Anwandter)

Ulex europaeus (invasive european species), at the forefront of reeds at Carlos Anwandter Ramsar Site
Ulex europaeus (retamo espinoso, especie invasora europea), en primer plano sobre el Sitio Ramsar Carlos Anwandter

Photos by Iván Darío Valencia,
Ramsar Convention Bureau
October 2003

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Black-necked Swans (Cygnus melanocorypha)

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Photos by Margarita Astrálaga,
Ramsar Convention Bureau
November 2000

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